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Best 30+ Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas To Know In 2022

The bedroom is heaven to us.

Especially after a tiring and hectic day, we just want to sink into the comfort of our beds.

I know that is why you want to invest more in making your bedroom more relaxing with trendy bedroom wallpaper ideas. 

Do you know on average, you spend one-third of your life in your bed? And, if sleeping is your favorite pastime, and you simply do not miss a single chance of taking a nap or having some sound sleep, this timeline has to be more. 

The bedroom is not only about having a sturdy bed with a soft headboard, a comfy blanket, soft and clean sheets, and spongy pillows. It is much more than that. 

Can you fall asleep anywhere and everywhere?

Do you get the much-needed “almost dead,” mouth drooling sleep in all your room? 

No? Right? 

It also shouldn’t be like that. The entire look of your bedroom can actually help you sleep better and relax more. When it comes to the look of a room, the color of the room is one of the major things. 

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Right now, wallpapers are in trend. Although previously it was mostly limited to kitchen and dining areas, right now, there are various types of wallpaper bedroom for bedroom available to enhance your bedroom vibe. 

Here, in this article, we will give you more than 30 ideas for bedroom wallpaper that you can paste on the walls of the most important room of your house. So, get ready to know the different bedroom wallpaper ideas and give your bedroom a whole new look. 

Let’s start now.

#1 Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns

Patterns are always a favorite for many of us. If you think you don’t want to copy others, here I have a perfect plan for you. You can try layers and layers of different patterns to create your own unique one. Try to keep things as minimal as possible. 

#2 Delicate Florals

Delicate Florals

Floral prints are evergreen when it comes to clothing or fashion. It might sound a bit off to opt for bedroom wallpaper for your bedroom, but trust me, it will give your bedroom a whole new look. Soft, color-based, small floral patterns will always alleviate the entire look of the bedroom. 

#3 Nature-Inspired Texture

Nature-Inspired Texture

We all love to stay close to nature, or at least want to for our own good. For those, who have a special attachment to every element of nature and want to take a piece of it, you can always opt for nature-inspired textured bedroom wallpaper. 

#4 Matchy Matchy

Matchy Matchy

We all want a proper sync in the interior of our entire house. Or often we opt for different styles and look for different rooms. If you are one of them who wants to have a perfect matching vibe in your bedroom, you can always go with this. Here, you can opt for your favorite pattern or print for your bedroom wall, along with some of the bedding essentials.   

#5 Pattern: All Over

Pattern All Over

What about wrapping your entire bedroom with a particular pattern? 

Sounds cool, right? So, use the exact same pattern for all the walls with bedroom wallpaper, ceilings, curtains, bedding, and other surfaces as well. Here, we will recommend you choose a minimalist pattern for small rooms, and in those big rooms, you can experiment with more loud patterns. 

#6 Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper Mural

The mural is another option for your bedroom when you are looking for the perfect bedroom wallpaper. If you are looking for something soothing and more relaxing in your bedrooms, you can go with mural-like motifs. Along with making the wall look super pretty, it will provide an added aristocracy. 

#7 Arts And Crafts-Inspired

Arts And Crafts-Inspired

If you often get attracted to stunning arts and crafts and also thinking about incorporating something artistic on your bedroom walls, you always can. Opt for an art-and-craft-inspired wallpaper. If you have a weakness in any specific art type, go for that. 

#8 Dense Botanicals

Dense Botanicals

Having some ferns and flora in your bedroom might help you get the calming and peaceful effect that you might be looking for. Choose a light color-based wallpaper with dense prints of flora and fauna. Along with adding a pinch of green, it will also elevate the space to a new level.

#9 Graphic Blooms

Floral prints are fine, but what about trying some graphic blooms? Play a little with soothing silver and some soothing yet dark colors to contrast a little. This type of bedroom wallpaper will keep the calm vibe of your bedroom, along with giving it a trendy and stand-out look. 

