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Top 40+ Eras Tour Outfits Ideas For Swifties

If you are among the lucky lot, who were able to score tickets for Taylor Swifts Eras Tour from Ticketmaster, then consider yourself lucky. It is a dream come true kinda concert tour that T Swift can give her Swifties all over the world.

So if you are like me, a hardcore Swiftie, then you can relate to me when Taylor stepped on the stage; the three hours and 13 minutes went by in a haze. The 44-song playlist that she gave us is like Christmas for Swifties all over the world.

The Eras Tour is like a dream with glitters, butterflies, sparkles, stars, and the occasional snakes as well. Since the tour is still going, and Taylor is about to start her Europe tour, it’s high time that you select your outfits for the concert beforehand.

But if you are someone who is still a bit confused about what you are going to wear to the concert. Then that is why I am here to help you out in making the decision for you.

So keep on scrolling to have an idea about how you should ‘Style’ yourself for the Eras Tour, whether you should wear a ‘Cardigan’ or a ‘Dress.’

Best Eras Tour Outfits Idea For Swifties

Best Eras Tour Outfits Idea For Swifties

The easiest way to choose the Eras tour outfits is if you pick your favorite Taylor Swift era and go along with the color scheme of that particular era. If you are going with the ‘Speak Now’ era, then wearing anything purple and sparkly is your best option.

But if your favorite era is ‘Reputation,’ then wear a black sequined bodysuit or anything that has a snake print on it. You can also snake print stockings with your bodysuit.

Each Era of Taylor Swift has a different vibe to it, so if you are not able to select one Eras tour outfits, then you can mix and match different eras together and wear that. But if you need my help selecting an outfit, then all you need to do is scroll down.

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Taylor Swift’s Fearless Eras Tour Outfits (2008)

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Eras Tour Outfits (2008)

Since I am taking a walk through all the Taylor Swift Eras, it is logical that I start from the very beginning, that is, ‘Fearless.’ During the Fearless era, Taylor just released her most popular song, “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story.”

The era seemed to have walked straight out of a teen’s diary. The vibe of the era is more golden than anything else. With golden fringe dresses, sparkly boots, and Taylor’s iconic red lipstick, you are all set to dominate the Fearless era of Taylor Swift.

  1. Love Story Corset Dress
  2. Gold Flapper Dress
  3. Marching Band Outfit (You Belong With Me)
  4. Golden Jumpsuit

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Eras Tour Outfits (2010)

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Eras Tour Outfits (2010)

With Taylor’s version of ‘Speak Now ‘ just out, it is time to pull out all the best purple dresses that you have in your closet. The whole vibe of Speak Now is more towards a fairytale aesthetic, with flowy sundresses and ball gowns.

The “Enchanted” feel of Taylor’s Speak Now Era will only be felt in a beautiful flowy, and feminine dress or even a ball gown.

  1. Purple Flowy Dress
  2. Red Sequin Dress
  3. White Lace Off-Shoulder Dress
  4. Tulle Dress

Taylor Swift’s Red Eras Tour Outfits (2012)

Taylor Swift’s Red Eras Tour Outfits (2012)

The most iconic look of Taylor’s ‘Red’ Era is simply recreating her look from the song “22.” Wearing a white T-shirt that says, “A lot going on at the moment,” or “We are never getting back together ever.”

Along with that, high-waisted black or red shorts, a black fedora, and heart-shaped red sunglasses. And with that, you are all set to sing your lungs out to Red.

  2. High-Waisted Red Shorts
  3. Black & White Stripes Full-Sleeve T-Shirt
  4. Faux Leather Black Shorts

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Eras Tour Outfits (2014)

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Eras Tour Outfits (2014)

Probably the easiest Era of Taylor Swift that you can perfectly recreate. The 1989 Era tour outfits are the easiest; you only need a green tassel crop top and skirt set.

But if you wanna create something a bit more fun, then you can create the cheerleading costume from the song “Shake It Off.” The main focal point of the 1989 Era is her iconic bright red lips and her “don’t give a fuck,” attitude.

  1. Bejeweled Crop Tops & Skater Skirts
  2. Rainbow Bomber Jackets
  3. Slip Dress (Blank Space)
  4. Cheerleading Uniform (Shake It Off)

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Eras Tour Outfits (2017)

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Eras Tour Outfits (2017)

Probably one of my favorite Taylor Swift Eras both in terms of costumes, music, and the whole general vibe of it. If you wanna wear something related to Reputation, then anything black is just perfect.

