Body-Positive Modeling: Top 15 Plus Size Models In 2024!

Body-Positive Modeling: Top 15 Plus Size Models In 2024!

At present, body positivity is no longer a new concept. People know about it, they talk about it, and sometimes, they criticize it. When it comes to passing positive affirmations to those finding themselves unattractive, body-positive modeling plays an important role. 

It is not just about challenging society but also about setting a standard for people who are “abnormally” gorgeous in shape. Body inclusivity helps people shape their lifestyles correctly, affecting the way they dress, eat, and perform self-care. 

In this comprehensive guide, I have listed down 15 plus-size models who create a difference in society through their class-apart modeling. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the topic. 

Is Body-Positive Modeling Really Altering Body Image Standards

Is Body-Positive Modeling Really Altering Body Image Standards

Ever since we started watching television or got too active on social media, trends have captivated our minds. Whether they are about models getting featured on VH1 or people grooving to Libianca’s People, we all have tried replicating them at least once in our lifetime. 

So, if you ask me whether body-positive activity like modeling influences our perception of the ideal body, I would have to say YES! After running tons of campaigns and crafting awareness, we as a society have reached a point where we are merely “tolerant” of special bodies. 

But that’s not the purpose of body-positive modeling. It is about accepting the uniqueness in us and celebrating it. In this aspect, plus-size models have been playing a very crucial role in their promotions of diverse shapes. The challenge of society’s unrealistic beauty expectations is pushing us towards a better future where the focus would be on personalities. 

Considering the fashion industry, these models are breaking barriers by making differences both online and offline. And 99% of them are successful because people have now become more accepting of social media. Slowly but steadily, there will be a time when the world will discover the true meaning of body-inclusive modeling. 

Top Plus-Size Models Breaking The Usual Beauty Standard Stereotype

Top Plus-Size Models Breaking The Usual Beauty Standard Stereotype

A study conducted by students at the Boston Medical Center revealed that plus-sized models are likely to have 3 million followers or more on social media. This whopping percentage determines their impact on the society. But was this transformation in society easy? You’d think! 

Some models have tarnished the typical stereotype of a perfect body and raised the bars with their body-positive modeling. The 4th one is an absolute trendsetter, so keep reading…

Chloe Marshall

This English model is an inspiration for many. With a heart full of determination, Chloe began her modeling journey when she was just 16. In 2008, she won the prestigious Miss Surrey title and became a household name. 

Her story is not only inspiring but acts as a catalyst for the whole body-positivity discussion. There is hardly any popular brand for which she hadn’t highlighted her modeling skills- Chanel, Prada, Gucci, you name it!

Denis Bidot

American models have continued to turn heads, but when we talk specifically about Denis, things are surely different. The former beauty pageant winner hails from Miami and took inspiration from her mother to make her debut in the modeling world. 

2014 was pretty big for her as she walked back to back for two brands promoting straight sizes at New York Fashion Week. She has 14+ years of modeling experience, and her recent Kohl collaboration has simply added to her skills. 

Ashley Graham

There can never be enough discussions about Ashley Graham; she is so awesome! Ashley has been one of the plus-sized models that initially started the concept of body-positive modeling. Haven’t we seen enough of her already in American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar? 

Pinkvilla points out that Ashley also contributed to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit talks in 2016 by featuring it on its cover. She has been an avid TED Talk speaker, an author and also has her own podcast named Pretty Big Deal. 

Tess Holliday

This America-based plus-sized model has her name coming in and out of the body positivity movement. Initially born as Ryann Maegen Hoven, her modeling career was never easy. When she was 15, a lot of brands backlashed her, stating that she was just “too big” to be a model. 

But that didn’t stop her from climbing heights. In 2013, she launched an Instagram campaign named #effyourbeautystandards to embrace body images. This inspired more than 70K followers, and praises started pouring in for Tess from all over the world. 

Lexi Placourakis

Who said models cannot be mothers? We have Lexi here, playing both her roles perfectly. Being a mother, this extraordinary plus-sized model has impacted the world of fashion. She was born in 1992 and works towards defying conventional norms of beauty. 

In 2015, New York Fashion Week featured her graces, and she was also part of Lane Bryant’s 2017 “I’m No Angel” campaign. Lexi’s promotion of body-positive modeling is commendable because she teaches how to be more comfortable in one’s own skin. 

