Rare Cut Diamonds And Their Unique Beauty 
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Get To Know The Rare Cut Diamonds And Their Unique Beauty 

For centuries, diamonds have been among the most popular gemstones due to their beauty, allure, and resilience. With their different types of shapes, designs, and colors, rare-cut diamonds have covered a significant part of the jewelry market. When we talk about diamonds, we mostly talk about regular round-cut diamonds, which are the most popular type among gemstone lovers.

Nearly 75% of the sold diamonds are typically round-cut diamonds. However, beyond the world of popular round-cut diamonds exists the realm of rare-cut diamonds with their unique charms and beauty. This article is going to introduce this particular realm of rare-cut diamonds and their exclusive features. So, if you are a gemstone enthusiast or a jewelry lover, this article will benefit you immensely.

What Are Rare Cut Diamonds?

What Are Rare Cut Diamonds?

So, what are these unique rare-cut diamonds? Typically, rare-cut diamonds refer to those diamonds that have no traditional shape or cut. They are different from the popular round-cut or oval-shaped diamonds. These non-traditional shapes of diamonds are extremely uncommon and rare due to their unique appearance. Some of these rare cuts are also precious.

Various types of rare-cut diamonds can attract the attention of gemstone lovers. Let’s get to know them.

Different Types Of Rare Cut Diamonds

Rare diamond cuts are a treat to the eyes. Generally, there are 9 types of rare diamond cuts, and each of them looks extraordinary. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Cushion Cut

Cushion-cut diamonds are famous for their romantic pillowy shape. They have rounded corners and large facets and an extraordinary charm that will surely impress you. This cushion shape of dazzling diamond has been popular for 200 years and is still well-loved among sophisticated jewelry lovers. The cut has an elegant and luxurious appearance, which significantly enhances its value.

  • Marquise-Cut 


Marquise-cut diamonds have an extremely unique appearance and interesting history. The origin of this shape is 18th century France. According to the sayings, King Louis XV personally ordered his royal jewelers to create this shape as this reminded him of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour. Hence, the appearance of this uncommon name is for this particular shape. This cut has pointy ends and an elongated shape, making it appear larger and longer.

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  • Pear Cut

Pear-cut diamonds are a hybrid of elegant round-cut diamonds and unique marquise-cut diamonds. This shape often resembles a teardrop. This cut has a single pointy end and a round shape, creating a soft and delicate look. This shape is extremely popular in various jewelry pieces, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and others.

  • Asscher Cut 

The shape of this peculiar diamond is typically square and has cropped corners. It includes a high crown, a small table, and a large facet. The geometric precision of this particular shape creates a vintage appeal and gives it a sophisticated touch. One may find 58 facets in total, portraying the ideal symmetry between them. These square-shaped gems truly deserve a place in your beauty basket.

  • Asprey Cut

Beautiful engagement ring with diamonds

While looking at them initially, the asprey cut diamond will look exactly like the cushion cut one. But their characteristics are quite special, which is why people like to buy them. Belonging to the only handcrafted ones, Asprey cuts use no machine at all. Moreover, the fancy redesign and its 61 features make it increasingly beautiful in the crowd of other gems.

  • Ashoka Cut 

The infamous Ashoka cut is nothing but the modified version of Cushion Diamonds. The name Ashoka is derived from the Golconda Diamond, which has a D color grade. It weighs approximately 41.37 carats and has flawless clarity. To create an Ashoka-style diamond cut, the diamond merchant has to cut the gem into 62 equal facets.

  • Jubilee Cut 

If you are looking for a vintage rare diamond cut, this is the one. The Jubilee design consists of a distinctive shape with 8 facets lying on the top. There is no flat table, thus making a total of 88 facets. The jubilee diamond cut was eventually created in the 20th century as an honor to England’s Queen Victoria, but it is now commonly found.

  • Lily Cut 

The rare Lily diamond cut is one of the sweetest cuts, and it looks somewhat like a 4-leaf clover or a flower. Lili Diamonds designed this cut for the first time in 2007, after which people loved it. Louis Vuitton used the diamond, and people from all walks of life have been buying it ever since. From royals to commoners, the Lily cut diamonds appeal to almost everyone.

  • Bead Cut 

Last but not least, we have the bead-cut diamonds, which are commonly found. Most earrings have a bead shape, which is why people think of beads whenever they hear earrings. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they do not have any cutlets or tables. The hole size in this one is small so that the diamond doesn’t lose its brilliance.

What To Check Before Buying Rare Cut Diamonds?

What To Check Before Buying Rare Cut Diamonds? 

There are several factors you need to check before purchasing rare-cut diamonds. First, check the cut quality and ensure that they have proper symmetry and precision, enhancing the dazzle. Also, make sure to check the carat weight by comparing it with the price to understand the proper value. Finally, do not forget to check the certification to make sure it has grading from a reputed institution.

Concluding Words: Diamond Cuts Are More Than We Think

Gold, platinum, silver- these metals have surely made the entire world their fan. But diamonds are on another level of attracting people. These stud gems are practical and useful every day, whether they are special or not. When buying diamonds, make sure you look at their cut and buy something that defines your personality.

With this article, I hope you got an overall idea of the diamond cuts you might be looking for. But let us know in the comment section if you find something extravagantly unique or new. Here comes the end of this guide. Thank you for reading till the end. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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