Cool Tattoo Ideas To Get In Hawaii

5 Cool Tattoo Ideas To Get In Hawaii

Are you in Hawaii struggling to develop ideas for that tattoo you want? Many different ideas and styles revolve around Hawaii and the Pacific islands. This article is a guide to help you determine what you seek in a tattoo.

Most ideas and styles are practiced or can be achieved at good tattoo shops in Hawaii. These shops offer a variety of styles, including Polynesian, Japanese, and American traditional, and they’d be more than happy to do art pieces featuring local wildlife and ocean views. By reading this article, you will be one step closer to finding your ideal tattoo.

1) Local Hawaiian Flora And Wildlife

Close-up of pink flowering plant

Whether visiting or living in Hawaii, the local wildlife may interest you.

There is a diverse range of beautiful species living on the islands, which can be sure to inspire wonderful tattoo ideas.

For example, the state mammal of Hawaii is the Hawaiian monk seal, and the state aquatic mammal is the humpback whale, both of which are excellent tattoo options. Many more animals include birds like the Nene and Hawaiian halk, invertebrates like tree snails, Blackburn’s Sphinx Moths, cave arthropods, and mammals like the Hawaiian hoary bat.

They also have some of the world’s most unique and beautiful flora.

The list goes on, but be sure to look at plumerias, birds of paradise, Ohia Lehua, pikake, and other native flowers.

2) Ocean Themed Tattoos

The Pacific is the largest and deepest of the five oceans, containing vast amounts of aquatic wildlife and human history. An ocean-themed tattoo perfectly expresses your love for aquatic animals, sailing, and scenic beauty.

Octopi, sharks, sea turtles, whales, giant squids, stingrays, and many other Pacific aquatic wildlife can make up a fantastic tattoo. Another idea is to get a tattoo of landmarks, beaches, and scenic views of the ocean, especially since Hawaii has so many of these.

You can also get tattoos of sailboats, pirate ships, and naval vessels.

Any of these ideas can craft a phenomenal ocean-themed tattoo with the right artist.

3) Polynesian Style Tattoos

For those who understand the significance of Polynesian culture, a Polynesian-style tattoo can bear much meaning and power. With a deep history in the Polynesia islands, tattoos were often indicators of hierarchy, maturity, and genealogy.

The refined tattoo was developed by the people of Tonga and Somoa, where warriors were tattooed from the waist to the knees. These were done by hand and were significant in religious rituals and warfare. Nowadays, Polynesian-style tattoos represent heritage and respect for the culture, as they are one of the key things that tie islanders back to their ancestors.

4) Tattoo Shops In Hawaii Offering Japanese-Style Tattoos

Tattoo Shops In Hawaii

Japan, especially in modern times, has influenced Hawaiian culture.

The influence is apparent in food and music; however, artists have also spread the practice of Japanese-style tattoos.

Timeless and often with underlying meanings, Japanese-style tattoos present many different concepts that can suit you and your ideas.

There are several iconic Japanese symbols with profound meanings: the dragon, the koi, the tiger, and the phoenix are the most well-known.

They are a strong, reliable choice because they are one of the oldest tattoo styles.

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5) American Traditional Tattoos

Hawaii’s ties with the United States and tourism have led to an influx of different cultures, as well as the introduction of American traditional tattoos. Originating from the Pacific, sailors brought back tattooing techniques in the late 1800s.

This would lead to the propagation of the American traditional style, with its thick but clean lines and bold colors. These tattoos are popular with military service members and are often simpler than other styles.

Motifs for American traditions include swallows, hearts, snakes, and lucky symbols. Tattoo shops in Hawaii offer the straightforward and sure-to-impress traditional American style.

Why Hawaii? 

With almost 200 countries boasting cool tattoos, why should one choose Hawaii? Before getting into any detail, let me give you a brief history of tattoos in this extraordinary destination. When inking your body wasn’t an option, only two countries in the entire world dared to bring this art into reality.

These two countries were Hawaii and Polynesia. From the primitive era, people in Hawaii have believed in getting their bodies inked with things they love the most. Of course, the way this art was done would be different from before. Let’s see the tips for getting a tattoo in Hawaii:

  • No Tattoos While You’re Drunk

No Tattoos While You’re Drunk

I know it’s Hawaii, your dream destination, and this vacation is everything you have ever dreamed of. But if you are drunk too much, don’t get tattooed. You might get something inked on your body that you would never have thought of. Make sure to be in your senses while getting something as important as a tattoo.

  • Inspect The Shop You’re Going

Not all tattoo places are good enough; some are hygienic, while others are not. They might lure you with discounts but don’t fall for these traps. Make sure not to visit a place that ends up leaving an infection on your skin. Google can help you get into a reliable shop.

  • Do Not Hurry

Whether it is Hawaii or any other place in the world, hurrying while getting a tattoo is the dumbest decision. Take some time to think about what kind of tattoo you want, which shop will be the right for you, and what design suits you the best!

To Sum Up

The Culture and history of Hawaii are vast and unique; settling on an idea for a tattoo that encapsulates the experience of this beautiful island is more than challenging. With various species of wildlife, a deep tie to the Pacific Ocean, and culturally significant tattoo styles like Polynesian, Japanese, and American traditions, choosing to go to tattoo shops in Hawaii is essential.

In conclusion, if you take this article’s advice by doing your research and visiting Hawaiian tattoo shops, you can expect to get a visually stunning piece of art with its unique idea and meaning.

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