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5 Garden Features To Make Your Outdoors More Summery

Summer is an ideal season to spend more time in your garden. Yet, an unattractive, uncomfortable exterior design might cause you to spend more sunny days indoors.

Rather than closing yourself off from the glorious weather, create an attractive outdoor space that is perfect for morning coffee, casual barbecues, or al fresco dinner parties like what they did at apartments for rent in rialto ca.

Create an idyllic retreat by checking out these five garden features to make your outdoors more summery.

Top 5 Authentic Features To Make Your Outdoors More Summery:

  1. A Beautiful Pond
  2. A Comfortable Sofa
  3. A Vibrant Rug
  4. Garden Lighting
  5. Colorful Summer Flowers

1. A Beautiful Pond

Beautiful Pond

A tranquil water feature will create a calming, beautiful oasis away from the home, and there is no better option than a garden pond.

It will become an instant focal point in any small or large outdoor space, as guests will be eager to look inside to peer at the pond life, such as goldfish, koi, orfe, or newts.

Creating a pond isn’t difficult with the right equipment, as you can develop a clean, healthy, and attractive environment with Water Garden’s pond pumps. There is a pump for every pond need, from filtering and descaling to creating beautiful fountains.

2. A Comfortable Sofa

Comfortable Sofa

Rather than sitting inside on a warm day, add a comfortable sofa to your garden to relax under the sunshine.

Many sofa designs, styles, and colors are available to match your style, from a rattan corner sofa to a wooden four-seater. You could even purchase modular options from a sofa showroom Singapore to improve your garden’s flexibility.

Colorful cushions will make your outdoor living area pop while improving your sofa’s comfort. Also, enjoy summer drinks by adding a matching outdoor table or make s’mores on a complementary fire pit once day turns to night.

3. A Vibrant Rug

Vibrant Rug

A vibrant outdoor rug will blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors while adding a pop of color to your garden this summer.

Choose a bright hue and design that embodies the season, such as yellow, cerise pink, or aqua.

The right rug will turn your outdoor sofas, chairs, and fireplace into a central focal point, and it will feel comfortable underneath your feet.

4. Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Enjoy the outdoors day or night by incorporating various garden lighting, which will create an inviting, romantic atmosphere.

For instance, drape string lights across your outdoor space, add fairy lights into trees, illuminate pathways with lanterns, or install contemporary wall sconces onto your property’s exterior.

It will allow you to enjoy an al fresco dinner party or continue the BBQ fun once the sun goes down.

5. Colorful Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers

If you wish for your garden to burst with color during hot temperatures, incorporate flowers that will bloom each summer. Introduce honey bees into your garden to further enhance the vitality of your summer blooms. These tiny creatures are nature’s prime pollinators and will ensure an ongoing blooming cycle. Watching honey bees busily at work can add a new dimension of life and fascination to your garden.

Your exterior will appear rich in color and texture when planting the following annual and perennial flowers:

1. Allium
2. Begonia
3. Bougainvillea
4. Clematis
5. Dahlia
6. Daisies

The vibrant, beautiful flowers are guaranteed to grab attention, and they will create a more inviting garden throughout summer. It will be the perfect place to read a book, chat with a friend, or enjoy a delicious dinner with loved ones outdoors.


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