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Why The Dead Bug Exercise Should Be In Your Routine (Step-By-Step Guide)?

The dead bug exercise is one of the most underrated exercises ever. Although it seems that the person is playing dead and doing nothing, it really gives incredible results for core strengthening. Apart from that, it is also a popular exercise to increase the stability of the core. Furthermore, the exercise also helps in building a stable body foundation that helps in protecting the spine.

In this article, you will learn in general about the importance of the dead bug exercise and how you can benefit from it. Furthermore, you will also learn how to perform the exercise correctly, as there will be a step-by-step guide available in the article. Hence, to learn in detail about the dead bug exercise, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is The Dead Bug Exercise?

What Is The Dead Bug Exercise?
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The reason this exercise is known as the dead bug exercise is because the person doing it resembles a dead bug that has fallen on its back. In the exercise, you will need to lie on your back and perform some arm and leg movements by making sure that your back is fully stuck to the ground.

The exercise basically trains all the parts of your core, both anterior and posterior, the hips, as well as the obliques. It is one of the best exercises for the core, but the real shame is that hardly anyone does it. It not only strengthens your core, but it also makes your back stronger, which helps in protecting your spine. Thus, the exercise is a great option if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

According to, “It (The Dead Bug Exercise) helps build a solid, stable foundation that protects the spine and allows for greater ease in everyday and athletic movements, such as moving heavy objects, walking up hills, and throwing. This move also helps prevent and relieve low back pain by protecting your lower back.” If you perform the dead bug exercise correctly, you will acquire most of the core and back strengths that athletes require from time to time.

The truth of the matter is hardly anyone does the dead bug exercise, especially on social media. Do you want to know why? It is because the exercise does not look great. It looks as if nothing is happening to the person that is doing it. On the contrary, the dead bug is one of the best core-stabilizing exercises that anyone can do at any time.

Importance Of Dead Bug Exercise – Why Add It To Your Routine?

Importance Of Dead Bug Exercise – Why Add It To Your Routine?
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You can develop your core strengths in a variety of ways. Hence, this is one of the reasons why the dead bug exercise is not a popular option for many. However, this exercise is important, as it comes with a lot of benefits. Some of the major benefits of the dead bug exercise are given below:

1. The dead bug exercise is a better option than the traditional bird-dog exercise, as it is easier on your knees.

2. This exercise also helps you a lot to flex your hips better. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining the stability of the pelvis.

3. This exercise is one of the best ones to increase the strength of the back and the core. Therefore, it helps in reducing injury chances for the back, when you do deadlift with dumbbells.

4. The dead bug exercise lets you perform a contralateral movement with your limbs. This, in turn, helps in better coordination of the body.

5. For people struggling with maintaining a good posture, this is one of the best exercises to perform.

6. The dead bug helps in reinforcing correct breathing patterns, which will help you in the long run, not only by making your muscles better but also improving your blood circulation process.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Perform A Dead Bug Exercise

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Perform A Dead Bug Exercise
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Once you have understood what the dead bug is and how much important it is, it is time for you to get into action. Do the exercise, and check the strength of your core, and lower back, after a few months. You will get amazed after you see the results.

The following are the major steps that you will need to follow to do the dead bug exercise by yourself:

1 Step: Fully lie on your back, and make sure every part of your back touches the ground.

2 Step: Pull your arms towards the ceiling (or towards the sky if you are doing it outside). Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and your hands should be directly above your shoulders.

3 Step: Bend your knees at a right angle (90 degrees). Make sure that your toes are pointed fully upwards. You are now acting like a dead bug.

4 Step: Make sure that your lower back is flattened with a posterior pelvic tilt. Ensure that it is maintained throughout the exercise.

5 Step: Take a deep breath. Inhale air fully.

6 Step: Start exhaling, and while doing so, lower your right arm and left leg until they are just above the floor.

7 Step: Start inhaling again, and bring your arm and leg back to their starting position.

8 Step: Repeat Step 6 but with the left limb.

9 Step: Go back to the starting position while exhaling. These entire steps include 1 Rep.

For best results at the start, start doing 2-3 sets of 6-10 reps on every side of your body. Progress by increasing the reps and sets accordingly.

Perform The Exercise Correctly To Get The Best Results

According to, “The dead bug is not a sexy exercise that will instantly give you a six-pack. But when performed correctly you’ll feel the true function of the core—which is to prevent movement while you’re moving.

However, while performing the exercise, ensure that your form is correct. The best benefits will come from using the proper form, which will help prevent injuries to any region of your body.

Common Mistakes You Can Follow While Doing Dead Bug Exercise 

By now, you know that dead bug exercise can be beneficial for you in many ways. However, you need to follow some safety precautions to avoid further injuries. So, what are the safety methods you need to adhere to while doing dead bug exercises? Let’s find out.

Probably You Are Moving Very Fast  

While doing your usual dead bug exercise, you must not take the same approach as a bicycle crunch. So, it’s not all about speeding up your exercise session and gaining momentum. To get your exercise right, you must slow down your exercise and you have to remain stable to optimize the benefits of this exercise.

Further, if you pick a high speed for your exercise, your torso starts moving at a faster pace than required. So, there is a lack of stability and balance in your core.

Yes, it’s difficult to always maintain the pace while doing dead bug exercises. However, there is a simple trick to maintain your speed during the exercise session.

You can hold a foam roller or a stability ball in your hand. Then, you need to hold the ball between your knees and hands. You have to make sure that the ball does not fall off.

Preventing the ball from falling off while exercising will stop you from going beyond a particular speed level. In addition, the simple trick will allow you to reset between the sets of exercises you repeat.

To explain further, do the exercise on one side. Then reset and continue with the exercise for the other side.

Your Lower Back Is Arching Away From The Floor 

This is another common mistake we tend to make while doing dead bug exercises. Further, if your core stabilizer is weak, there is a tendency to arch away from the floor. In simple words, your muscles may not be strong enough to hold your lower back into the correct position aligned with the floor.

So, once you notice that your lower back is arching away from the floor, you have to reduce the speed of your dead bug exercise. Once you reduce the speed and try to become more stable while exercising, you will be easily able to rectify this problem. However, if you notice that your lower back is still unable to stay in the right position and is arching away from the floor, you need to work on the range of motions in your exercise.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting an idea of what the dead bug exercise is and how to do it. If you start performing the exercise today, you will see effective results within a few weeks. Do you know of other amazing but underrated exercises to strengthen the core? Share some names of exercises with us in the comments section below.

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