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20 Best Mythological Greek God Tattoos And The Meanings Behind Them

Do you love tattoos? Do you want to know what will be some good tattoo ideas to get on your body this year? You have to stick to a genre first if you want to know what tattoo you should do. That’s why we are about to share the best mythological Greek god tattoos, including their meanings so that you find yourself with some great tattoo ideas for this year.

Greek mythology has long been fascinating to people worldwide, and it has influenced culture and traditions in subtle ways. We always hear stories of Greek Gods like Zeus, Medusa, Aphrodite, etc, and fancy them. So, what’s the harm in getting their tattoo done, right? 

Let’s find out some of the best greek god tattoos in this article, and make you all set for your next tat.

What Are The Top 15 Mythological Greek God Tattoos?

Do you know why Greek mythology is so fascinating? Its because those scriptures express the innermost allegorical expression of human nature. That’s why Greek Gods sound so relatable to us that rather than worshipping them, we kind of adore them for their humanlike virtues and flaws. So, let’s find out the best god tattoos on this lit;

1: Zeus Tattoo

Zeus Tattoo

Zeus was the king of all Greek Gods and thus had the most far-reaching sphere for influence. In addition, this deity is associated with awareness and wisdom. Among all the greek god tattoo ideas, Zeus is one of the most popular god tattoos for men, because it depicts strength, power, and superiority.

A Zeus tattoo will look the best if it is done in a realistic tattoo style. To highlight each feature of Zeus’s portrait, you have to do this tattoo on your arm or your thighs. Zeus was also known to bring vengeance on people he disagreed with while merciful and compassionate. So, you can do this tattoo to represent the balance of life too.

2: Apollo Tattoo

Apollo Tattoo

If you are looking for God tattoos on arm ideas, an Apollo tattoo would be a great artwork to wear on your body. Apollo was the God of music, so doing a tattoo of him would mean striking harmony and balance in life. So, if you are an artist or a musician, this would be one of the best God tattoo ideas for you.

Apollo is also highly well-built and handsome with curly hair, so don’t do this tattoo unless your tattoo artist is exceptionally skilled. Apollo was also known for nurturing children, and stating prophecies, so a woman can also do this greek god apollo tattoo on her thigh to demonstrate healing, knowledge, arts, prophecy, etc. 

3: Poseidon Tattoo

Poseidon Tattoo

The list of tattoos of god will be incomplete if we don’t include the deity of the sea on the list. Yeah, you guessed it right!!!! We are talking about the powerful Poseidon tattoo. This tattoo can mean many things like strength, power, being in control of one’s emotion, love for marine life, etc.

A Poseidon tattoo can be a huge piece of art for your arms and your backs, or it can be one of those small god tattoos for your wrist and forearm. Using the watercolor tattoo style to design the Poseidon will make the tattoo more vivid with sea waves surrounding the deity. As Poseidon triumphed over the sea, some sailors used to do this tattoo to have luck on their side.

4: Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo

A medusa tattoo primarily means female power, beauty, enchantment, and freedom. Medusa has snakes in place of hair which can be interpreted in many ways. Some say the snakes denote something evil, and some say it’s a way of keeping evil things off someone. If you do the Medusa greek angel tattoo with the neo-traditional tattoo style, it will look the best.

It can look good on your arm and your back, but if girls want to do a medusa tattoo on their shoulders, that will look good too. Medusa had an enhancing beauty that men couldn’t resist, but she proved to be fatal as someone got closer to her. So, if you have an afro ark hairstyle and a particular mystery about your persona, the medusa god tattoos would be a good choice.

5: Aphrodite Tattoo

Aphrodite Tattoo

Aphrodite tattoo is always portrayed as partially nude with shells and roses surrounding her. She is the deity of love, lust, romance, passion, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. So, if you are looking for a greek goddess tattoo for your arm, Aphrodite is undoubtedly a good choice. It is also one of the most done greek mythology tattoos in the world.

Aphrodite god tattoos would be perfect for someone who wears their heart on their sleeves and loves to love. An Aphrodite tattoo is most suitable for women because a woman’s body can certainly emulate her beauty better than men. You can do this tattoo in several color options, which will highlight her magnificent personality.