Tabria Majors

Apart from being a plus-sized model, Tabria Majors has also remained the face of color issues. In 2018, she was featured as a finalist in the SIS Issue and promoted body positivity. Majors have collaborated with established brands like Macy’s, Lane Bryant, and even Desigual. 

When it comes to body diversity, Tabria is always vocal and active. She posted an IG video in 2022, stating body inclusivity issues in the New York Fashion Week. Her remarkable works definitely have an impact on body positivity. 

Hunter McGrady

She was also a part of the Sports Swimsuit Issue cover back in 2016 and continued for the next 5 times. Research conducted by TrendSpotter depicts that she was an active part of 2022’s SI show, too. Like Lexi, McGrady is also a mother and has never let her personal body challenges affect her professional career. 

Her works are also featured on the covers of elite publications like Summer Salt, Elle, and Vogue Italia. McGrady has her own clothing chain, All Worthy. 

Precious Lee

When referring to fashion world groundbreakers, Precious Lee is at the top of the list. Of African-American origin, Lee was among the first few models featured in 2015’s American Vogue. 

Posing gracefully both off and on the ramp, Precious has worked for some classy fashion chains such as Area, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Michael Kors. With her body affirmations, she continues to inspire the world. 

Philomena Kwao

This renowned plus-size model has had an exotic career rollercoaster. Philomena has worked alongside many reputed brands, such as Essence, Lane Bryant, Pride Magazine, etc. With an impressive portfolio, she continues to rule hearts. 

However, Kwao’s life was never easy because she experienced excessive negativities in her early career. Fortunately, she was able to overcome these and promoted body-positive modeling like nobody else. 

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra is a noted name in the world of body positivity and body acceptance. Beauty brands like Marina Rinaldi and Fenty Beauty feature her occasionally. She was also part of the popular lingerie brand Aerie for several years. 

Lawrence takes a different approach to promoting body inclusivity. The National Eating Disorders Association has appointed her as its brand ambassador, and she shares healthy lifestyle habits. 

Taylor Tak

Korean beauty has also contributed largely to body positivity, and Taylor Tak is a classic example. Gone are the days when Asian representation was nowhere to be seen in diverse fashion projects. 

Taylor aims to break the stereotype that not all Asian women look the same and continues her modeling career in Australia. Currently, she is focusing on her future endeavors, and we cannot keep her calm!

Varshita Thatavarthi

In the Fashion-centric world, Indian plus-sized models have surely settled for an impeccable place, and Varshita is one of them. She’s a regular among models posing for Sabyasachi, and if she’s there, you know she’s important!

Her picture in a red lehenga, adorned with jewelry, circulated throughout the Internet, and people couldn’t stop praising her. In a flash, the whole body-shaming thing went into the air, and people saw nothing but her fantabulous art. 

Kate Wasley

Kate hails from Australia and has made a commendable name in the fashion industry since 2018. She has collaborated with Lorna Jane to bring out the best of curvy and plus-size models. 

Kate and her accomplice, Georgia Gibbs, take an active part in body-positive modeling and continue to inspire people. With her work for Frank Body, she gained immense international recognition. 

Barbie Ferreira

Don’t we all love Kat Hernandez’s character in Euphoria? Barbie Ferreira is the queen of young hearts, even with her plus-sized figure. Barbie has also starred in 2022’s The Afterparty and 2018’s Divorce. 

A Seventeen study focuses on how Ferreira has worked alongside American Apparel and was also a part of 2016’s #AerieReal campaign. She has modeled for ASOS, H&M, Adidas, and Becca Cosmetics. 

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia has a lot going on her plate always- she is a fashion influencer, blogger, and also a designer. Having a Lebanese-American origin, she promotes body-inclusive modeling on her social media accounts. 

As per Business Insider’s report, Nadia has also worked with BooHoo for designing plus-sized outfits when the company was not in a great condition. Nadia Aboulhosn is a critical name in the modeling world of plus-sized models. 

Concluding Words

With that, the list of plus-sized models comes to an end. But it goes beyond saying that all these models and supermodels have an undeniable impact in changing the perspective about plus-sized modeling. 

Whether it is their artwork, ramp walks, or charitable contributions, there’s a lot that the world needs to take note of. In the coming future, when the world of online hate becomes much more brutal, we will need more of Ashelys and Taylors who can change the definition of beauty!

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