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Gifts That You Can Give Your Officemate

It can be quite challenging to give a gift to an officemate. You may not know what he likes, what he is into, and what collections he has in his home. In times like these, you should always choose gifts that are well-loved no matter who they are. Getting original troll dolls is always a good route to take. And there are some other ideas that you may want to consider when getting a gift for your officemate. Read more to find out.

What Are The Gifts That You Can Give Your Officemate?

Troll Dolls

One of the most popular gifts that you can give your officemate is the troll doll. It originated in Denmark in the 1960s and has since become famous all over the world. They are plastic dolls with combed-up hair that can either be small or big in size. They look like cute trolls in the old Scandinavian lore.

If you want to give this kind of gift, you should always look for original troll dolls. There are some fake copies of these cute furry trolls out there so you need to be careful of buying one for your officemate.

Key Holder

Another excellent and practical gift idea for office mates is a foldable key holder. This compact and innovative accessory is perfect for keeping keys organized and easily accessible, eliminating the common annoyance of tangled or lost keys. This gift not only enhances everyday convenience but also reflects considerate attention to detail in selecting something both useful and stylish for your officemate.


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A new officemate who loves books may want to receive bookends to be used on his desk. Bookends are items that you do not usually receive on a normal day. It is often purchased because of a need to organize things on the desk. This is the reason why bookends are such great ideas because they will not often get a gift like these.

You can get different styles of bookends depending on what you think your officemate wants. You can get simple metal bookends or you may go for themed bookends. You can explore different ideas on the design of the bookends to determine the kind of style that you will get for him.


One simple gift to give your officemate may be a cup of coffee. Who wouldn’t want a cup of coffee in the morning? With coffee, you can directly ask him the type of coffee that he wants from a particular store. This is one of the safest bets when it comes to giving gifts to your officemate.

Since you are in the office, you may also ask him about his preferred choice of brand. You will find a lot of companies in your vicinity that offer delivery of their coffee products. Get their preferred brand and type of coffee and order one for your officemate.


Another gift that people love is a backpack. This is especially true for those who carry a laptop to the office. Get a backpack with neutral colors like black, white, or gray. You should also consider one with a good size so that it can fit a lot of items inside. To be safe, it should at least fit a 14-inch laptop. You can also get a backpack that can hold a tumbler or water bottle.


You do not necessarily have to give a gift that will be used in the office. You can get him gifts that he can use in the car or at home. A blanket is a nice gift. Get a blanket that is cozy and warm. If they feel chilly in the house, you will always be remembered as the one who gave them a blanket.


Your officemate deserves to receive a gift from you once in a while. Whether you spend hundreds of dollars to get a full collection of original troll dolls or you just want to get him a simple pen and journal, you want your workmate to enjoy the gift that you will give him. Think about his personality and his preferences. And choose the right gift that he will surely like.

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