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Do You Want To Have The Best Plus Size Sweaters? (Explore 15+ Ideas With Styling Tips)

Are you planning to update your fall and winter fashion? You can get the best plus size sweaters this season to flaunt an effortlessly chic look. 

Sweaters are versatile thanks to their designs and different cultural influences. For example, you can check the colorful Fair Isle sweater or the dense cable-knit winter essentials. All of them tell a story that’s soaked in history.  

Further, if you can style right, sweaters can be your statement outfits for the cooler seasons. Are you ready to explore some cool plus size sweaters this season and upgrade your wardrobe? Here’s a guide. 

Before that, you must know how you will choose your sweater right.   

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Sweaters For Your Body Type?

Are you ready to feel cozy and look sexy in your sweater? The beauty of a sweater lies in how you can mold it according to the occasion.  

An oversized sweater can be your perfect loungewear, and you can wear the same outfit with leather pants or denim jeans to slay a date night look. 

However, everything begins with picking the best plus size sweaters. Do you want to know the tricks? Let’s start! 

Choose The Right Colors And Patterns

Choose The Right Colors And Patterns

You must have heard for the longest time how darker shades help in getting a slender silhouette. During fall and winter, you can be as creative as you want with your choice of colors. Pick burgundy, black, blue, eggplant, or any dark shade you want.  

Solid pattern is the best choice for a plus size sweater. However, if you want to explore different patterns, you can always go for vertical stripes or color blocking. Vertical color blocking, especially, draws attention to your waistline.  

You can even go for prints, but you need to keep it subtle.  

Choose The Neckline Carefully

Choose The Neckline Carefully

Be it the best plus size sweaters or other plus size outfits, the neckline is a very essential component. Further, the right neckline helps to strike a perfect visual balance along with the sleeves and the hemline. Here’s a brief guide on how you will choose the best neckline for your sweater. 

Boat Neck

Boat neck will be a great choice for plus size sweaters. Pear-shaped women can especially wear a boat neck sweater to create an illusion of broad shoulders. Women in this body shape have a narrower upper body and a wider lower body. 

So, when the boat neck widens the shoulders, a perfect visual balance is created.  


A V-neck is the best neckline choice for plus-size women. This neckline gives your neck an elongated look. Also, if you want to flaunt your beautiful cleavage, you can always opt for a V-neck sweater.  

Do you want some elevation to the V-neck of your sweater? You can always opt for a sweetheart neck. This neckline is feminine and sultry.  

Square Neck

Square neck sweaters are the best if you want to make your breasts appear fuller. This neckline also widens your bust area.  

Cowl Neck

Do you have an apple-shaped figure? You can pick a cowl neck while looking for the best plus size sweaters. This neckline will make your bust area look petite.  

However, while choosing a cowl neck sweater, make sure that the sweater is longer. It should at least go beneath your waistline. You can even opt for small slits on the hemline for these sweaters to create a visual balance. 

For an apple-shaped woman, sweaters with ribbed patterns or pleats will also be a great choice. Vertical ribs and pleats make the silhouette appear slender.  

Opt For The Cardigan Style

Opt For The Cardigan Style

The cardigan style fits different outfits, and you will have a variety of colors and patterns to choose your cardigan.  

You can wear a cardigan as a jacket over your top or shirt. You can even button it when the mercury drops further.  

When you button up a cardigan, the vertical button placket will draw all the attention to the center of your bust. So, you will have a slimmer look in a cardigan.  

Are you in for serious styling? You can wear the cardigan with a belt or a waist chain.  

Pick Wrap Sweaters

Pick Wrap Sweaters

The wrap style will help you flaunt an hourglass silhouette as it accentuates the right curves in a body. Also, it makes the waistline appear smaller.  

Do you want to highlight your best assets? You can go for a wrap-style sweater with some detailing beneath your bustline.  

Choose Sweaters With Three Quarter Sleeves

Choose Sweaters With Three Quarter Sleeves

When looking for the best plus size sweaters, you must opt for three-quarter sleeves. These sleeves make you appear taller and slimmer.  

Despite the cozy girl aesthetics being in vogue this season, you must avoid wearing sweaters with extra-long sleeves. These sleeves will make you appear shorter.  

Go For Form-Fitting Upper Sleeves

Go For Form-Fitting Upper Sleeves

Do you want to flaunt your chest or your beautiful cleavage? You must always go for sweaters with form-fitting upper sleeves.  

This style is not for you if you prefer the comfort of loose sleeves above everything else. However, you will look sexy in this sweater.  

Before I get into the variations and styling tips, I want to share one thing that is very important for wearing your sweater right. You have to be particular about the color and fitting of your bra. 

For example, if you wear a sweater in brighter shades, try matching the bra color with it. For lighter shades and whites, you can always go for bras in nude shades.  

Best Plus Size Sweaters For Women With Styling Tips

Best Plus Size Sweaters For Women With Styling Tips

It’s the sweater season, and it’s the season to look your best. The nip in the air allows you to experiment with layering. So, why not make the most of it?  

Here, I have curated 15+ sweater variations and styling tips for you. So, let’s explore! 

V-Neck Sweater With Ribbed Hem

A v-neck and a ribbed hem are some of the most classic combinations in sweaters. This combination truly works for the best plus size sweaters. 

With a V-neck sweater with a ribbed hem, you just need a pair of mild-wash jeans and sneakers to ace your style game.  

Tunic Style Sweater With Longer Length

A simple tunic-style sweater can be the most comfortable winter outfit for you. Just put it on with a pair of contrasting leggings to complete your look. 

Are you in for some cowgirl vibe? Choose leather boots as your footwear.  

