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19 Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes You Can Choose To Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable

“What to wear, plus size and pregnant?” Well, this question has prompted me to curate the best plus size maternity clothes for you. 

Thanks to the inclusive and utilitarian fashion scenarios today, there are a lot of options in maternity fashion. You can always dress up and down based on the occasion. Also, be it the best plus size pajamas or party outfits, you will always find something that keeps you comfortable without compromising style.   

Do you want to have some cute plus size maternity clothes in your closet this season? Let’s explore. However, first thing first! 

Before I get into the discussion of various styles, I will share some smart tricks for choosing a maternity outfit with a perfect fit. 

How To Find The Right Fit For The Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes?

How To Find The Right Fit For The Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes?

You don’t need to compromise the right fit in search of cheap plus size maternity clothes. If you know the right tricks, you can find the best fit, irrespective of the price range and design.  

Further, comfort is important when you pick the best plus size activewear or any other outfit you want to wear during your pregnancy.  

Consider The Changes In Your Body

If you are in your first trimester, you must consider that your body will go through massive changes in the upcoming trimesters. So, avoid getting something that fits you very tightly. 

Always go for an outfit that offers you proper breathability.  

Get The Measurements Right

While buying an outfit or getting one tailored, you must take proper measurements of your different body parts. Use a measuring tape to know the perfect size of your hips, thighs, waistline, bust area, and arms. 

Proper measurements always help to pick a dress that is not tight or extra loose for you.  

Trial Is Important

Trial is crucial if you want to find the best plus size maternity clothes that offer a proper fit. It is not just about the right size, as each outfit comes with a distinct design and tailoring.  

So, make sure that the outfit you have picked perfectly fits all areas perfectly.  

Do Not Choose An Outfit That Fits Tighly On Your Belly

You must avoid wearing a maternity outfit that fits very tightly on your belly. It will cause a lot of discomfort. In other words, the best plus size maternity clothes should come with a loose fitting. The loose fit will further ensure optimum breathability. 

In addition, for your maternity outfit, choose a longer length. It will offer proper coverage for your baby bump. Also, it will offer you the ease of movement.   

What Are The Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes For You?

The choice of the best plus size maternity clothes is diverse. So, from a plus size wrap dress to the best pajama sets, you can choose one that matches specific occasions and your dressing style. 

Having said that, let’s explore the styles without much ado.

Off-Shoulder Chiffon Maxi Dress

Off-Shoulder Chiffon Maxi Dress

Are you heading to a party? You can choose an off-shoulder chiffon maxi dress for you. Thanks to the use of chiffon fabric, the dress will have a nice finish.  

Complement your off-shoulder outfit with heels or pumps to walk in style. You can accessorize the outfit with statement jewelry and a classy hairstyle.  

Maternity Jeans And Shirts

If simplicity is your style mantra and you have a bus schedule to follow, the combination of maternity jeans and shirts will be perfect for you. 

The maternity jeans will offer proper support to your baby bump. At the same time, the length of the shirt will ensure your ease of movement.  

Denim Overalls

Denim Overalls

It’s time to take the alleys of kid-core fashion or adopt the way of dressing we loved in our childhood days. Denim overalls can be one of the best plus size maternity clothes because of the sheer comfort they offer.  

Further, the suspenders will ensure a snug fit. Wear denim overalls with comfy tees for a cute appearance.  

Plus Size Wrap Dresses With Accordion Pleats

Plus Size Wrap Dresses With Accordion Pleats

Wrap dresses are all-time favorites, and they are for all occasions. So, why not choose a plus size maternity dress to flaunt your style this season? 

The wrap style of the outfit will give your waistline a cinched appearance, and it will flatter your bustline.  

The accordion pleats of the wrap dress will further add character and movement to the overall design of your dress.  

Ripped Jeans With Maternity T-shirts

Ripped Jeans With Maternity T-shirts

Are you a fan of punk fashion? Frayed or ripped jeans must have been one of your favorite outfits.  

Cherish your love for punk fashion by wearing your favorite ripped jeans with maternity T-shirts. Boots, sneakers, and pumps will look good with this combination.   

Rock Your Maternity Fashion In A Little Black Dress

Rock Your Maternity Fashion In A Little Black Dress

You don’t need to give your little black dress a miss during your pregnancy. You can wear it with sneakers or platform heels whenever you need to dress up in a classy way.  

Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Are you looking for a simple and chic maternity dress? You can choose a flowy, tiered maxi dress for your summer fashion. The tiered tailoring of the dress adds character and definition to the design of the dress. Further, the sleeveless style ensures some extra breathability.  

This outfit can be transitional. So, wear it with a cardigan or a blazer to look fashionable for an autumn and winter outing.  

Best Maternity Swimsuit

Best Maternity Swimsuit

Do you want to have a cool bath at the beach? Don’t worry, as you can get yourself a comfortable and well-fitted swimsuit for you. 

To enjoy an extra dose of comfort, you can choose a swimsuit with a padded bust area and adjustable straps. Also, be particular about the leg opening area and make sure that it fits you well. It is crucial to support the changes in your thighs and ensure ease of movement.  

Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

Maternity Dress With Short Sleeves

A short-sleeved maternity dress with an adjustable waist and hidden buttons (for nursing) can be a cool choice to upgrade your maternity fashion. 

The adjustable waist of the dress is just perfect for the growing baby bump and the impending changes in your body. The short sleeves will further offer ease of movement, and it will be suitable for wearing across all seasons. 

