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50 Best Forearm Tattoos For Men In Just Simple Design

So, you have finally decided that you are going to get a tattoo on your body. If you are looking for forearm tattoos for men simple options, then you have come to the right place. Choosing the forearm is the best option, as you will not only be able to easily show your tattoo but will also get a good look at it yourself as well, which will make you feel good about yourself.

Like you, we like simple forearm tattoos as well. A forearm tattoo with mixed and complicated design is not only challenging to create, but realistically speaking, and they are difficult for others to see as well. In this article, we have provided 50 cool forearm tattoos for men simple options. 

Best Tattoo Ideas Arm Men: 50 Ideas For Tattoos On Forearm

You will need to choose your tattoo, depending on the type of person you are and what kind of tattoo theme you like to have on your body. Since tattoos are permanent, hence you will need to decide what is the best for you. The following are the best 50 ideas for forearm tattoos for men simple options:

1. Sleeve Forearm Tattoo

Sleeve Forearm Tattoo

One of the unique forearm tattoos is the sleeve tattoo since it covers the entirety of your arm. If you are going for a sleeve tattoo then you need to know that these tattoos are very costly to make, but if the cost is not an issue for you, then for a tattoo enthusiast then a sleeve tattoo is a great option for you to have.

2. Portrait Forearm Tattoo

Portrait Forearm Tattoo

If you want a portrait of your closed one, or idol, or yourself, this is a great option. These portrait tattoos are really artistic and usually has really intricate detailing made to them. So it’s gonna take a long time to get one portrait tattoo done, even if it’s a smaller tattoo.

3. Back Forearm Tattoos

If you want a back forearm tattoo for yourself, you should consider going for an abstract design. There are a lot of different ways and angles you can choose on your forearm to get inked. So in that case, you can get the back of your arm to get inked, no matter if it’s a smaller one or a larger tattoo.

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4. Low Arm Tattoo

Low Arm Tattoo

A typical low arm tattoo design is drawing a bracelet or a watch on the lower part of the arm. Like I said before you can get different parts of your forearm tattoos for men simple, the lower arm is a very popular place for men to get inked.

5. Small Arm Tattoos

Small Arm Tattoos

Small arm tattoos can be anything from drawing a simple line, a quote, or a verse on your arm. It is possible that your work doesn’t permit you to have huge tattoos, so you can easily get a smaller arm tattoo if you want it so badly. There are amazing designs that you can get on your forearm.

6. Inner Forearm Tattoo

Inner Forearm Tattoo

Drawing abstract and geometrical shapes on the inner forearm is an excellent option in this case. Well if you don’t want your tattoo to be visible then get an inner forearm tattoo since they are a bit unique when it comes to getting different places of your forearm inked.

7. Outer Forearm Tattoo

Outer Forearm Tattoo

To make an outer forearm tattoo, you will need to add volume to it so that the tattoo looks big. Well if you are a tattoo enthusiast then it is quite obvious for you to get your outer forearm inked. And that to a huge bold tattoo with different colros and huge design  that you can see even from a mile.

8. Tiger Tattoo On Forearm

Tiger Tattoo On Forearm

If you like the focus and fierceness of the tiger, then this option is the best for you. There are a lot of different tiger tattoos that you can get inked on your forearm, something with a little aesthetic or something that is a bit fierce and strength. Or if you want you can get a tiger inked with just the face or with the full body as well.

9. Lion Tattoo On Forearm

Lion Tattoo On Forearm

If you like the kingliness and proud behavior of the lion, then go for a lion tattoo. Just like the tiger you can do the same with a lion as well. it can be a very artistic tattoo of a lion or it can be a fierce image of a liion inked on your forearm.

10. Wolf Tattoo On Forearm

Wolf Tattoo On Forearm

If you are free-minded but fiercely loyal to your family, then a wolf might be the best option for you. If you have seen tattoos of wolves then you would know that these tattoo are really beautiful, but not really one of a kind, since everyone is getting them done. But any animal tattoo can be quite beautiful and fierce at the same time.

