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What Are The Best Plus Size Maxi Dresses For This Season? (Explore 15+ Ideas)

The best plus size maxi dresses always flatter the silhouette of curvy women. With skillful designs and detailing, they look good on women of all body types. 

Also, thanks to their longer lengths, maxi dresses always make curvy women appear slimmer. They are comfortable and ensure ease of movement. They are even transitional. So, it does not matter whether it’s summer or winter. You can wear the same maxi dress across all seasons with the right art of layering.  

Further, you can wear a maxi dress for all occasions. With the change of style and pattern, these outfits suit a casual occasion and special evening party alike.  

Do you want to explore different styles of plus size dresses? Here is a guide with exciting variations and styling ideas. I have also discussed things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a plus size maxi dress for you.  

Choosing The Best Plus Size Maxi Dresses

When you see Ashley Graham stepping out in a high-slit maxi dress for the 31st evening, you can’t help swooning over her. She also harps on the importance of choosing your maxi dress right. She wore her black maxi dress with a faux fur jacket and high heels.  

The model and style icon even chose a maxi dress for her first appearance at the Met Gala in 2017. 

Do you want to pick the best maxi dress style for you? Here are the dos and don’ts you need to pay heed to. 

The Length Of The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses can be ankle length, and there are ones with a toe-grazing length. The ones caressing your toes will be a better choice if you have broad structures and curves. The ankle-length maxi dresses are more suitable for women with a slender silhouette. 

You can ask how these few inches in length make such a huge difference. If you observe closely, the shorter length will bring more focus to your waist area. So, your waistline may appear bulkier with the shorter length of your maxi dress.  

The Patterns And Colors Of The Outfits

You need to go for darker shades if you want to pick the best plus size maxi dresses. Darker shades do not reflect much light. So, these shades will give your silhouette an elongated and slimmer appearance

In patterns solid patterns and vertical stripes are the best match for women with a heavier build. It’s okay if you are into florals and prints. However, be subtle with your choice of prints. If the prints are bold and illustrious, it will make you look bulkier. 

Also, horizontal stripes and color blocks are big No-No for plus size maxi dresses. These make the figure look wider.  

The Cut And Overall Design Of Your Maxi Dress

What is the best cut for the best plus size maxi dresses? For me, the combination of a fitted bodice and a flared skirt work the best. However, make sure that the skirt does not have too much flare. Extra flare or volume along the waistline can make a woman look flabbier.  

A V-neck is the most suitable for plus size dresses. This neckline makes the neck look longer, and it creates a visual balance in your bust area.  

Do you want to know the features you can avoid in the best plus size dresses for women? It is best not to go for puff sleeves or a turtle neck. I know that puff sleeves are quite in vogue this season. However, if you are not wearing something in line with a mermaid dress, puff sleeves can really ruin the balance.  

The Right Fabric Of Your Maxi Dress

When choosing the best plus size maxi dresses for you, always opt for flowy and light fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or jersey. In fact, jersey dresses with a little twist near your waistline create the best camouflaging effect if you want to flaunt a slender silhouette. 

A lighter and flowy fabric always helps to visually remove the bulk from your silhouette. Also, thanks to its flowy nature, it complements your curves and body perfectly. So, it will flatter your figure and keep you comfortable at the same time. 

However, if you pick a maxi dress with a stiff fabric (certain types of silk), your outfit will have a distinct structure. That may not be particularly flattering for your figure.  

Now that you know the basics of choosing the best plus size dresses for you, it’s time to explore the best styles that you can add to your closet. 

Best Plus Size Maxi Dresses: Know The Variations And Different Styling Tips

With body positivity and body acceptance in place, you will see big names like Shein, Dia & Co, and Reformation offering you the most stylish choices in plus size fashion. There are even brands like Anthropologie, Selkie, Madewell, and Cider promoting plus size clothing.  

These brands demand applause for making the fashion scenario more inclusive. They make us believe that fashion is about having the right attitude and being creative enough to express your way of living.  

So, let’s find out which plus size maxi dresses you can add to your closet this season. 

Chiffon Floral Maxi Dress

Keep it simple and vivacious in a floral chiffon dress. Floral dresses are huge this season with the resurgence of cottagecore and folkcore aesthetics.  

Further, the chiffon fabric used in this dress will flatter your figure due to its flowy nature. You can wear this floral dress with heels and sneakers based on the occasion you need to attend.  

Maxi Dress With A Tie-Up Detailing At Front

It’s hard to believe how a simple tie-up detailing at the front can make so much difference in the structure of a dress. It will break the visual continuity and flatter your bust.  

Further, a tie-up detailing close to a deep neckline will impart your outfit a sexy look. Up for some coolest Pinterest vibes? Then, you must try this style.  

Wrap Style Maxi Dress

The wrap style universally fits women of all body types. So, when choosing the best plus size dresses, it will be a brilliant choice.  

The wrap dress will be cinched at the waistline, making you look slender. Further, the wrap style will make the bust area appear less wide.  

Try this style with footwear of your choice to look your best for a date night with your partner.  

Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

The off shoulder style works brilliantly to make a curvy woman look slender. The style is also irresistibly sexy.  

So, add an off-shoulder maxi dress to your closet. Wear it with your favorite pair of heels and loop earrings to get complimented for your fashion sense.  

