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How To Get Different Type Of Ark Hairstyles In 2021

The gaming industry has evolved a lot in the past few years. There are plenty of new genres available that you can try now. There are some exceptional games that are liked by the gaming community. Among all the other gaming genres, open-world survival games are the best ones. You have the option to explore the different parts of the virtual world and enjoy different storylines. 

One of the best survival games of all time is Ark: Survival Evolved. This game is developed by Wildcard Studios. There are many different versions of the game available that you can try but the best one to date is the basic first version. Many people struggle while creating the character in this game. You will get a lot of ark hairstyles available to choose from. 

As character creation is an essential part of the game, choosing the best one is very important. Many gamers have the same question: “how to get all types of hairstyles in Ark 2021?” So, let’s find out how to do it easily and make your character much more interesting. Here are some of the things that you need to know if you are looking to ark unlock all hairstyles

Different Ark Hairstyles 

Ark is a survival game where you will be stranded on an island, and you have to survive till the end. You will get different types of obstacles such as natural hazards, human players, roaming dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, and others. You have to stay alive through the end and go through all the different odds. The secret of unlocking all the ark hairstyles is also scattered through the game. 

You have to search for the “Explorer Notes” while playing the game. You can also get it as a reward for completing the achievements of the game. Also, you can exchange this item for unlocking all ark hairstyles. All the players also have the option to cut hairs from others and own to make it look much more realistic. You can also use ark dyes to change the color of your hair. 

But keep in mind that you will need to use different ark dyes to dye the facial hair separately. Visit the Scissors UI option to change the hair dyes and colors. With some ark hairstyles, you can also use other accessories like popular bandanas or headbands to make you look more efficient. 

There is another way to unlock different ark hairstyles easily in the game. You can use the ark hairstyle spawn code to unlock them. They work as a cheat code of the game that helps to unlock all the different hairstyles with a single code. However, it is not recommended to use cheat codes as they can reduce the excitement of the game and make it boring. 

It is also recommended by the players to do quests and unlock the ark hairstyles that make the game much more fun. So, let’s take a look at the different types of ark hairstyles available in the game for women. 

Different Female Ark Hairstyles 

Female Ark Hairstyles

There are plenty of ark hairstyles in the game. However, if you are creating a female character, you will find many more options and varieties available. Here are some of the best ones given below in detail that will help you know a lot and choose the best one. 

1. Default Hairstyle 

Default Hairstyle

First on the list comes the default hairstyle you will get by default when choosing a female character. It is available and unlocked for all players from the beginning. You do not have to complete any quest or get any items to unlock this one. 

This is one of the ark hairstyles that you will be able to see in many players. However, if you do not have the time to complete quests and unlock others, you can just use ark dyes to color your hair to look different from others. 

2. Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle

This is one of the most popular ark hairstyles, which is called the Afro hairstyle. You have to unlock it by either completing quests or using ark hairstyle spawn codes. You get this hairstyle as a reward for completing the achievement “Beta Ascension” If you are looking for this specific hairstyle, try to focus and finish this particular achievement as soon as possible. 

3. Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle 

Another trendy hairstyle that you might have heard about is the Mohawk hairstyle. You have to unlock this hairstyle by completing the “Ascension of Gamma” achievement. Once the hairstyle is unlocked, you can access it via the scissors section. 

This is one of the ark hairstyles that go very well with the circumstances and gameplay. You can hide in the bushes using the hair as a branch of it. It helps you to blend quietly and improve the gameplay. Use ark dyes to color them similar to the brunches to stealth perfectly. 

4. Romantic Hairstyle 

Romantic Hairstyle

While there are many ark hairstyles that you can use in the game to improve gameplay or an extra advantage like the last one, there are some others that simply increase the beauty of your character and make it look terrific. One of them is the Romantic Hairstyle, which you can unlock by completing the “Map Maker” achievement. In addition, there are some particular outfits that match very well with the romantic hairstyle. 

5. Ponytail Hairstyle 

Ponytail Hairstyle 

Just like the last one, you will not find any advantages with this hairstyle. However, it looks pretty good on some of the characters and suits with some outfits as well. To get this hairstyle in-game, you have to either use the ark hairstyle spawn codes or complete the “Artifact Archaeologist Task” quest.

6. Dreadlocks Hairstyle 

Talking about benefits, this ark hairstyle comes with advantages like the mohawk. The pattern of this hairstyle is similar to many trees, leaves, and bushes. So, it will be easier for you to hide or blend in some places easily from any monster or wild animal. So, if you are looking for ark hairstyles that will help you during gameplay, then unlock this with the “Ascension of Alpha” achievement and access it from the scissors section. 

7. Viking Hairstyle 

If you are someone who likes to make their character rock and roll and wild west type, then Viking hairstyle is a perfect choice. It gives this warrior vibe in your character’s personality and makes you look cool as well. But, wondering how to get his hairstyle? Just like all the other ark hairstyles, you have to complete a quest to unlock this. 