11. Motivational Quote Tattoo On Forearm

Motivational Quote Tattoo On Forearm

A motivational quote on your forearm will always remind you of your goal and motive in your life and will keep you focused. These tattoos are not much of an image but leaning more towards writings inked on your forearm. So if you think that it is something you can get behind, then motivational quote tattoos are for you.

12. Bible Quote Tattoo On Forearm

Bible Quote Tattoo On Forearm

What is your favorite verse from the Bible that you always live by? Consider inking it on your forearm. Are you someone who is quite religious or into religious beliefs, then getting something like Bible verses inked on your forearm is quite natural for you.

13. Sanskrit Quote Tattoo On Forearm

Sanskrit Quote Tattoo On Forearm

There are many deep-meaning Sanskrit quotes available. Inking a deep-meaning quote in the Devanagari script will look great on you. But suppose you are not familiar with the scripture then it is possible that the internet can mislead with the meaning of the particular word. So verify the meaning of the word from someone who knows the meaning well enough.

14. Bird Tattoo On Forearm

Bird Tattoo On Forearm

If you are looking for unique forearm tattoos for men simple ideas, then you should consider birds. Inking birds on your forearm represents something that you believe in – freedom. If you are inking birds on your forearm then it can have  a lot of different meanings attached to it. Depending on what you want to say with your bird tattoo.

15. Dog Tattoo On Forearm

Dog Tattoo On Forearm

If loyalty is the greatest virtue, according to you, then getting a dog tattoo is the best option for you. When a person gets a dog tattoo it is mostly if the person already have a dog or had a dog one time and the tattoo is in the memory of their pet. the tattoo can be a paw print, a full image of the dog or the birth and death anniverary of the dog.

16. Cartoon-Inspired Tattoo On Forearm

Cartoon-Inspired Tattoo On Forearm

If you have always loved a cartoon character, inking it will always remind you of your great childhood.

17. Religious Forearm Tattoo

Religious Forearm Tattoo

If you are a religious person, there is no better option for you than inking a religious symbol on your forearm.

18. Rose Tattoo On Forearm

Rose Tattoo On Forearm

Beautiful on the top and thorny if you hold the bottom. If you like roses, there are various ways you can ink them.

19. Sunflower Tattoo On Forearm

Sunflower Tattoo On Forearm

Always facing the sun. Sunflower tattoos are also getting extremely popular.

20. Batman Tattoo On Forearm

Batman Tattoo On Forearm

Genius, rich, superhero, and the dark knight. If you love the Batman character, then consider inking Batman.

21. Ironman Tattoo On Forearm

Ironman Tattoo On Forearm

“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” – If you live by this quote, consider inking Ironman.

22. Tree Tattoo On Forearm

Tree Tattoo On Forearm

If you are a lover of nature, drawing a tree will always remind you of its importance.

23. Tribal Style Tattoo On Forearm

Tribal Style Tattoo On Forearm

If you want to feel closer to the ancient people and their way of life, Tribal tattoos are a great option.

24. Bracelet Tattoo On Forearm

Bracelet and armband tattoos are getting extremely popular because of their decorativeness.

25. Clock Tattoo On Forearm

If you give a lot of value to time, inking a clock tattoo is the best thing you can do.

26. Geometric Tattoo On Forearm

Geometric Tattoo On Forearm

One of the best “forearm tattoos for men simple” ideas. If you want a sleek and minimalistic tattoo, then inking a geometric shape can be the best thing for you.

27. Owl Tattoo On Forearm

Owl Tattoo On Forearm

If you are a night person, inking the owl on your arm will be extremely cool.

28. Eagle Tattoo On Forearm

If you like the pride and strength of the eagle, then consider inking this majestic bird.

29. Tattoo With A Name

Tattoo With A Name

Inking your name or someone important is a great thing, and tattoo is quite common.

30. Tattoo With A Date

Tattoo With A Date

If you want to never forget a particular data, inking it on your forearm is the best thing to do.

