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Top 15 Modern Ideas: How To French Tip Nails In 2023

Are you like me and love getting your nails done? For me I love to get French Tip nails whenever

15 Modern French Tip Nails To Try In 2023

If you are looking for beautiful French tip nails to try out, then this is the best place for you to be as we have the best collection of different types of French tip nails. So without waiting much further, just scroll down to look at the designs. 

If you are looking for beautiful French tip nails, then i have a great number of options for you to try out. So just scroll through the options to pick out the one that you might like for yourself. 

Let’s Start!

Are you like me and love getting your nails done? For me, I love to get French Tip nails whenever I feel happy, sad, angry, or have one of those days when you are just feeling numb. 

French tip nails are always a great way to uplift my mood. If it’s the same for you, then I have a great selection of French tip nails that you can try out whenever you want. So, all you need to do is keep scrolling through the article. 

1. Classic French Manicure

Classic French Manicure

There is nothing more classic than the typical French manicure, so if you are looking forward to getting a French manicure then this is the best option anytime. 

“You can do a french mani with any nail shape; just follow the basic principles of a sheer pink polish on the base of the nail and a clean white polish on the tip. (Use french nail guide stickers to get that perfect tip shape with no smudges!).”

2. Black & White Abstract French Nails

Black & White Abstract French Nails

To have a more whimsical twist to your French tip nails, the these abstract designs in black and white are the best that you should definitely try out. 

“If you’ve read any of our recent nail articles, you know that abstract nails are a huge nail trend this year. The look can be applied to the french manicure too, as seen in this black and white nail design.”

3. Natural Ombre French Nails

Natural Ombre French Nails

One of the biggest trends right now is the natural ombre French tip nails. If you are bored with the regular French tip nails, then this is a great alternative for you to try out.

“A more modern variation on the french nail, the french ombre nail design has become incredibly popular over the past few years.”

4. Fluoro Matte French Tip Nails

Neon or fluorocent colors are huge deal right now, so having French tip nails with neon colors are gonna elevate your nails to a new level. 

“First, keep the fluorescent tip really thin. (These almond french nail guides are perfect for getting this look!) Second, invest in a good matte top coat for an even, modern finish. Sally Hansen Big Matte is universally beloved and super affordable.”

5. Classic French Manicure With Pearls

Classic French Manicure With Pearls

It is a huge trend of attaching fake pearls to your nails to have a 3D effect to your nails. To add a little but of drama to your life you can try it out as well. 

“I definitely recommend picking up a set of press-ons to get this look. Adhering pearls to your nails can be tricky to DIY, and most salons won’t have pearls ready to go. Fortunately, these press-ons from Etsy are affordable and can be worn again and again.”

6. Half Moon French

“Although these nails look complicated, they’re actually insanely easy to achieve on your own! Just grab your favorite black and nude polishes and use french nail guide stickers to create the tips and half moon shapes. So simple and so chic.”

7. Abstract Nails With Almond French Tips

Abstract Nails With Almond French Tips

“Orange is a major spring fashion trend this year, so we are definitely in favor of rocking orange on your nails! This look would be tricky to get at home, so we highly recommend you pick up these exact press-ons for a look you can achieve in minutes. (How cute would these be for a vacation?).”

8. Green Swirls

“Green nails are also super trendy this season, so this is a great way to rock a trending color in a relatively classic way. You could definitely attempt these as a DIY with a small detail brush, but honestly, I’d just pick up the press-ons for a guaranteed flawless finish.”

9. French Nails With Rhinestones Accent

French Nails With Rhinestones Accent

“You could also switch it up by adding rhinestones to every nail or doing one accent nail that’s entirely rhinestones. There are so many options with this one.”

10. French Nails With Subtle Shimmer 

“These nails would be insanely easy to achieve at home. Just start with a regular french mani and apply sheer glitter polish over top. This “Northern Lights” glitter top coat from INM is highly reviewed and adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your nail.”

11. Colorful French Nails

Colorful French Nails

It is false to think that French tip nails are always in nude colors, then you are wrong; you can always have them made in different colors. Probably not all at once, but colorful French tip nails do look rather beautiful. These nails are great for simple Summer nails.

