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Top 9 Short Hairstyles For Little Girls


Top 9 Short Hairstyles For Little Girls

Little kids have this way of melting our hearts and even more so with cute hairstyles. Let your child’s hair be a part of her innocence and bloom henceforth. These short hairstyles are playful and easy to do.

1. My Little Updo:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls1

Pull back all of your little one’s hair and upwards into a ponytail. Curl the ends of the ponytail and tie it in into an updo with colorful ribbons. Have your little one sport this cute hairdo at her next kindergarten dance!

2. Bobby Side-Braid:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls2

You know what’s cute? A bob with a side-braid! Have your little one’s hair cut into a bob and braid her hair to one side. Make sure to tuck all the bangs on that side into the braid. With this hairstyle, your little angel will be a class apart!

3. More Braids:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls3

Nothing says cute like braids. So why not have your little one’s hair braided? Tie all her hair into tight braids and to one side. Every hairstyle is a little different from the other but this will really set your child apart.

4. Flipped Out:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls4

This is one of the daring hairstyles, as it doesn’t suit kids of all ages. The ideal age for your little one to sport this hairstyle would be 10-12 years. Curl your little one’s hairs and brush through with a round brush to smooth out the curls into waves. Now tease the ends of the waves gently to create that ‘flipped out’ look. Finish off with a bit of child-friendly medium-hold hairspray.

5. Return to Innocence:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls5

This hairstyle makes even the most devious of children look cute as hell. Have your child’s hair cut into a bob with gentle layers towards the bottom. Part it from one side close to the middle and have the bangs on the other side reach her chin and combed to trace the edge of her face.

6. Pixie Bob:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls6

This cute hairstyle is the missing link between the pixie and the bob. Have your child’s hair cut into a bob that’s fluffed up and voluminous at the top and curves around, tapering to the bottom. What this does is help trace the edges of your child’s face, really bringing out her eyes.

7. Asymmetrical Bob:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls7

This hairstyle adds a lot of interesting angles and planes to your child’s face. Have your child’s hair cut into a bob and have it parted from the side close to the middle. On the opposite side, let the bangs curve around her face. On the side of the parting, wrap the bangs around her ear. What this does is form a slanted plane, highlighting your child’s whole face. Goes extremely well with slightly pointed faces.

8. Short Bob:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls8

Ask your child’s hairdresser to have her hair cut into a short, rounded bob. Have her bangs cut randomly and covering her forehead. Have your child be the cutest girl in kindergarten with this cute short bob.

9. Ponponpon:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls9

The star of the show, this pageant hairstyle derives a lot of inspiration from styles sported by Japanese singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. ‘PONPONPON’ is a Japanese expression which translates to the act of clapping, which is exactly what the audience will be doing when they see your little one sporting this gorgeous hairstyle. Curl your little one’s hair mid-way to the bottom. Tie it into short ponytails on either side and tease the ends of the ponytails. Tie the ponytails in place colorful bows. Fluff out the front part of your child’s hair and tuck it inwards.

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