In addition, the hidden buttons in the dress will make it nursing-friendly. Feeding your little one will be easier.  

Spend Your Leisure In Maternity Lounge Pants

Well-fitted and comfortable lounge pants are the saviors when it comes to maternity fashion. These pants are also most suitable for casual outings.  

Get yourself a stretchy pair that sits comfortably on your waist and offers proper support. You can wear these lounge pants with a tank top or regular tees.  

Perfect The Art Of Layering With A Maternity Cardigan

Perfect The Art Of Layering With A Maternity Cardigan

Cardigans are like must-haves for your maternity wardrobe. These offer you the embrace of warmth, and they work perfectly as the outermost layer of your ensemble. 

Wear your cardigan over a dress or your favorite top to feel comfy and cozy.  

Choose Your Lingerie Right

Choose Your Lingerie Right

You need to be extra careful while choosing your maternity panties and bras. You should always make sure that your maternity lingerie is made of super comfortable fabric for a gentle and breathable feeling. 

For panties, choose the stretchable ones with a high-waist style. The high-waist style will easily accommodate your baby bump. You can continue wearing it after your delivery also. Further, thanks to the high-waist style, the maternity panties do not cause any trouble to C-section scars, as well. 

Maternity and nursing bras are different. Most of them come with snap buttons for easy opening and closing of the cups while feeding your body. While choosing a maternity bra, make sure that the cups offer full coverage and that the underwire sits comfortably below your breasts. 

In addition, the shoulder straps need to be stretchy and comfortable to lift your breasts properly and avoid sagging.  

V-Neck Sheer Plus Size Maternity Dress

V-Neck Sheer Plus Size Maternity Dress

Your plus-size maternity fashion choices can be bold. Why not flaunt your baby bump and fashion choices in full swing? The sheer fabric of the outfit will further be just suitable to celebrate your sensuality. 

To cut a long story short, wear a sheer maternity dress with a V-neck and full sleeves to complete your look for a photoshoot. Team it with statement jewelry pieces for the right touch of glitz and glam.  

Tunic Top And Denim Jeans

Tunic Top And Denim Jeans 

This combination is as simple as it can get. Wear your maternity jeans with a tunic top. The distinct tailoring and longer length of the tunic top will offer proper support to your baby bump.  

If you need some layering to feel cozy, wear a cardigan or jacket over the tunic. Espadrilles or Mary Jane shoes will look good with this jeans and top combination. You can even go for chunky sneakers to keep your feet at ease without compromising on the style quotient.  

Maxi Skirt With Cropped Shirt

The best plus size maternity clothes with a longer length are always a popular choice among to-be moms. So, a maxi skirt will definitely be one of your go-to outfits. 

For your ease of movement, you can further choose a maxi skirt with side slits or a long slit on one side.  

Wear the maxi skirt with a cropped shirt to make a distinct style statement. Pump shoes or sneakers will be the best match for this outfit.  

Maternity Dress With Checks

Maternity Dress With Checks

If you are a fan of street-style fashion or someone who is following the resurgence of retro fashion this season, you must know how checks are in vogue. Keep it simple by wearing a simple dress with black and white checks.  

However, to appease the cottagecore enthusiast in you, you can get your outfit detailed with lacework around your neckline and sleeve hem.  

Lace Maternity Plus Size Dress

Lace Maternity Plus Size Dress

Do you always want to keep your fashion classy and simple? Well, a lace dress saves a lot of time and effort, I must say. The distinct finish of lace helps you flaunt an elegant look. Further, lace is a comfortable fabric to wear across all seasons. 

So, choose a lace maxi dress with a V-neck or sweetheart neck to look pretty for any casual occasion or your maternity photoshoot. 

You can accessorize your lace dress with a leather belt to add definition to the overall look.  

Boho-Style Plus Size Maternity Dress

Boho-Style Plus Size Maternity Dress

Are you a great fan of boho-chic fashion? Trust me! The boho style of dressing is one of the most comfortable options you can have for your pregnancy journey. 

Boho dresses have an inherent flowy nature with flares and simple designs. For example, a floral boho dress with a moderately flared hemline can be your go-to outfit for casual outings and hangouts. 

Wear the dress with pumps or flat ballerinas to step out in style.  

Asymmetrical Hem Plus Size Maternity Dress

Asymmetrical Hem Plus Size Maternity Dress

Why not take your maternity fashion a few notches higher with a maxi dress featuring an asymmetrical hemline? It will add much-needed movement to the tailoring of the outfit. Further, it will create adequate room for you to get comfortably accommodated in the outfit. 

Based on the other design aspects and embellishments of your outfit, you can wear this asymmetrical dress with long boots or Mary Jane shoes

High heels are not the best choice for maternity fashion. However, you can pick wedges or platform heels with a moderate heel length.  

Final Words

The best plus size maternity clothes will offer you the perfect fusion of style and comfort. While making your choice, you must also ensure that the dress fits you well and supports your baby bump and the changes in your body in different trimesters. 

In addition, the chosen outfit should ensure the ease of movement. You can pay a visit to the clothing store near you. You can even explore different online platforms selling plus size maternity clothes. 

That’s it! Enjoy this beautiful journey and keep your fashion game on point with the best maternity clothes. You can take cues from the outfit ideas I have shared. Do you have other ideas about comfortable and stylish maternity clothes? 

Don’t forget to share!  

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