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Am I an introvert or extrovert – More Than Just A Label

Have you ever thought, ‘Am I an introvert or an extrovert?’

It’s not just about names; it can help you improve your learning methods. Here’s a revelation that recently struck me: Before, I thought that being an introvert was just about feeling shy, and extroversion meant you were very outgoing. It appears I was very wrong!

Looking into the study on introverts and extroverts helped me understand better. It’s not that easy to be shy or outgoing.

Where Does An Introvert Or An Extrovert Come From

The concept was brought up by Carl Gustav Jung, a major figure in modern psychology. Jung says that introversion is thinking mostly from within, while extraversion focuses on the outside world.

So, don’t worry about being all introverted or extroverted. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Learning this made me think again about what it really means to be shy or outgoing. It’s not a set title but more like different parts of how someone acts.

Now, let’s leave behind the preconceived notions and accept each introvert and extrovert for who they are. We’re not just shy or talkative; we are a mix of both kinds. We go through life in our own style. So, whether you get energy from being alone or do better with people around, it’s all part of the interesting range called introverts and extroverts. Yay for enjoying the lovely variety of how we feel and go around in our world!

Who Is An Introvert

Who Is An Introvert

Before we ask, am I an introvert or extrovert, let’s unravel the introvert mystery! Introverts, you know who you are. It’s more than just being a quiet thinker. Picture this: Introverts are like thinking machines, the brains that make thoughtful choices.

They have bright ideas, like spending time alone or in a small group, and are excellent at knowing themselves. They explore their thoughts carefully. Instead of getting energy from social mess, introverts refuel with thinking alone.

Now, say hello to the quiet group – the talkative, thinking types who feel uneasy and keep their feelings in check. Everyone has their own special taste for introverts.

Characteristics Of An Introvert

Read the following excerpt carefully and see whether you resonate with these characteristics.

You are very observant.

Have you ever seen an introvert noticing your new hairstyle? Yes, they’re change detectives. They pay close attention in their own quiet way. They’re the unnoticed winners of watching, spotting things before anyone else does.

You are A good listener

Introverts could be the perfect therapists. Before starting to mix in with people, they keep the heat low. They watch from a distance without causing any commotion. But, once they get close, they become their best friend to that person with their listening skills. It’s like they have a mental plan, helping them to talk easily and well with others.

You Absolutely Enjoy Solitude

Quietness makes introverts feel happy. They find peace in quiet, which is a great pleasure for them. It gives their introverted side more energy to be happy again. Whether it’s a small bedroom or a peaceful park spot, that’s the place where they feel happy.

They are like singular performers in life’s orchestra. Extroverts may not understand it, but introverts love being alone. They enjoy making their calm places. It’s a secret excitement for them, enjoying fun and happiness all by themselves.

Who Is An Extrovert

Who Is An Extrovert

Carl Jung, a psychologist, introduced us to the term “extroversion.” He used this big word for people who send out their energy all around and go straight into things or meet lots of folks.

Today, we’ve evolved the term to include behaviors and personality habits. Picture an extrovert: Outgoing, friendly, strong-willed, and very expressive. These lively creatures love parties and feel happy when they are with others. They don’t like to go on trips alone – let the social event start!

Characteristics Of An Extrovert

“am I an introvert or extrovert?”

Simply check whether you have the following characteristics or traits.


If you’re an extrovert, you are the social leader. Your body language shows confidence, standing straight and strong. In talks, your face is just like a book that’s open – it shows feelings and ideas.

 Social Networker 

Extroverts are the social butterflies of human life. They like to be around others and enjoy being with them. Friend groups? Check. Networks for days? Double-check. We all have a friend who seems to know many people, correct? The happy, friendly people are the extroverts. They make friends everywhere they go.

Don’t start about their social media game, either. People who are very outgoing, or extroverts, often have many followers on the internet and lots of friends.


Extroverts are like the never-ending optimists in their group. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. When they’re with others, their energy is high – full of life and excitement to tackle the world. It’s a happy feeling that makes them always look positive.

I’m not an outgoing person, so I can’t tell stories about personal feelings. But here’s a theory: maybe the endless energy that extroverts get from parties might be like a magical drink giving them lots of positive feelings.

Test To Understand!

Just understanding and judging your characteristics might not be enough. If you are really serious about finding the answer to the question of

‘am i an introvert or extrovert?’

Here are some psychological tests you can take.

Big 5 Personality Test

In the interesting world of psychology, the Big Five is considered to be the best guide for personality. This has been supported by years of research. This isn’t just a test; it’s the best there is, and everyone loves it. It lets us see what we are good at or need to work on through trait analysis.

Meet the Big Five Personality Traits, or simply OCEAN:

Openness to Experience: Are you a wild explorer or someone who likes being at home? This feature shows you the key to the mystery.

Conscientiousness: Meet the maestro of the organization. Do you use color to organize your life or go with the flow of being spontaneous?

Extraversion: Are you someone who loves to party or prefers solitude? This quality highlights your social energy.

Agreeableness: Share positive energy or be honest? This quality shows you are a peacemaker.

Neuroticism: Easy ride or highs and lows? This quality helps you through your feelings.

Remember, OCEAN – not the sea, but what is great about you!

MBTI Personality Test

Join MBTI – the personality party’s life! Short for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and based on Carl Jung’s ideas, this tool sorts you into 16 personality types. Picture it as your backstage pass to four cool dimensions:

Extroversion/Introversion: Are you enjoying the company of others or preferring to be alone?

Sensing/Intuition: Your liking for facts or a bit of imagination.

Thinking/Feeling: The person who enjoys logic or the brave hero guided by their heart?

Judging/Perceiving: The person with planned schedules or the free-spirited one?

Picture not only being you but a special mix of qualities and feelings. The Big 5 and MBTI? They help you, revealing secrets about “you” – from work travels to personal growth. They open doors for understanding personality!

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