#10 Lace-Like Patterns

Lace-Like Patterns

When you are planning to have a bohemian bedroom, you might be thinking about decorating the place with macrame works. To match up with the bohemian vibe, nothing can go more perfectly with the lace-like patterns on the wall. Yes, there might be more wallpaper options to try out. 

#11 Candy Stripes

Candy Stripes

Yeah, I know, this is not your shirt; you are looking for bedroom wallpaper, but trust me, if you are looking for something minimalist yet classic, you will always love vertical stripes. It will also elevate the height of the room. Try to stick to narrower color stripes. 

#12 Wild Things Overwhelming

Wild Things Overwhelming

When you are thinking about the interior or bedroom wallpaper for your kid’s room, it is actually a great idea to have some wild animal graffiti on the walls. You can opt for the favorite animals of your child or just make it a small jungle for your monkey boo. 

#13 Painterly Paper

 Painterly Paper

Many of us like a lush and light vibe in our bedroom. Here you can always go with soft colors and paint look-alike designs. Choosing some lush flower prints is the best option to go with. You also can pick some other look, just ensure you are going with a soft vibe. 

#14 Gray And Graphic

Gray And Graphic

Gray is an evergreen, classy color. You can never go wrong with this one. Also, at the same time, graphic wallpapers are actually in trend nowadays. So, why not utilize the perks of both graphic design with the color effect of gray? 

#15 Tires Of Turquoise

Tires Of Turquoise

There is no thumb that you have to go with a single bedroom wallpaper, especially when you have a lot of options. You just need to make sure that you are choosing similar types of patterns and colors. You can always experiment with the same color palette and almost similar patterns. 

#16 Delicate Vines

Delicate Vines

Vines have always been really popular when it comes to getting a retro or vintage look. When you are planning to give your place a classy and sophisticated vintage look, you can never fail with delicate vines’ bedroom wallpaper. Pick a minimalist one. 

#17 Romantic Layers

Romantic Layers

We will always recommend you choose a romantic bedroom wallpaper for your own bedroom. Here, layers can work really great. Also, think of matching your headboard with the same wall. You can opt for the exact same wallpaper for both your wall and headboard. It will also give a layering look automatically. 

#18 Black-O-White Toile

Black-O-White Toile

After gray, black, and white combination is another classic piece. It also can not never be wrong or a disaster. If your bedroom is going to have a rich tone, you can perfectly neutralize that or make it stand out with the perfect black-white bedroom wallpaper. 

#19 Regal Regency

Regal Regency

Don’t those vintage London decors mesmerize all of us?

I would recommend you go with a monochromatic look. Choose those soothing colors that will give you a stress-free, relaxing vibe. You also can match the color with curtains, beams, and other features of your bedroom. 

#20 Dainty Branches

Dainty Branches

Some sleek and brown branches on your wall can give you a completely different vibe in your bedroom. You also can think of layering minimalist dainty branch ideas with softly textured walls with some vintage color options. 

Top Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

#21 Tropical, But Neutral

ropical, But Neutral

#22 Monochromatic Pattern Play

Monochromatic Pattern Play

#23 Bold Cityscape

Bold Cityscape

#24 Beautiful Batik

Beautiful Batik

#25 Faux Wood Look

Faux Wood Look

#26 Add Some Quirk

Add Some Quirk

#28 Make A Statement

Make A Statement

#29 Take The Ceiling To The Next Level

Take The Ceiling To The Next Level

#30 Realistic Ceiling Tin

Realistic Ceiling Tin

#31 Burst With Colors

Burst With Colors

#32 Wallpaper Accent Wall Bedroom

Wallpaper Accent Wall Bedroom

Relax Well!

I know you’ve always wanted to have your dream house and decorate that with the best pieces. And in order to do that, we mainly focus on the dining or living area and often overlook the bedroom area. Here, bedroom wallpapers can make the place more lively and attractive while matching up with your bedroom and relaxation vibe.

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