Boho Style Maxi Dress

Boho chic fashion is back with a bang this season. So, choosing a boho style maxi dress will be a smart choice for this summer.  

You can even pick it as a summer wedding guest outfit while attending a countryside wedding. While styling your boho style maxi dress, don’t forget your straw hat and cowgirl boots.  

Layered Maxi Dress 

Why not create some smart layering with your choice of outfit this season? Layers add dimension and character to the overall design of an outfit.  

This trick especially works brilliantly for women who have heavier hips and a heavier lower body. The layers hide all the flab and create a visual balance. In addition, those layers lend some retro vibe to your outfit. 

Wear your layered maxi dress with high heels or wedges to make a style statement.  

High Slit Maxi Dress

High slit is always one of the most coveted elements while tailoring maxi dresses for plus size women. The high slit on the thigh breaks the visual monotony, and the vertical cut works brilliantly to make the frame slender

Show your sass and be the diva you are by wearing a high-slit maxi dress with high heels and stilettos for any special occasion.  

Polka Dotted Plus Size Maxi Dress

Why not bring some retro vibe in the best plus size maxi dresses for the season? It’s hard to avoid the lure of polka dots with fashion icons like Madonna and Princess Diana being the poster girls of this style in the 80s and 90s. 

Keep it chic and casual while styling your maxi dress. Wear it with high heels and funky earrings to look your best for any casual occasion.  

Self Pattern Plus Size Maxi Dress

A maxi dress in self-pattern is a smart choice for curvy women. The self-pattern will make your maxi dress more interesting visually. However, the pattern will not be as loud as bold stripes or florals. 

Self-pattern dresses are most suitable for summer as they have a refreshing vibe. Wear your maxi dress with a pair of pumps or espadrilles to walk in style.  

Plus Size Maxi Dress With Cold Shoulder Sleeves

Crafty design is important for making an average plus size outfit an excellent piece. Cold shoulder sleeves can be an excellent element in this regard. The cutout on your arms will create a visual break. So, if you have broader shoulders, the cold shoulder sleeves will make it look slimmer. 

You can even pair a deeper neckline with the cold shoulder sleeves to make the maxi dress more suitable for a plus size woman.  

Plus Size Maxi Dress With Crisscross Pattern At Front

You can choose a crisscross pattern at the front while choosing the best plus size maxi dresses. The crisscross pattern will accentuate your features. At the same time, it will cut down the flab around your bust area visually. In addition, it will make the area look elongated. 

Wear your crisscross maxi dress with ballerinas and platform heels to add some groove to your movement.  

Leopard Print Maxi Dresses

Through the 70s and 80s, leopard prints have been associated with haughty fashion. Also, the leopard prints look vibrant without being over the top. In fact, it is the right kind of print for a plus size dress. 

It imparts the right dose of camouflaging look without adding visual bulk to the appearance of the wearer. 

Leopard print maxi dresses do not demand too much accessorizing. Classy heels and statement earrings are enough to get dolled up in this outfit. 

Bardot Style Plus Size Maxi Dresses For Women

If you have a proclivity for classy fashion, you will always love the Bardot style. By giving your cleavage the right amount of plunge, the Bardot style celebrates sensuality like nothing else. 

Also, the beauty of the Bardot style lies in how it fits outfits of various styles. From a little black dress to a floral maxi dress, this distinct neckline can be the ultimate element of high fashion. 

To complete your look in a bardot style maxi dress, you can wear it with a pair of boots or peep toe shoes.  

If you are attending a black tie evening in a Bardot maxi dress, you can always wear a statement necklace and glam up your look.  

Sheer Plus Size Maxi Dress

This is the season of risque fashion. So, wearing a sheer maxi dress can be a great idea to adhere to the current fashion trend. You can even pick the best plus size maxi dresses with mesh or lace to celebrate your sensual side. 

Trust me! It will help you flaunt the perfect femme fatale look without putting much effort. Sheer dresses look great with statement jewelry pieces and high heels. 

Mermaid Style Plus Size Maxi Dress

On runways, you will find many plus size models flaunting a mermaid-style maxi dress. The mermaid style will cinch your waistline, giving you a slimmer silhouette. However, this style can be a problem if you have heavier hips. 

If you want, you can get the best plus size maxi dresses with some frills or ruffles at the front. These elements will camouflage your figure.  

Mermaid dresses look good with high boots or heels to put your best foot forward.  

Striped Plus Size Maxi Dress

As I have mentioned, vertical stripes always work the best for plus size maxi dresses. Those stripes work the best to make the silhouette appear slender.  

If you are choosing a striped maxi dress, go for a combination of darker stripes on lighter shades. The darker stripes will again be perfect for complementing your figure.

There is no rule of thumb for accessorizing your striped maxi dress. You can pick high leather boots and a crossbody bag to complete your look.

Final Words

When looking for the best plus size maxi dresses, you must look for the variations that define your waistline. However, make sure that there is not too much detailing or gathering at the front, adding bulk to your core area.

Further, you should always go minimalistic with the neckline and sleeve design. V-necks and sweetheart designs are the best choices for outfits for plus size women. Also, be subtle in your choice of prints, patterns, and colors.

That’s it! Wear your confidence right and ace the fashion for this season.

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