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Top 9 Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil


Top 9 Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is amazing natural oil with a myriad of uses and benefits. This oil mostly made of saturated fats and contains unique acidic compounds that make it versatile, such as:

coconut oil

  • Lauric acid
  • Capric acid
  • Caprylic acid
  • Myristic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Oleic acid
  • Gallic Acid

One can find hundreds of uses for virgin coconut oil but here are some of the best and most popular uses thus far.

1. Cure for Candida and Eczema:

The moisturizing, soothing, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties of virgin coconut oil makes it ideal to deal with eczema flare ups. Moreover its capric, caprylic and myristic acids together with lauric acid are the best cure for Candida or yeast infection. They provide the right amount of anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties that can cure the most stubborn cases of Candida gradually.

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2. Face Mask and Cleanser:

A usual virgin coconut oil will be of buttery consistency. Mixed with honey it can prove to be a potent cleansing mask for those suffering from open pores problems. Take a steam and apply the mixture generously over your face and let it sit. Once you rinse clean you will have all clogged pores opened and cleared like magic. Not to mention the hydrating effects of Vitamin E will benefit it for a long time.

3. Body and Scalp Moisturizer:

It is an idea body moisturizer for the winters and even in the summers for those who suffer from dry and scaly skin. This is also the reason why virgin coconut oil is capable of reversing dandruff. It suits cases of seborrhoeic dermatitis where mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil one can be relieved for a long time.  Overnight oiling is essential for any sort of scalp irregularities. Also it keeps your mane age proof for a longer time.

4. Lip Balm:

If your lips are prone to cold sores or are extremely dry with the changing weather then virgin coconut oil is the best lip balm for you. It is not sticky like the other lip balms in the market and is actually 100% natural. Since it is already creamy, save it in a small container and use it every now and then for a light non greasy and super absorbent lip balm.

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5. Shaving Bumps:

Since it is a powerful anti inflammatory hence it is ideal for those who complain of irritable bumps after shaving. Apply it on your body evenly and then shave it and you will see how smoothly the razor will glide off. Its anti bacterial properties can even counter complexities of in grown hairs.

6. Leave-in Hair Conditioner:

This is a perfect conditioner for the hair. You can either opt for a overnight oiling and next day shower to avoid any hair serum or gel to keep it soft and non frizzy for long. Otherwise you can use it in your bath like a leave in conditioner into your damp hair. This will give it a glossy sheen and manageable volume irrespective of your length.

7. Make-up Remover:

Why depend on expensive petroleum based products for make up removal when coconut oil can help us out. Given its moisturizing and cleansing properties it not only clears off traces of make up but also keeps the skin supple and youthful with its anti oxidant properties.

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8. Foot Treatment:

From cracked heels to nasty calluses everything will be healed by coconut oil. Just slather some coconut oil generously all over your feet and put your socks on. It will take your body heat to spread and heal the ugliest of your feet woes.

9. Immunity to STDs:

The lauric acid is absorbed and transformed by the body into monolaurin which is a boon for STDs like herpes. It is very essential and has also been known to prevent HIV with regular usage.

So try it out yourself and be benefitted like millions worldwide.

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