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Top 6 Health Benefits of Custard Apple Seeds


Top 6 Health Benefits of Custard Apple Seeds

Custard apple is a tropical fruit found all over the world and is known by many different names like sitaphal in India, cherimoya in South America and so on. Not only the fruit of custard apple but also its seeds have a lot of benefits. People who enjoy custard apple eat the flesh and pelt out the seeds, however sometimes while eating they tend to swallow a seed or two, now, this could be very harmful as the seeds of sitphal are known to be slightly poisonous. These seeds constitute 1/3 of the weight of one custard apple. If you are curious about the  uses of custard apple seeds then you are reading the right article as this write up not only throws light on its description, it also mentions the various uses of the seeds, precaution and side effects while using the seeds



Custard apple seeds are shiny black in colour and oval in shape. In each fruit there multiple seeds that can be anywhere between 55 to70 in number. Each of them is glossy and well surrounded by a coat of creamy yet granular white layer of flesh of the fruit. This seed is slightly poisonous and unlike certain other seeds that are edible. Nevertheless, even these seeds can be utilized.

Uses of the custard apple seeds:

1. Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice and Nit:

If your hair is infested with nits and lice and the medicated shampoos are not working, there is a sure shot solution to your rescue. Take a few seeds of custard apple and ground them into powder. Make a paste with the help of water and massage the scalp thoroughly with it. Leave it on for around 20 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. This procedure when repeated thrice in a week will soon get rid of the lice giving a clean and clear feel to the hair.

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2. Preparations of Pesticides to be used in Farms:

Sitaphal seeds consist of cetogenins that are highly effective in getting rid of the insects. It can be prepared by adding the powdered seeds to water in the ratio of 1:5 and leaving it for at least two days to make a solution. There after it can be strained and sprinkled on to get rid of aphids and ants. To cure infested plants you can prepare a soil with the help of oil extracts of the seeds. These are organic inexpensive and highly effective for certain crops.

3. Useful for Bio-Diesel Requirements:

Custard apple seeds contain fatty acid methyl-ester that is highly useful in yhe production of bio-diesel gases. Countries like Germany, USA, and many other European nations are using these seeds frequently.

4. Abortifacient Properties:

The seeds of custard apple have Abortifacient Properties that are used by pharmacies to prepare medications and drugs that aid abortions.

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5. Combination with Neem Seed Extracts:

The seed extracts of custard apple when combined with neem seed extracts makes a potent formula for another pesticide that can be prepared at home.

6. Multiplication and Growing More Custard Apple Trees:

Many people opt for using these seeds for propagation so as to multiply the growth of custard apples especially in house gardens. Budding and grafting with own seedlings can also help in multiplication of these trees.

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Side Effect of Custard Apple Seeds:

The powdered form of these seeds can cause irritation to the eyes to the extent of blinding a person temporarily. It becomes poison and is used as a bait for fishes therefore if consumed by mistake it can be very harmful.


The seeds of custard apple can be mildly poisonous therefore be careful while eating the flesh because many a times by mistake one tends to swallow the seed as well. Protect your eyes well while using the pesticides as the powdered seeds have the potential to blind a person.

The next time you buy custard apples remember, they are bitter to taste and cannot be consumed but you can utilize it for the various purposes that are mentioned here.

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