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Crotchless Panties – Top 10 Famous Crotchless Panties To Follow In 2022

Want to spice up your love life a bit? Why don’t you try going crotchless with your panties for once? Do not pretend that you did not know that was possible. If you want to make it easier for you (if you know, then you know), then going with the crotchless panties is a great option.

             "Leave Little To The Imagination"                                                 

You do not need to go to the bedroom to crank up the heat when you are in your crotchless underwear. You can be on your balcony, in a parking lot, or even inside the elevator. Why? Because you can have access to do it!

Before moving on to the best crotchless panties, let me first guide you through certain things. Stick till the end to know more…

History Of Crotchless Panties: Queen Victoria’s Knickers

History Of Crotchless Panties Queen Victoria's Knickers

Did you know that crotchless panties are nothing new? They have been here for a very long time. The bloomers that Queen Victoria wore were put up for auction a few years back, and what people figured out had them surprised.

Her bloomers were not sewn to each other between the legs. This was the common design. For everyone.

This is because all the things that the women of the era used to wear from the chemise, the stockings, the corset, the bodice, all the layers of bulky petticoats, and the other uncountable layers of clothes under their dress.

And I am talking about the era when the elastic did not exist; everything had to be tied. So this means if they had to go to the loo (let’s just say that), they had to strip naked.

This was the reason why their bloomers or knickers were not joined and were made the way they were. So that meant they did not have to strip at all!

Why Crotchless Panties?… Why Not!

Why Crotchless Panties?... Why Not!

Crotchless panties are one of the most fun ways if you want to introduce some fun into your love life. They can make you feel sexy as eff. And at the same time, having them in your wardrobe can be really convenient as well.

                "Less Is More, Always"                                             

To say it in a very raw way, they are the best lingerie to give better access to your partner during sex. After all, can you think of a better piece of cloth when you need to have a quickie?

That Feminine Urge To Tease Your Partner

That Feminine Urge To Tease Your Partner

There’s no hiding in it. We have all been there, done that. Teasing your partner a little and making them crave for more, and then suddenly withdrawing… isn’t that an urge? And what a great one to have.

  “A Sweet Little Torture To Make Them Crave For More”       

Most of the time, when a woman wants to feel more attractive and desirable, she ends up teasing her partner. When a woman wants to make her husband or boyfriend or her sexual partner want her sexually, teasing becomes a convenient and fun tool.

And there’s no harm in that. It is all playful. And sexy. This also makes sure that the relationship stays fresh and keeps the spark alive. The

Famous Crotchless Panties: Top 10

Looking for some really daring and comfortable panties that could heat up our sex life? For all these 

1. G Strings With Pearls

G Strings With Pearls

Everybody loves a little bling. But it is even better when they are on your lady bits. That is the reason why the best way to start the list is with the crotchless G Strings with a string or two of pearls.

These pearls not only add to the look of the whole attire but also add a bit to the pleasure. All you need to do is just play with them.

Price: 25 USD


  • It is all blingy 
  • You do not need any ornaments to go with it
  • Do not take up any space in the wardrobe
  • Easy to wash


There is only one bad thing about it. That is the pearl string. For most people sticking the pearl string up, their crotch can be a bit uncomfortable. But comfort is the price you pay for being daring in this case. 

2. Lacey Crotchless Briefs

Lacey Crotchless Briefs

Lace. That’s all. What more do you need?

When someone said that nothing could go wrong with lace, they meant it. The lacey crotchless panties are a testament to this. The best part about these is the fact that you can get them in both low rise as well as high rise. 

Price: 23 USD



  • The material is very delicate and is prone to ripping
  • Lace can cause itching at times

3. Low Rise Crotchless Thong

Low Rise Crotchless Thong

We all know how hot and sizzling a low-rise thong can look. But when they become crotchless, they just step the game up. Wear these, and your partner will beg to have you near.

Price: 25 USD


  • They are comfortable if you have worn thongs before
  • They are seamless
  • Easy to wash


  • They can stick up to your butt
  • There are fewer variations in design

4. Ouvert Thongs

Ouvert Thongs

If you were looking for something delicate and fun to wear at the same time, the Ouvert Things are something that you will love to have in your wardrobe.

In French, ouvert means open. And who doesn’t like thongs? These leave very little to the imagination. But that is what makes it so sexy!

Wear them at a party with a dress, and there will be no panty lines on the exhibit as they are seamless. Not only are they open at the crotch, but they also are open at the back completely. C’est ouvert!

Price: 70 USD


  • They are extremely light
  • They do not take up much space
  • Do not irritate the skin


  • They can be a bit uncomfortable to wear
  • A good quality ouvert can be very expensive

5. Leather Button-Up Crotchless Harness Panties

Leather Button-Up Crotchless Harness Panties

Looking for something to wear at night for the roleplay? Try the button-up leather crotchless panty.

