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Top 25 Striking Evil Eye Tattoos To Safeguard Your Luck

Have you seen the evil eye tattoo of Hilary Duff just above her left elbow? Isn’t the art amazing?

You can also add to your body art and protect your luck with a similar tattoo getting inked. All you need is some great ideas and a virtuoso tattoo artist who can make it fun, creative, and authentic for you.

Further, this is not the newest trend in the block. These evil eye tattoo designs actually take us thousands of years back.

Almost every major religion in the world has accepted the presence of evil eye or negative energy in various names. These religions have also harped on the importance of warding off negative energy with traditional motifs and multiple elements like ceramic, metallic, or glass beads.

Over the years, evil eye tattoos have become a coping mechanism for protection against bad luck, ailment, or negativity. So, you can get your body inked to enjoy the manifestation of positivity.

And I must say these tattoos are simply beautiful, infusing various ideas and concepts. So, these works of art can be an expression of your individual style and aesthetics. These can even be your best fashion accessories.

What Is An Evil Eye Tattoo?

Do you seek some spiritual protection in your life? Are you not being to yield the best results despite putting your best foot forward? It’s time you get an evil eye tattoo featuring an eye detailed with other traditional motifs.

Blue is most popular as the evil eye color and is believed to offer the most potent protection from negative energy. Especially an evil eye design in blue protects from curses and misfortune. Also, spiritually, the color blue is associated with positive elements like infinity, truth, calmness, immortality, wisdom, and serenity. Many people feel more positive energy after getting an evil eye design inked.

You can also be creative with the design and get it inked by a trusted artist. Purple is a chosen color for the evil eye to denote strength, and green depicts healing. However, since this design has much significance associated, it’s better to go for a design only after knowing its meaning and symbolism.

In many cultures and beliefs, people get these tattoos activated by chanting and performing traditional rituals.

Even if you are not in for going to that extent, an evil eye tattoo can be a great accessory to make a fashion statement while getting protection from negative energies.

Evil Eye Tattoo Design Ideas

Today, you will find a new evil eye tattoo idea everywhere you look. With celebs like Alexa Demie, Lucy Hale, and many others joining the bandwagon, it is probably the coolest design to get inked this season and witness a sea of change in your energy, manifesting great things in your life.

Need some inspiration? Get ready to get some motivation as I curate some of the best ideas for you.

1. Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

This evil eye in hand tattoo idea is everyone’s favorite. Especially if you are looking to get an evil eye design inked on your arm, just go for it. A smaller version of it can also be inked near your ankles.

Hamsa is popularly called the “Hand of Fatima,” and some perceive it as the “Hand of God.” In this design, the eye symbol is drawn on a palm, which again features a talisman that protects from negative energy. This popular design is also associated with happiness.

With this tattoo, you can go the traditional way, with the eye getting done in blue and the rest of the tattoo in black. It also allows you to be creative in using colors for different parts of the design.

2. Evil Eye With Mandala

Planning to get your neck, shoulder, back, or leg inked with a tattoo eye design? The evil eye with mandala design can be an apt choice.

With the eye design in the middle, the mandala motif can be as intricate and elaborative as you want. Depending on the area of your body to cover, it can also be designed in smaller or bigger sizes.

The ideal color choices for this tattoo design are black and blue. However, never mind going for a more creative collaboration with your tattoo artist.

3. Turkish Evil Eye Tattoo

Turkish Evil Eye Tattoo

A Turkish evil eye tattoo or “Nazar” looks minimalistic and strikingly different because of the teardrop designs. Another variation of this design is found where the eye design is placed in the middle of concentric circles.

Though petite in design, these tattoos are believed to resent negative energy and misfortune most effectively.

It’s easy to get done and can be perfectly placed on your forearm.

4. Cornicello Evil Eye Tattoo

In Italian evil eye designs for tattoos, you will notice a pattern of placing the evil eye in a talisman. Especially, I have seen many people flaunting the cornicello evil eye design.

In cornicello evil eye designs, a little horn-like shape is created. Traditionally, as an object to ward off evil, cornicellos were made of red coral.

So, while getting inked, you can get the horn design done in red.

5. Greek Evil Eye Or Mati

Greek Evil Eye or Mati

If it’s about the history of evil eye designs, Greek tradition reigns supreme.

In Greece, the evil eye is known as Mati or Mataki, offering protection against negative energy or “Kako Mati.”

It’s a simple blue-eye design, detailed according to the aesthetics of the designer and wearer.

6. Floral Tattoo Design For Evil Eye

You can add wind beneath the wings of your creativity by going for a floral evil eye design.

Especially an elaborate motif like a hibiscus or lotus with an evil eye placed in the middle will look great on your neck or shoulders.

Best color options? I think purple and red will be great for these tattoos. It’s not just about aesthetics! Purple in an evil eye design is related to balance, and red stands for energy.

7. Butterfly Evil Eye Design

Butterfly Evil Eye Design

It’s very feminine, but men can also go for a petite butterfly evil eye design. It’s most suitable for the chest.

For a unique touch, the evil eyes in blue can be placed on the butterfly’s wings, inked in black.

8. Evil Eye Duo Design

This design is fun and quirky! You can get the evil eye duo design on your knees.

The evil eye design on your one knee will remain closed. While the tattoo on the other knee will depict a closed eye.

9. Evil Eye Design With Hands

Evil Eye Design with Hands

Here’s another creative idea to design evil eye tattoos.

