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Attractive Things To Do Driving -Socials Hold Nothing Back In This Discovery

We now exist in a digital age where the smallest personal conversation takes place over social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. New viral concepts are constantly cropping up universally, sparking debate and controversy. We decided to take part in one of the latest talking points, “Attractive Men Things Do When Driving.” Our team is looking forward to sharing our findings and sparking more of a conversation.

Regtransfers – A Private reg plate company decided to reach out to their online audience to get their opinions on the most attractive driving traits and not-so-attractive traits. Above, you can see our Facebook poll results. Who knew a hand on the thigh was so attractive and reassuring?

Attraction aside, we wanted to spark some laughs by asking about the least attractive traits. Safe to say, you males need to make sure you can park! Hopefully, after reading this article, you experience a couple of smiles and become a more “attractive” driver.

The One-Handed Steering Wheel Grip

The One-Handed Steering Wheel Grip

Driving with both hands is sensible. However, it looks like the world of social media deems it as boring, apparently. When a man finely controls his vehicle with one hand whilst arrogantly resting on the steering wheel, it conveys a sense of confidence and control – Even against your driving instructor’s advice. Of course, we always recommend driving with both hands.

Gentle Touches:

Gentle Touches

According to our findings, a large majority of women find it attractive when a man places his hand gently on his partner’s thigh while driving. Many reveal that it gives them a sense of reassurance and extra support next to the seatbelt. Others just admitted their love language is physical touch. Take note, people!

Reverse Parking In Style

Reverse Parking In Style

Reverse parking can be a stressful endeavor.TikTokers find it particularly attractive when men showcase their parking prowess. There’s no better way to flex than reversing into a tight spot in one go. To further enhance the attractiveness, tiktokers have mentioned how they find it appealing when a man reverse parks with their arm resting behind the passenger seat whilst looking out the back window. We have all seen that one in movies, right?

Pro Parallel Parking:

Pro Parallel Parking

“Please don’t make me parallel park” was commonly muttered by many when taking their driving tests. Many parishes when it comes to the skill and pressure of parallel parking, which is why when a man flawlessly parallel parks, it shows his dominance amongst his peers. Of course, that makes it onto the most attractive traits whilst driving list!

Slick Gear Change

No crunching, no grinding. Smooth transitions are all it takes to show confidence. That’s about it for that one. (Also, avoid too many gear changes like the one below)

Bonus: Big Icks



DO NOT STALL. We’ve all done it, but let’s face it, stalling is embarrassing for everyone! You might be able to get away with stalling once in a while. Our biggest tip, avoid stalling multiple times in a row otherwise, it’s attraction game over.

Severe Road Rage

Severe Road Rage

Nothing is worse than a guy with a bad temper when it comes to driving. You just want to sink low in your seat to avoid the cringe! Keep your hands on the wheel and the shouting to a minimum – Thank you!

Poor Taste In Music

Poor Taste In Music

Friends are formed by their common interests in music. Conversely, there is nothing worse for anyone stuck in a car with someone on a long road trip listening to absolute garbage. If you don’t enjoy the same music, be a gentleman and give the AUX cord away or sneak in some earplugs and nod nicely.

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