Cropped Sweater With A Square Neck

A cropped sweater with a square neck can be the ultimate choice if you want your boobs to appear fuller.  

Square neck sweaters look great with shorts and denim jeans. Make sure that your bottoms are well-fitted. Otherwise, the overall look can be shabby.  

Off Shoulder Sweater With A Shorter Length

Flaunt your cleavage and chest, and keep your style a little flirty this winter. Wear the off-shoulder sweater with a midi skirt. 

You can even team the off-shoulder sweater with a pair of dungarees to look cute and sexy.  

Cowl Neck Sweater

Cowl neck sweaters are fun, and they are the best choice for a curvy woman when they come in longer lengths. 

Team the sweater with cropped pants to create a visual balance.  

Tunic Style Cardigan

When you have a tunic-style sweater, you have the chance to be creative with your bottoms. Further, the longer length always translates into a longer silhouette. 

Team the tunic with denim jeans and boots to step out in style for any occasion.  

Mock Neck Sweater

Are you looking for the best plus size sweaters? Choose a mock neck sweater that will complement your body type.  

Wear this sweater with accordion pleated skirts and boots. You can even tuck the sweater in to enhance your style quotient.  

Ribbed Sweater With Full Sleeves

The best plus size sweaters with vertical ribs will make your silhouette appear slender. The ribbed pattern also adds the necessary texture to the sweater.  

The full sleeves further keep you warm and cozy on those cold days. However, make sure that the sleeves are not extra long, as those will make you look shorter.  

Plus Size Sweater With Leopard Prints

If you want to keep it funky and stylish, you can always go for plus size sweaters with leopard prints. You can opt for the conventional leopard prints or the more colorful versions of the sweaters that Farm Rio has brought this season. 

These sweaters exude a quintessential retro charm. So, wear them with leather pants and boots while heading to a movie date.  

Soft Wool Cardigans

Keep it comfy and minimalistic this season by choosing soft wool cardigans as your winter essentials. These cardigans also have a vintage vibe that everyone adores. 

You can wear this cardigan as a jacket over your top for layering your outfit well.  

Open Neckline Sweater

You don’t need to cover yourself up entirely while looking for the best plus size sweaters. Opt for a sweater that has a large cutout detailing at the front, giving the impression of an open neck. The large cutout detailing at the front will also create a Bardot style, giving a plunge to your bustline. 

You can wear this sweater with a leather midi skirt or well-tailored trousers.  

Flirty Plus Size Sweater

On autumn evenings and some wintry days, you feel the urge to dress flirty and sexy. You need some layering but something not very warm. 

Those are the days when you can wear flirty plus size sweaters. These sweaters are about intricate designs. Opt for sweaters that have eyelet patterns, a loose-knit, or a lot of frills.  

These sweaters look good with denim shorts and sneakers.  

Shrug Style Cardigan

When you need some layering but it’s one of the warmer days of winter, you can always opt for a shrug-style cardigan.  

Wear the cardigan over a tank top or a crop top to accentuate your best assets. Are you looking for the best bottoms to complete your ensemble? 

Go for basic denim jeans or black chinos to make a distinct style statement.  

Wrap Style Plus Size Sweater

Why don’t you try a wrap-style sweater or sweater dress for this winter? As I mentioned, the wrap style is always recommended for choosing the best plus size sweaters.  

The wrap style of the sweater will help you create the perfect peekaboo effect. It will also make your waistline look slimmer.  

Wrap-style sweaters look great with a wide range of bottoms. Wear your sweater with boots to put your best foot forward.  

Front Zipped Sweaters For Plus Size Women

If you don’t want to wear a pullover and want to avoid the task of buttoning up your sweater, you can always go for a sweater with a zip at the front. 

The zip closure at the front ensures the ease of wearing the sweater. It also works as a great element to break the visual monotony. The zipper line at the center will bring all the attention to the vertical center.  

Wear your front-zipped sweater with leather pants, shorts, or skirts to elevate your fashion quotient this winter.   

Hooded Plus Size Sweater For Women

 It’s time to make your winter fashion trendier. Choose the best plus size sweaters with a hooded neck to stay cozy and enhance your style quotient. The front-open style of the cardigan will make you look slimmer. 

You can also button it up fully and wear it as the right top for the winter. Team the hooded cardigan with your favorite pair of jeans and high boots to look sexy for a casual outing or a date. 

Accessorize your cardigan with a sleek neckpiece to add some bling to your overall ensemble.  

Big Brands Making The Best Plus Size Sweaters In The Trendiest Style

It does not matter what your style preference is. You may be an expressionist or a minimalist. Many big brands are coming up with the best plus size sweaters this season.  

I was just exploring some collections of plus size sweaters, and I found some brands and collections that deserve a shoutout.  

If you want to keep it sleek and stylish, you can always opt for the off-shoulder pullover from Treasure & Bond. The off-shoulder style will be perfect to flaunt your bust area, and it will give your neck an elongated look.  

I also like the State Barb sweater that comes with a keyhole cutout at the front. The design is sexy and minimalistic. 

For the expressionist in you, WRAY has the best plus size graphic sweaters. So, know your style, explore, and pick one that fits your style and comfort parameters.  

Final Words

The best plus size sweaters are versatile, as you can wear them as standalone tops. You can even wear them for layering. Today, there are even sweater dresses with the sexiest designs that can be your ultimate party outfits for fall and winter.  

Once you know which design elements in a sweater suit your body type the best, making the right choice of sweater becomes easier for you. 

It’s time for you to check out the various designs/types I have discussed here. Do you have any other variation in mind? Don’t forget to share!

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