6: Athena Tattoo

Athena Tattoo

Athena greek goddess tattoos look absolutely adoring on women and men because she was the goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reasoning. But, on the other hand, she is also the goddess of wisdom and tactics who did not bother herself with trivial emotions like love and pleasure. So, if you are someone who follows your mind more than your heart, and believes in social justice, get this tattoo done.

It is one of the best greek tattoo ideas, and when it is portrayed with a shield and a crown, it takes another level. Since Athena symbolized peace and prosperity, aesthetic tattoo style would be a good choice here. You can make the tattoo big, or small, black, or colored but make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing.

7: Achilles Tattoo

Achilles Tattoo

Achilles was the hero of the Trojan War and was also the central character of Homer’s Illiad. This half-human, half-God character represents absolute strength, protection, sportsmanship, and several other virtues. That’s why many sportspeople, wrestlers, and soldiers used to adore their arms and back with this greek god tattoo.

Blackwork style tattoo would be the best choice for designing an Achilles tattoo. You can either draw his head with a helmet or a full-body image dressed as a warrior with armor and a spear. People believe that having greek warrior tattoos on the body means getting protection from all things wrong as it envelopes the person with his mighty warrior persona.

8: Artemis Tattoo

Artemis Tattoo

Artemis god tattoos denote self-sufficiency and independence. The classical sculpture of Artemis was of a huntress, but she also symbolizes purity and childbirth. So, women looking for greek god tattoo sleeve ideas can do an Artemis tattoo in minimalistic design on their wrist. Her wavy hairstyle may be a bit difficult to draw, so make sure you go to a professional to make this god tattoo.

Having an Artemis tattoo also means that the person is a protector. So, if you are someone who protects animals or children or puts others before you, this is one of the best greek god tattoos to decorate your body with. Traditional tattoo styles would be enough to announce the grandeur of an Artemis tattoo.

9: Selene Tattoo

Selene Tattoo

Selene tattoos are a beautiful manifestation of the moon, and you can interpret it in whichever way you want. Selene was a Greek goddess who was not mature but indeed loved people with a sense of utmost reckless abandonment. She is romantic in every sense, but her fickle-minded nature did not let her commit to anything.

Doesn’t it sound like the perfect god tattoos idea for men who are usually afraid of commitment? Well, a Selene tattoo has a calming presence, but it is also ever-changing. So, people who have that kind of duality in their personality can go for this Greek god sleeve tattoo idea. Now, how you are going to interpret a Selene tattoo, that depends on you. 

10: Hephaestus Tattoo 

Hephaestus Tattoo 

If we are talking about simple Greek mythology tattoos, you must take a look at the Hephaestus tattoo once. His story is quite interesting contrary to popular beliefs. So, if you are someone who can make things work even when all odds are against them, this is one of the best god tattoos that you should opt for.

Once, I saw a Hephaestus tattoo in 3D tattoo style on someone’s back, and it looked like you could almost converse with the deity. Hephaestus tattoos also mean a knack for innovation, so creative people often fall in love with this Greek god tattoo design. 

11: Asclepius Tattoo

Asclepius Tattoo

Asclepius or Asklepios was the God of healing, so like a phoenix tattoo, an Asclepius Greek god tattoo also signifies rebirth, renewal, and healing. If we are talking about greek god tattoos and not including Apollo’s son on the list, that would be unfair. This tattoo will look good on your forearm, bicep, back, or shoulder.

The snake-entwined rod that Asclepius used for healing is considered sacred in Greek mythology. Since phoenix tattoos are pretty common to denote rebirth, why not try something new, right? So, if you have been through an awful lot and still survived, an Asclepius tattoo would be a good choice.

12: Hermes Tattoo

Hermes Tattoo

More than the Hermes deity himself, his weapon, the caduceus tattoo, is a popular tattoo choice for many people. Hermes was the fastest among all Greek Gods due to his winged ankles, so some people only draw a wing tattoo to signify the actual essence of Hermes. People who do a caduceus tattoo also take inspiration from Hermes.