The name of the achievement or quest is “Perfect Explorer” You can find it in the scissors section after unlocking the skin. If you want to match it with your outfit, ark dyes are available in the game that you can use to get any color you want on your hair. 

8. Braids Hairstyle

Braids hairstyle is somewhat similar to the Viking hairstyle but not as cool as that. You will not get the warrior or west cowboy feeling. But this one is simple and good-looking hair that goes very well with some specific outfits. This is one of the ark hairstyles, which looks better dyed. So, you can use ark dyes to get different colors. Complete the “Maximum Survivor” quest to unlock this hairstyle. 

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Different Male Ark Hairstyles 

Male Ark Hairstyles

Not only females but there are many ark hairstyles available for male characters as well. However, unlike female hairstyles, all the hairstyles of men are focused on facial hair, whether you want to create a male character in-game as a warrior or create a simple look like a mage. 

This game provides you different options to enhance the personality of your character. You can also dye them separately to match with your outfits using the ark dyes. You can take a look at this list to find out more about them. 

1. Default Facial Hair 

If you are new to the game and haven’t completed any quests yet, you can still get access to this specific hairstyle. It is available for all players from the beginning for free. As the name suggests, this is a default hairstyle. As mentioned before, you can use ark dyes on this default hairstyle to make it look better in the early stages until you complete achievements and get new ones. 

2. Goatee Facial Hair 

Goatee Facial Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for the look of a male character. Among all the ark hairstyles, you can choose this one to make your character look like a battle mage. To unlock this hairstyle, you will need to complete the “Beta Ascension” After it is unlocked, you will get it available in the “Scissors” tab.

3. Moustache Facial Hair 

If you want to get this hairstyle in the game, you will need to complete the “Gamma Ascension” quest. It is a normal look, but it will suit perfectly with many outfits. However, this is one of the ark hairstyles that is commonly chosen by players. The mustache is liked by the gaming community of ark as it makes the character look more masculine. 

4. Romantic Facial Hair 

Romantic Facial Hair

This is the most commonly picked and very popular ark male hairstyle. You will see many players with this particular hairstyle in the game. Complete the achievement “Map Makers” to unlock it permanently. You can also use ark dyes on this hairstyle to match the color of your in-game outfits.  

5. Viking Beard Facial Hair 

Viking Beard Facial Hair 

If you want to make your character look like a full-fetched warrior, this is the perfect hairstyle. It is one of the very popular ark hairstyles that is known for character-building attributes. As mentioned before, it will create a tough personality for your character, making it look like the ancient gods of Rome. Unlock the hairstyle by completing “Perfect Explorer Achievement.” 

6. Dread Beard Facial Hair 

Another option that you can choose for a mage look is this hairstyle. It is similar to the goatee facial hair but much longer in size. First, complete the achievement “Alpha Ascension” to unlock this hairstyle in the game. Then, you can take the help of ark dyes to paint the hair as you wish and make it perfect with your outfits.

7. Curly Beard Facial Hair 

Complete the achievement “Maximum Survivor” to unlock this hairstyle easily. It is not as popular as the other ark hairstyles on this list, but you can always dye the hair to make it look better with different outfits. Once the hairstyle is unblocked, go to the scissors section to modify and color it using ark dyes

8. Mutton Chops Facial Hair 

There are many players who like to make their characters look different and recognizable from others. Therefore, they use hairstyles and outfits that are not commonly chosen. If you are one of them, then you can unlock the mutton chops facial hair. You have to complete the achievement “Artifact Archaeologist” to unlock this hairstyle. This is one of the ark hairstyles that are not commonly chosen by many players. You can access them from the scissors tab after unlocking them in the game. 

Frequently Aksed Questions (FAQs)

Ark new hairstyles are always renders in the world. although there  is no  restriction of using  them. You can pick any of the aboved according to your choice. Here I have  joted down some question to make a clear concept. So, let’s get into them.

Q1. Ark how to unlock hairstyles?

A.  Normally the ark stules new get unlocked after completeing  the   task or achiveving something  on the  game. being a survivor you  can haave to  pweerfform well and have  to rescue yourself to unlock the hairstyle ark.

Q2. How to get different hairstyles in ark?

A.  You will get the ark styles in games. Chosse the survival games and find the incrible hairstyles. Complete the task, survive yourself and get the new trendoing ark styles.


These are the ark hairstyles that you can choose for your character in-game. While some of them will help you in your gameplay, others are best picked to increase your character’s personality. In 2021, the style statement has changed a lot for gaming characters. Most people like to try all the different hairstyles available in the game. Ark unlock hairstyle is accessible from the scissors section, and you can unlock them by completing different achievements. 

You have the available option to use ark dyes on your hair to change the color. It will help you to make the hair suited to your outfits. However, make sure to dye your facial hair differently as they are separate from the hairstyle dyes. Take a look at different ark hairstyles and find out how to unlock them in detail.

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