And if your eras tour outfits have snakes printed on them, then you don’t have to think twice about wearing them to Taylor’s Eras Tour concert. Wearing bodycon outfits black in colors with all-over sequin and tights and her iconic red lipstick, but this time a little darker.

  1. Black Sequin Bodysuit
  2. Reputation T-Shirt
  3. Black Bodycon Dress
  4. Snake-Print Anything

Taylor Swift’s Lover Eras Tour Outfits (2019)

Taylor Swift’s Lover Eras Tour Outfits (2019)

After the dark, here comes the light! After the darkest Era, Taylor comes the lightest Era of Taylor, which is the ‘Lover’ Era of Taylor Swift. The best way to describe this Era is that it is like a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The color scheme of this Era is more iridescent, with pastel shades of pink, blue, lilac, and lavender. The Era is more than the Barbie movie itself. You can also opt for a sparkling silver suit jacket with silver glitzy boots as well.

  1. Pastel Off-Shoulder Dress
  2. Faux Fur Pink Coat (You Need To Calm Down)
  3. Pastel Rainbow T-Shirt
  4. Pastel Sequin Romper

Taylor Swift’s Folklore & Evermore Eras Tour Outfits (2020)

Taylor Swift’s Folklore & Evermore Eras Tour Outfits (2020)

During the pandemic, T Swift also hit us with two albums back to back; she always knows how to take care of us! The first one was Folklore.

It was quite shocking for us Swifties to see Taylor doing a whole album with a folksy twist to it. But it was the right amount of calm that was needed when the whole world was in chaos and panic.

The whole aesthetic of the Folklore album was very cottagecore and country; both the vibe and the outfits were the same. So if you wanna wear something from the Folklore era of Taylor Swift, then wear any nude-toned cottagecore dresses, and you are all set.

But if you wanna something a bit more specific, then you can wear a gorgeous preppy cardigan that will go perfectly with the song “Cardigan” on the album.

Next came the album Evermore; that album had a very woodsy and woodland nymph feel to it. So taking inspiration from the album, the shades of green are very well suited to the overall tone and essence of the album.

With this outfit aesthetic, you can wear woodland-themed accessories like a floral tiara and with that woodsy jewelry.

  1. Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts
  2. Preppy Cardigans
  3. Plaid Long Coats
  4. Flowy Boho Dress
  5. Vintage Corset Dress
  6. Puff Sleeves Dress
  7. Corduroy Jumpsuits
  8. Spaghetti-Sleeved Midi Dress

Taylor Swift’s Midnight Eras Tour Outfits (2022)

Taylor Swift’s Midnight Eras Tour Outfits (2022)

Dressed in star-studded outfits for the Midnight Era, Taylor dresses as the living embodiment of the midnight starry night.

With all the glitz and glamor of the world, so for the Midnight Era, wear the most sparkly of your dresses that you can find or even DIY. These Eras tour outfits can be bejeweled outfits or star-studded dresses in a midnight blue color. 

  1. Tee Knit Multi-Striped Top
  2. Rhinestone Encrusted Crop Tops
  3. Glitzy Fringe Jacket
  4. Star-Studded Dress

Bonus! Accessories For The Eras Tour Outfits

Bonus! Accessories For The Eras Tour Outfits

If you have seen the pictures all over the internet, then you would know only the costume is not enough for Eras tour outfits. There are certain additional accessories that help create the whole outfit.

When you are attending a Taylor Swift concert, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. One such accessory is cowboy boots and hats that you can wear with any Eras tour outfits, and don’t forget to wear Taylor’s iconic red lipstick with anything that you wear.

If you have ever gone to a Taylor Swift concert, then you will know that passing along friendship bracelets are a big thing, so you might wanna carry a few with you as well. Other than these things, there are other accessories that you can easily carry with you, which are listed down below.

  1. Cowboy Boots
  2. Boho Leaf Crowns
  3. Red Lipstick
  4. Snake Jewelry
  5. Cowboy Hats
  6. Friendship Bracelets
  7. Bejeweled Sunglasses
  8. Heart-Shaped Red Sunglasses
  9. Gold Fringe Earrings
  10. Mesh Stockings

Wrapping Up!

When you are going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the outfit or costume that you wear should come from you can your favorite Taylor Swift moment and outfit.

If you are confused with the Eras tour outfits, wear anything that matches the vibe of Taylor Swift and her music. So if you think this article was helpful and insightful, then give this article a like and comment down below.

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