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Top 8 Valentines Day Crafts Ideas


Top 8 Valentines Day Crafts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day that is enjoyed by all the lovers around the world young and old. Love is eternal ranging from the smallest that is a eight year old giving a rose to his class mate to a 75 year old man gifting a picture frame encasing a photo of their young days together. This day has and always will be a day to share love and what can say better like a handmade gift to your special one. Natural is the best way to portray love, so this season try making your own crafts. You will be surprised how much even a small piece of paper made by effort can mean to your significant half.

1. Make your Own Card:

valentines day crafts1

here’s a good idea to start with. Show how much you love your other half by making this great craft where your heart cannot hold the love that you have for him or her. So use a fix background as the base and paste small wayward heart cutouts in red. It’ll be all the more better with glitter cutouts. Then use a big white card in the middle and portray your love by clearing your mind in there. For added effects use a creative handwriting.

2. Hang ‘Em Cards:

valentines day crafts2

this is also a great idea. If you have a front porch or she has one, use small hang up cards. Start by cutting out cardboard in the shape of heart. Use this as a base and stick heart shapes and normal light red craft paper cutout. The pun to this is you have to make it look glittery like a diamond without using one, so while cutting out cardboard clippings keep the cut out only in the border so that the paper can be a see through one in light. Now using a thread and needle pierce through the cardboard and hang them up and surprise her.

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3. A Diary:

valentines day crafts3

The best of the moments when captured in one can make his eyes tear up and so this season buy a diary and jot down all your fun moments along with all the captured moments and make a diary of love and present it to him. At times express your views and fun times that you two had spent. Jot down all the mischief and misunderstanding and everything you have been through. Give the diary a new look by the obvious duct tape on the covers only. You may even add patterns on the diary but don’t make it too feminine.

4. Crayon Love:

valentines day crafts4

for a young you, what is more better than a box filled with crayons shaped in rainbow colors to your heart cut out. If you are helping your kid for a special valentine day gift, take all the broken crayon pieces and use it on the patterned cookie cutter. Break them in small pieces to fit the slots perfectly. Now once they are filled to the brim, bake them and heat them up until they melt and blend in with one another into a rainbow. Now keep them to cool and when they do you will find the loveliest of the hearts. You may also use colored candles for this.

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5. A Love Wreath:

valentines day crafts5

celebrate your day by making homemade wreaths and hanging them on the doors. For this you will only need paper and glue. Shape the papers by bringing the strips, folded at the middle in a V shape to the centre, the ned and then gluing them shut.

6. A Gateway To Love:

valentines day crafts6

this is yet another wreath which you can use it on a card or hang it on a gate way. Made form paper using the same way. Cut out strips, fold the middle. Then use the two loose ends, fluff them and push them down and glue them.

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7. Print It:

valentines day crafts7

Keep a symbol of you two by dipping your fingers in red paint and placing finger prints on a clean white paper in a diagonal way to form a heart.

8. Frame It Yourself:

valentines day crafts8

frame the picture perfect moments by attaching cute marshmallow heart cutouts.

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