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Eyebrow Tattoo VS Microblading: Here’s What You Should Know Before You Make A Choice

Brows are not twins. They are more like sisters. Every woman dreams of having a dark and perfectly arch natural-looking eyebrow. The shape of your eyebrow will change the entire look of your face. For example, if you like to look a little snob, then a high arch eyebrow is the key. Or, for achieving the girl’s next-door look, the natural-looking, naturally curved eyebrows are the key.

Are you thinking of achieving these good looks with cosmetic beauty procedures? Then there are two options for you, one is eyebrow tinting, and another one is the microblading. What do you think is there any difference between eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. And which one is going to fill up your desire?

Are you a new venturer in the makeup world? Then let’s have a look at the definition of the eyebrow tattoo.

What Is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyebrow tattooing is just like the other types of tattoo. Whare, the stylist, is drawing an arch-shaped eyebrow or is drawing a line that matches their eye shape. 

  • These are hand drawings of the stylist. Tint colours are also different from the microblading. 
  • The steps are similar to tattoos. There are differences between the eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. 
  • Usually, before starting the procedures, the stylist marks the areas where they have to draw the lines. Then they start to draw the trim lines. This is the exact procedure of eyebrow tattooing. In eyebrow tattooing, the stylist creates the hand-drawing lines. 

Many people are confused with the two teams, and they think both are the same, like tattoo microblading. The real truth is maybe you are thinking both are tattooing processes, then what are the same. There are differences between living in the north pole and the south poles.

What Is Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure to fill up the gaps in the eyebrow areas. These procedures also give a much fuller look. Then what is eyebrow microblading vs tattoo? 

  • The Eyebrow microblading is a procedure where the stylist first marks the areas. Then they start to do the tattooing. But unlike the traditional tattooing procedures, the colors are of better quality.
  • The stylist does not use their hands for tattooing. They are using different types of tools for tattooing. For, the stylist requires a smaller amount of pigments. I think you are already getting the small ideas about eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. 
  • Every type of tattooing is fading up over time. So what are the differences between ombre eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. Ombre eye tattoo will last more than two or three years for both processes. But dark colours are fed up with the time fast through the eyebrow tinting process.

Eyebrow Tattoo VS Microblading Difference 

For better understanding, here is a table. Whare, you can see the data difference between these two.

Eyebrow Tinting Microblading 
Lasting For eyebrow tinting, regular tattoo ink is used. It often gets faded over time. Even discolorations are also possible. For Microbaldding, better quality ink is used. The colors last longer. The colors will last for at least 30 months.
Pain Eyebrow tattooing is just like the other types of tattoo processes. So there is no doubt eyebrow tattooing is much more painful than microblading.During Microblading, anesthetics are used in the areas. So you do not feel the pain.
Time Eyebrow tattooing process needs only 15 minutes after outlining.Microblading requires more time to finish, 30 minutes to one hour.
Final Look Comparison Eyebrow tattooing is a long process as the stylist draws the lines with their hands. But look-wise, they are not as perfect as the final look of the Microblading.Microblading gives a more natural look to your brows. Of course, brows are not twines. They are like sisters. So through the Microblading, you will get your expected look.
Price Comparison Eye tattooing prices vary from $300 to $500.But prices are entirely depending on the finished results you want. And what are the situations of your natural eyebrows?Microblading cost can vary from $400 to $800. These prices can vary from one person to other.

Are There Any Risk Factors Associated With Eyebrow Tattooing And Microblading?

Are There Any Risk Factors Associated With Eyebrow Tattooing and Microblading

Only searching with the eyebrow tattoo near me is not going to give you your desired result. You may find lots of bad microblading eyebrows on the internet. But many of them are not right.

Yes, this factor is undeniable, whatever factor is associated with eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. But the risk is always there. As foreign ink fragments are slowly entering your skin. And if you are very allergic, this ink will cause allergic reactions to your skin.

Risk Factors eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. Risks are always there in both processes. If your stylist does not use sterilized tools, then you are more prone to infections. During tattooing and microblading, blood contamination is always possible.
Blood contamination means there is a chance of deadly infections like HIV. Many times, customers who are having sensitive skin issues are facing skin rashes.
So if you are skin is pretty sensitive like mine. Then it is better to avoid eye inking. Herpes and mold-causing infections are always possible. So better go for the best google reviews stylist. Do not select the money over the hygiene facilities.
Caution Steps: Eyebrow tattoo and Microblading are both not entirely risk-free procedures. So there are no safety cautions differences between the eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. There are only two suggestions that I can give you to avoid the bad microblading eyebrows.
One is to go to any reputed clinic of brow specialists for both processes. The second one is if you find any discomfort during the process, tell your stylist.
The third one is always following the beauty stylist’s instructions for aftercare. And apply the antibiotic ointment as per their instructions. If you find more complications after the process and show the symptoms of allergic reactions, Then do not forget to seek help from the doctors.

Which One To Select For You?

Which One To Select For You

My suggestion is if you have a fragile skin area around your eyes. You should not fall under any one of these two procedures. Now you know the differences between eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. But if you want thick and dark brows, go for the microblading.

It will stay longer for the ombre ink. But if you just want a small touch-up like brow drawing, then go for the inking. But if you want to select the less costly solutions, then go for the inking. Microblading is a much more costly solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1: Which one lasts longer, brows inking or microblading?

Ans: Powdered brows are the lasting ink for the microblading. After a single application, It will last more than three years. But inking is forever. This is the main reason why your natural brow will become thin. The inking looks mismatched.

Q2: Which is more suitable, eyebrow tattoo or microblading?

Ans: It depends on your selections. If you want a natural-looking brow, then go for microblading. But for the permanent solutions, tattooing is the only solution. In microblading the stylist creates individual small hair strokes. So this looks more natural.

Q3: Which One Looks More Natural: Tattooed Eyebrows Or Microblading?

Ans: Eyebrow Tattoos will never look natural. That is the reason my personal favorite is microblading. Anter reason is if your natural brows are getting thin. Your tattooing will look much more prominent and mismatched. That is another problem.

Bottom line: Have Perfectly Drawn Brows

I think you already know the facts about eyebrow tattoo vs microblading. If you are still in confusion and do not know which one to select, then go through the links and understand the exact steps of the process. But for both processes, aftercare is very important.

So always book the appointments with the best stylist and check the hygiene quality before going under the procedures. So which one is going to be selected? Share your brow story with us through the comment sections.

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