They are great for easy access, they are extremely sexy, and the risque designs that they have may be just the right one for you. And not to forget that you have the adventurous option of diving into the world of BDSM.

Price: 32 USD to 55 USD


  • They look very sexy
  • Available in many colors
  • You can use these for BDSM role playing


6. Crotchless Cheekini

Crotchless Cheekini

All of us have heard the word ‘bikini,’ but only a few fashion enthusiasts know what a ‘cheekini’ is. A cheekini is a form of women’s underwear that offers moderate coverage in the front area. However, it does not cover the butt cheeks properly. Hence, the word ‘cheekini.’

Think about what will happen if the cheekini that just has enough fabric to cover the sides and the front becomes crotchless. That is exactly the point. This covers only a little. If you want an extra oomph factor, look for one with a bow at the back. 

Price: 22 USD


  • This one is comfortable
  • The fabric is generally made of lace, so it is soft on the skin
  • Easy to wash


  • It can tear easily
  • It is not seamless

7. Open Gusset Cage Crotchless Briefs

Open Gusset Cage Crotchless Briefs

This is for those of you who like to keep it classic yet sexy. If you want to have steamy sex and put the bed on fire (don’t take it literally), try wearing an open gusset cage crotchless brief.

These are more like the sexy essentials that you must have in your wardrobe. There is no hole but a very subtle slit that…ahem… does the work very nicely. And the cage design just makes you look divine.

Price: 30 USD


  • Comfortable to wear
  • The material is stretchy


  • It is not very easy to wash

8. Mesh Crotchless High Leg Panty

Mesh Crotchless High Leg Panty

If you are a newcomer in the world of crotchless panties and want to play it safe, or if you are looking for some more coverage, then you can try the Mesh Crotchless high leg panties. They are also plus size crotchless panties in mesh styles. They are a great pick as they offer the best of both worlds. How?

You can wear them to a party or a family event as they are very comfortable and almost seamless. And at the same time, when you feel like you cannot control the urge to dive into your world of fantasy, there is no one to stop you. Make it mesh; make it hassle-free!

Price: 20 USD



  • If you do not like sparkly things, you are probably not going to like this.
  • Looks basic

9. Low Rise Sheer Bottom Lace Coverage

Low Rise Sheer Bottom Lace Coverage

This one gives a borderline dominatrix vibe, and that is all we care for. With a little bit of coverage and the cage couture look at the waist, this panty not only accentuates your curves but also makes you look like a goddess.

If you walk towards your partner wearing this with high heels and a little whip, it will be a night (or day) he/she won’t forget. Trust me when I say this!

Price: 95 USD


  • Makes you look like a goddess
  • Accentuates your curves
  • Make it fit according to your choice


  • It can be a bit uncomfortable
  • It is expensive

10. Open Gusset Thong

Open Gusset Thong

Similar to the gusset panty mentioned above, this one also has a very subtle slit in place of a hole. However, in this case (as it is a thong), the butt cheeks are also on display.

The material is generally not lace, which makes it easier for you to wear them outside with a dress because of the seamless look. But if you want to try, there are many places that offer lace open gusset thongs.

Price: 30 USD


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Seamless design


  • Looks similar to a basic thong

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. Are Crotchless Panties Comfortable?

Ans: There are many comfortable options for crotchless panties. You may have to search a bit, but it is possible that you will come across certain crotchless panties that are very comfortable. The high coverage mesh high leg thong panty is one of them.

Q2. What Are Crotchless Panties?

Ans: Crotchless panties are a great option for you if you want to bring some fire to your sex life. They are panties without any fabric over the crotch area. That is why they are called crotchless panties.

Q3. What Is The Point Of Crotchless Panties?

Ans: Crotchless panties are worn by women in order to spice up their bedroom game. These lingeries are worn for convenient and quick access that the sexual partner can have during the time of intercourse.

Let Your Crotch Breathe!

If you think that you want to be the queen and make your sexual partner treat you like one, the crotchless panties are the lingeries that can help you. There are a variety of options present that you can choose from. And trust me when I say this, women in crotchless panties are nothing less than divine.

There are many benefits of wearing crotchless panties as well. Apart from teasing your sexual partner and giving them easy access to your lady bits, the crotchless panties are something that makes your genitalia breathe.

This means that not only are they rescued from being trapped under the fabric, but at the same time, there are much fewer chances of vaginal infections and odor.

Thus, if you want to rule the world with a healthier and happier vagina, let your crotch breathe. And increase the temperature of the room!

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