12. Pastel French Manicure

“If you feel confident in your french manicure skills, you could definitely attempt these nails as a DIY with lavender nail polish. However, if you don’t have long enough nails or just want to save a ton of time, the nails are actually a set of press-ons you can customize to the shape and length of your choice!”

13. Rainbow French Nails

Rainbow French Nails

“This is another nail idea you could definitely DIY at home if you wanted. You’d just need to invest in a couple of shades of polish if you don’t own every color of the rainbow. (Alternatively, Olive and June make a stunning rainbow nail polish set that comes with every shade you need, all in the same finish.)”

14. White With Glitter Accents

“Again, this one is pretty simple to achieve. You just start with a basic French manicure, and once it dries, add a line of opaque silver glitter polish over the top. (Use scotch tape to mark off where you want the line so it comes out perfect!) Be sure to seal everything with a good top coat, and you’re done!”

15. Cute Floral French Tip Nails

Cute Floral French Tip Nails

“You can get this look at home with french manicure stickers, pastel polishes, and a dotting tool for the flowers, or make it easy on yourself and scoop up this set of press-ons from Etsy.”

16. Artsy French Manicure

“Arty French tip nails offer a creative way to express yourself. There are various approaches to achieving an artistic French manicure, but a great option is to explore colors and shapes. If you have a fondness for mint green or baby pink, consider using them for the tips.”

“You can experiment with different designs, such as a black S-shaped line and a white circle resembling a yin yang symbol or a series of small polka dots. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to personalize this nail art according to your preferences.”

17. French Manicure With Logo

“Logo nail art has gained significant popularity on social media in recent years. People are drawn to it because it offers a unique opportunity to express their personality and interests.” 

“By featuring their favorite brands on their nails, individuals can showcase their love for sportswear labels like Nike or high-end fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Moreover, logo nail art allows people to enjoy designer aesthetics without breaking the bank.”

18. Red French Tips Nails With Black

“French manicures can go beyond the classic clear and white combination. You can have fun with the look by opting for black nails with red tips. This color combination is striking and reminiscent of Christian Louboutins, the stylish shoes with the red sole.”

19. French Tip Nails In Winter Shades

“Darker, cooler tones have their appeal, and if you’re a fan of the cold months, then this is the artwoprk for you. The best thing about this nail art is that it is interesting without bueng too flashy. The winter shades are not so bold, making it more of a wearable and versatile look.”

20. French Manicure With Stripes

“Stripes are an attractive option for nail art. The classic French manicure styles are all about the white stripe across the tip of your talons, but why stop at one stripe when you can have three? A black base option and a baby pink line in the middle.”

21. Gold French Tip Nails

“The easiest way to add sparkle to your life is with gold French tip nails. Gold is such a luxurious hue, and it is also perfect for all seasons and events. Gold nails are all about sophistication but also have a modern twist, making it look like you’ve just walked off the runway.”

22. Holographic French Tip Nails

“Holographic nails have such a cool, futuristic appearance. If you want a look that sparkles in the sunlight, then this is the one for you.” 

“The highly reflective polish, which contains a special pigment, is a look that celebrates and fashion icons have favored, and for a good reason, it makes an effortless statement.”

23. Pastel French Tip Nails With Features

“Choosing to swap out the white from the traditional French manicure with a pastel shade is a wonderful option. It is pretty and feminine and will look good on almost every nail shape and length. That said, designs that highlight your tips tend to work best with longer talons.”

24. Tie-Dye French Tip Nails

“Few nail art designs demand attention in the way that tie-dye French tip nail designs do. The brightness fo the colors and the combination of them all on each talon is interesting and striking.” 

“There are multiple looks to choose from, with different slants and angles and various shades being used. You can also create a rainbow effect in honor of Pride.”

25. French Tip Coffin Nails

“The French tip manicure is often appreciated for its sophistication and timelessness. However, there are several ways to modernize and add excitement to this classic style.” 

“One option is to experiment with different colors, nail lengths and shapes. Long nails work particularly well with they French tip look, as they provide ample space for nail art and accentuate the tips.”

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go. These were a few amazing French tip nails that I personally love and get them often. All these nail trends are quite trendy and popular, so you are keeping up with the trend at the same time. 

So if you loved these French tip nails, then you should definitely give this article a like and comment down below.

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