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14 Varieties of Ixora Flowers With Pictures

lxora flowers11

The ixora flower is a native to Florida and is a fleshy succulent flower that bears rich and ripe fruits. The ixora flowers is very hardy and grows mainly during summer. The ixora flower requires dry soil full of humour so that it can grow without difficulty and flourish effectively. The ixora flower is a tubular flower and the fruits ...

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15 Gorgeous Anthurium Flowers With Images


Anthurium flowers are considered to be the most beautiful varieties of flowers available in the world. These anthurium flowers are mainly native to the Amazon as the conditions in this part of the world are the most suitable for these flowers to grow. These flowers are available for use during wedding and extremely important events in your life and add ...

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Top 14 Fragrance Purple Roses With Images

purple roses10

Roses are known for their majestic exterior. Even though this is not a large flower with a bag full of fragrant, Purple roses do quite well for themselves as they look marvelous. There is thus a reason why we call a rose the king of flowers. There is always an occasion where rose is perfect. Be it a congratulatory bouquet ...

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9 Simple and Excellent Floral Designs With Images

floral designs5

Walking up to a wedding last month got me thinking about the various ways you can bring out florals into your occasion. It starts with the invitation card and ends with the dress having the decorations locked in between. When it comes to weddings or occasions, floral designs are a favorite, easy to create and easy to handle. Flowers not ...

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15 Elegant And Perennial Aster Flowers With Information

Triumph aster flowers

The word aster is derived from the Greeks, meaning “star” not only because of their flower structures but also because they have had praises far and wide back in the ancient days when they were thought to be a good luck charm, the burning of whose leaves would keep away evil serpents. Known by a lot many profound names, aster ...

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15 Beautiful Oleander Flowers Along With Images

Oleander Flowers12

This oleander flower further elaborates the meaning of ironic, in the sense that though the varieties available for this flower are extremely beautiful they are still extremely toxic in nature. Native to Portugal and the Mediterranean region the oleander flower requires that you take extreme caution when planting this flower in your garden. One thing you do not have to worry ...

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15 Fragrance Morning Glory Flowers with Images

morning glory flowers15

The morning glory flower is the only flower in the world that looks perfect. There is not one flaw that yo can ascertain from a morning glory flower. A morning glory flower has a perfect fragrance that would just lull you into a most enticing trance, it looks like an angel bathing in the sun when the first rays hit ...

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15 Famous Hydrangea Flowers with Meanings

Hydrangea Flowers

Here’s a fun flower that gets its color from the accumulated nutrient called aluminum that it collects from the ground. Belonging to the hydrangeaceae family, hydrangea flowers are one of them most beautiful floral shows the world has to offer. The most places these varieties bloom can be limited to the southern or eastern Asian regions along with parts and ...

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15 Glossy Camellia Flowers With Images

beautiful camelia flowers14

Alabama’s country flower, camellia is a flower plant of the shrubbery or bush family that has its base widely spread across the southern US territories. Owing its existence mainly to the south, these plants remotely hail from the Asian states but the favorable weather conditions make the south ideal for them. Owing its existence to a thousand years and more, ...

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15 Gorgeous Tulip Flowers with Images

Tulip Flowers

Pretty much every single person across the planet can appreciate the beauty of flowers, and tulips are one such species of flowers whose beauty is well talked about. Several people live with the misconception that the tulip is one single flower, when in reality, there are over seventy-five different species of them within the genus known as Tulipa plant. They ...

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