This design depicts a beautiful picture with two feminine hands protecting the evil eye. The placement of the hands can be done vertically or horizontally as per your aesthetics.

10. The Sun And Evil Eye Design

The Sun symbolically means the supreme energy and life. It’s also the Numero Uno in numerology.

How about coupling these elements for an extra dose of positivity in your life?

Get the Sun inked in all its glory while the eye design can be beautifully placed in the middle.

11. The Eye Of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus comes from the Egyptian tradition of preventing bad luck. Traditionally related to the Moon, it also restores and heals.

The Eye of Horus tattoo design can be quite dramatic with bold strokes and aesthetic use of colors.

12. The Eye Of The Ra Tattoo

Well, it looks similar to the Eye of Horus, but it’s different.

It is related to the Sun and is believed to instill power and vigor. Also, it stands for creativity and good luck.

13. Evil Eye Tattoo In A Triangle

Evil Eye Tattoo in a Triangle

An evil eye tattoo looks great when the eye design is placed in a triangular shape.

You can get the triangle colored or some floral and creeper motifs added to the triangle if you wish.

14. Evil Eye Design Within A Heart Symbol

If you like it a little poetic and feminine, get the eye designed inside a heart-shaped pattern.

It will look good on your forearm. Also, your tattoo artist can get in colored and detailed as much as they want.

15. Wristlet-Like Evil Eye Tattoo Design

Wristlet-Like Evil Eye Tattoo Design

How about getting an evil eye tattoo on your wrist that emulates a dainty wristlet? Sounds great?

Try combining some floral or traditional motifs with a small evil eye design. Keep the colors and strokes subtle.

16. Evil Eye Tattoo Design With Dolphins

If you love animals, a lot of inspiration awaits you in the evil eye tattoo design.

You can get a school of dolphins forming a circle around the evil eye design in the middle.

17. Peacock Evil Eye Tattoo

Peacock Evil Eye Tattoo

A peacock design can infuse grandeur and regal charm into an evil eye tattoo. The feathers of the peacock can be the ideal place for placing the evil eye motifs.

Also, with a peacock design incorporated into the tattoo, you can expect a lot of color play and detailing.

18. The Moon Evil Eye Design

Ideal for your back, this tattoo design is aesthetic and symbolic.

The evil eye in this tattoo protects while the Moon imparts a calming and healing effect.

19. Tribal-Theme Evil Eye Design For Tattoos

Tribal-Theme Evil Eye Design for Tattoos

Are you in for some inspiration from folklore and tribal lives? Bring a charm of that world into your tattoo by infusing tribal motifs and themes.

An infusion of earthy and white color in the tattoo will make it more unique.

20. Funky Evil Eye Design For Tattoos

Why don’t you give your tattoo a fun twist with some funky ideas?

You can keep the outline of the eye cartoonish with a strawberry or apple placed in the middle as the eyeball. Especially youngsters can try this idea to boost their “cool” quotient.

21. Gothic-Inspired Evil Eye Design For Tattoos

Gothic-Inspired Evil Eye Design for Tattoos

Do you want to recreate the perennial conflict of good and evil in your tattoo? Get some gothic inspiration this time.

In your tattoo, you can use elements like cracked lines or a skeleton outline.

22. Dragon And Evil Eye A Brilliant Combination

You can boost your tattoo’s positive vibe and symbolism by creating a combination of an evil eye and a dragon.

In Chinese tradition, a dragon is synonymous with good luck. So, when you combine with an evil eye design, you get protection from misfortune and the favor of good fortune at the same time.

To create the best aesthetic appeal, you can make the dragon’s eyes look like evil eyes.

23. Combine the Evil Eye Design with the Faces of Deities

Combine the Evil Eye Design with the Faces of Deities

You can use cultural or religious references to design your evil eye tattoo. Especially if you are going for a chest or back tattoo, you will get a bigger canvas for creating these designs.

While planning the elements, you can draw pictures of Aphrodite, Athena, or other deities, associated with some positive qualities on both sides. Now, you can place the evil eye in the middle.

24. Personalized Evil Eye Tattoo

As a tattoo also expresses your personality and aesthetics, you can always go for personalization.

You can club the evil eye design with some numbers numerologically lucky for you. Otherwise, you can go for numbers depicting any special day in your life.

These tattoo designs are ideal for forearms.

25. Clock Face Evil Eye Design

Clock Face Evil Eye Design

It’s a great idea to club the elements of a clock face and evil eye in a tattoo.

The clock in the element can denote positive movement or mobility. On the other hand, the evil eye design will offer protection from negative energy.

Final Words:

Evil eye tattoo designs are versatile. These tattoos also suit people across genders and age groups. Associated with positivity, protection, and healing, evil eye and good luck charms to warm off evil from human lives.

With time, fashion and aesthetics have collaborated with spiritual beliefs to develop the most beautiful tattoo designs.

So, what’s your take on getting an evil eye tattoo for your body? It’s time to be creative and be you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Is The Evil Eye Tattoo Good For?

Ans: Traditionally, an evil eye tattoo is a great protection against curses, bad thoughts, envy, and negative energy.
Today, you can create a whole lot of designs using the evil eye as a theme.

2. What Is The Most Powerful Evil Eye Design As A Tattoo?

Ans: Hamsa, or the “Hand of God,” is the most powerful evil eye. You can get this tattoo for protection from negative energy and evil thoughts.

3. Which Color Evil Eye Is Best?

Ans: Blue is the best color for evil eye designs when wearing amulets or getting tattoos. However, getting creative with the colors is fine.

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