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10 Pretty Easter Nails Colors And Designs For Women In 2023

They say “nails before male.” But why miss the fun when you can have both? As the festive season knocks on the door, it’s time to get new outfits, accessories, and, most importantly, Easter nails

This season the Easter nail trends call for sticking to the pastels and basics. But there’s no harm in being that extra creative or edgy to nail it, indeed!

It’s time for some fun and exploring some beautiful ideas so that you can have some varieties in your nails as the spread on your table.

Colors And Designs Of Easter Nails

Colors and Designs of Easter Nails

Eater nails, echoing with the joy de vivre of the occasion, do not confine within dos and don’ts. So, take your liberty!

Get Easter bunny nails and some beauteous floral designs, or recreate the psychedelic effects of the 70s or the elegant French manicure of the 90s. 

So, what are you waiting for? Here are the best inspirations to have.

1. Easter Bunny Nails

Easter Bunny Nails

Easter bunny nails are always in vogue. Get your nail painted in white and use some cute shades like pink or red to create the outlines and shapes of the bunnies. Feeling more creative? Get the bunnies painted on alternative nails or just one nail to make the designs stand out. 

Paint the other designs in simple white or pink.

2. Pastel Easter Nails

Easter calls for brighter and softer colors. And on the nails too! Paint them with light and dark pink, lavender, soft green, and sky to get ready for the season.

You can go for simple coverage with only nail polish coverage. Else, try some funky designs or detailing to let your fingers speak.

3. Glitter Easter Nails

Glitter Easter Nails

It’s time to jazz up your nails with that extra shine and twinkle. To make the shine come through, use any light color in the background for glitter easter nail

If you find uniformity boring, it’s time to be a little funky. You can get just one nail in each hand-painted or designed with those glitters. 

If you don’t want full coverage of glitter on your fingers, ask your nail artist to use that subtly within any design. 

4. Easter Egg Nails

Can there be an Easter celebration without eggs? No! So, why not get Easter egg nails and have some fun?

It’s easy to get an Easter egg nail, and you need to do is choose a pastel shade or white as the background. Now, add some speckles to the egg, creating the perfect illusion. 

For more fun, you can paint cutesy designs like minions, floral shapes, creepers, waves, and whatnot!

5. Get Simple Easter Nails with a French Manicure

Get Simple Easter Nails with a French Manicure

If you want classy and simple Easter nails, choose a French manicure but with a little twist. Traditionally, a French manicure means having white paint at the nail tips. But it’s Easter, and colors are important.

So, get your French nail tips done with colors. Choose brighter but softer colors to keep the design minimalistic. You can even go for an ombre effect without losing the main essence of a French manicure.

6. Chocolates and Cute Easter Nails

Who said that you couldn’t get cute Easter nails using neutral colors? It’s time to break the myth and have some standout designs.

Get your nails painted with neutral browns or chocolate colors. Use a dotting tool to add some black or darker brown dots to your nails.

Trust me. There will be an appetizing feeling instantly. Just don’t bite your nail!

Time to recreate the magic of truffles and white chocolates? Get the nails painted in white with dark brown nail polishes creating a dripping effect with skillful design. You can also have a textured brown-on-brown design to create a textured effect of chocolates and truffles. 

7. Floral Easter Nails

Floral Easter Nails

Floral Easter nails are an all-time favorite and are on every woman’s wishlist. You can get floral designs matching the spring vibe regardless of your nail shape and size. 

Ask your nail artist to apply a few coats of nail polish in soft shades and create some unique floral patterns on them. Another great idea is to get colorful French tips with tiny floral stickers or designs pasted on your nail.

8. Baby Chick or Chicken Easter Nails

If Easter egg nails are so popular, why not try some extra fun with a baby chick or chicken nail? Your nails should be painted bright and Sunny yellow to create the perfect canvases for the chicken designs.

Ask your professional artist to draw chickens or baby chicks coming out of eggs on your nail to gel with the Easter theme. 

9. It’s Time to Go Abstract

It’s Time to Go Abstract

If you want to highlight your artistic expression through your nail art, there is nothing to stop you from going abstract. You can use marble or mosaic effects with texturing.

Else you can get abstract designs and shapes painted on your nails. 

10. Psychedelic Easter Nails

Let’s create the trippy effects of the 70s in your nails this Easter. Use a lot of purple, blue, pink, and yellow so that your nails exude a psychedelic charm.

For more fun, you can add some glitter or sparkles to your nails. 

Final Words

As I said, this nails can be as fun and out-of-the-box as you want. Simple, classy, opulent, trendy, vintage, quirky, or any style can go with how you want to wear your nails.

If you have steady hands and the right nail-designing tools, you can experiment with Easter nails designs and colors. Else, visit a professional nail artist and share what you want for this Easter and get the nails beautified perfectly.

However, getting beautiful nails for this Easter will require you to have healthy nails. So, it’s time to make some good changes to your diet.

Eat eggs, carrots, spinach, salmon, spinach, and beans, which will not allow your nails to become pail or brittle.

It’s time you share some brilliant Easter nail designs and color ideas with me. Enjoy the festival and seize your moment of glory. Happy Easter, and God Bless You!

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