31. Poetry/ Lyric Tattoo On Forearm

Poetry Lyric Tattoo On Forearm

If you love a few lines of poetry or a lyric, then inking it will always make you remember what you stand for.

32. Abstract Tattoo On Forearm

Abstract Tattoo On Forearm

If you are an abstract and free-minded person, inking an abstract tattoo is the best option for you.

33. Dragon Tattoo On Forearm

Dragon Tattoo On Forearm

In Chinese culture, Dragons are thought to bring good luck. Also, it represents strength, intelligence, and grace.

34. Sun Sign Tattoo On Forearm

Sun Sign Tattoo On Forearm

If you are obsessed with astrology and sun signs, you can ink the sun sign that represents you.

35. Simple Line Tattoo On Forearm

Simple Line Tattoo On Forearm

Another great “forearm tattoos for men simple” idea for you. Inking a simple geometric straight line or a spiral is getting popular nowadays.

36. Snake Tattoo On Forearm

Snake Tattoo On Forearm

Snakes represent healing, rebirth, and transformation. If you live by it, consider inking a snake tattoo.

37. Flag Tattoo On Forearm

Flag Tattoo On Forearm

A flag that you believe in can be an excellent idea for your forearm tattoo.

38. Arrow Tattoo On Forearm

Arrow Tattoo On Forearm

Arrow represents moving forward, either towards something or from something. It is a great tattoo idea.

39. Angel Tattoo On Forearm

Angel Tattoo On Forearm

If you are a lover of mythology, then drawing angels is the best option for you. Also, different angels represent different meanings. So, choose wisely.

40. Greek Tattoo On Forearm

Greek Tattoo On Forearm

Your forearm tattoo idea can be inspired by a Greek God or a Philosopher whom you believe.

41. Wings Tattoo On Forearm

Wings Tattoo On Forearm

Wings represent freedom and mobility. If you live by this, consider inking wings on your Forearm.

42. Skull Tattoo On Forearm

Skull Tattoo On Forearm

Skull signifies the afterlife, death, rebellion, and celebration of this life. If you are bold enough, consider inking this tattoo.

43. Mandala Tattoo On Forearm

Mandala Tattoo On Forearm

Mandala represents peace and tranquility in many eastern religions. Inking it will keep you calm.

44. Koi Fish Tattoo On Forearm

Koi fish represents Yin-Yang, as well as luck, good fortune, and prosperity. Inking it will also show your perseverance.

45. Compass Tattoo On Forearm

Compass Tattoo On Forearm

This has been a popular tattoo option for hundreds of years, especially among fishermen and sailors. It also represents good luck.

46. Anchor Tattoo On Forearm

Anchor Tattoo On Forearm

If you are inspired by sailors and the sea, you must consider inking an anchor tattoo.

47. Army Tattoo On Forearm

If any particular army inspires you, then inking an army tattoo is the best option for you.

48. Phoenix Forearm Tattoo

Phoenix Forearm Tattoo

Phoenix represents renewal, rebirth, and the never-ending lifecycle. If you are a believer in this way of life, then you must ink a phoenix tattoo.

49. Flame Forearm Tattoo

If you perform every job with a burning passion, a flame is the best representation of you.

50. Sword Forearm Tattoo

Sword Forearm Tattoo

Authority, valor, courage, strength, protection, and power – If you live your life by these virtues, then the sword is the best tattoo option for you.

Final Thought

Before you get a tattoo for yourself, make sure that you are making your tattoo with a skilled and experienced tattooist. Before you finalize your tattoo, consider discussing your idea with your tattooist beforehand. As to whether the tattooist will be able to create it or not, and if yes, then what is the plan he/she has for you? Also, we recommend you go to a tattooist that is well-rated on the internet.

We have given you 50 forearm tattoos for men simple ideas in this article. If this article helped you in getting an idea for your forearm tattoo, we are thankful for that. If you have some other ideas for simple forearm tattoos, we request you to write about them in the comment section.

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