Hermes was a cunning god and was responsible for trade, finance, business, and negotiation. So, if any of these qualities speak to you, you can quickly go for a Hermes tattoo or any of the symbols Hermes is closely associated with. It is one of those simple mythology tattoos that can be done easily.

13: Hades Tattoo

Hades Tattoo

Many people look for unique Hades tattoo ideas because he was the Greek god of the underworld. He was the ruler of the dead, so teenage boys often find it attractive to have an excellent Hades tattoo design on his forearm or bicep to break the trend. Hades was also associated with someone who introduced the concept of good and evil.

Sketch tattoo style would look good to design a Hades tattoo on someone’s body. In Greek, Hades means unseen, so people who do this tattoo means they have a particular mystery about them. Among all the Greece inspired tattoos, this one is the most controversial. In small greek mythology tattoos, a hades tattoo will look good.

14: Ares Tattoo

Ares Tattoo

It is one of the least popular Greek god tattoos, but we don’t know why. This deity represented war, violence, and bloodshed, which the modern world clearly feels drawn to. But, as it is not so much of a typical tattoo design, you can start the trend by tattooing this deity on your bicep or thighs.

The portrait tattoo style would look quite good to draw an Ares tattoo. Someone who has this tattoo would signify bravery, courage, and expertise in warcraft. The scream of a defeated Ares was like the shouts of 10,000 men, so you can imagine how powerful this God was.

15: Centaur Tattoo

Last but not least, we have the Centaur tattoo for completing your Greek god tattoos list. Centaur was a half-human and half-horse creature in Greek mythology, but his origins signify him as a Thessalian god. Therefore, the continuous line contour tattoo style would be an excellent choice to complete the Centaur tattoo.

A centaur tattoo denotes ritualized sexual madness, so people who associate with this characteristic attribute can go for this tattoo idea. However, the Centaur also represents unbridled chaos, so people who claim themselves as wild children of nature can also have this tattoo. It is one of those cool god tattoos that can look good on anyone.

16: Greek Tribal Tattoos

Greek Tribal Tattoos

If you are wondering what a Greek tribal tattoo looks like then let me tell you that it looks exactly like a labyrinth, a maze, and nothing else. It is like a never-ending maze that keeps on going and going.

These tattoos are usually really elaborate and are bigger than normal tattoos since you have to fully complete the maze to make the tattoo look great and complete.

The meaning behind these Greek tribal tattoos is “we are being led to our destiny or are in the constant search of ourselves in this world.”

17: Atlas Tattoos

Atlas Tattoos

Being a Titan, Atlas had to carry the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, it was his responsibility. This was a punishment that Zeus gave him. He was known to be very skilled in academic areas such as astronomy, mathematics, and also philosophy.

The main meaning behind an Atlas tattoo is determination, endurance, and perseverance. There are a lot of different variations of this tattoo that you can get, but the popular one is Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

18: Caduceus Tattoos

Caduceus Tattoos

By now you should know that the symbol of caduceus is traditionally associated with the Greek God Hermes. The symbol traditionally contains a winged staff with two snakes winded around it.

This symbolizes the fact that Hermes was a very clever and cunning Greek God who was also the ambassador or symbol of trade and commerce.

By trade and commerce, I don’t mean economic trade and commerce, but trading or acting as a conductor to deliver souls into the afterlife. The symbol of caduceus also means negotiation and balance.

If you want you can get this design tattoo inked on any body part you want, either on your neck or on your arm. And if you want you can get it in different colors and not just black and white.

19: Greek Armband Tattoos

Greek Armband Tattoos

One of the most popular God tattoos that you can get is a Greek armband tattoo, they are very popular among guys since these tattoos are quite simple and easy to make.

There is no such particular meaning to these armband tattoos but they are just a miniature version of the elaborate Greek tribal tattoo, in the form of an armband.

20: Greek Statue Tattoos

Greek Statue Tattoos

If you are a fan of the Greek gods, culture, and history as a whole then you are definitely a fan of the historical Greek statues at different museums of the world. All of these statues are works of great sculptors and artists, and most of these statues contain a lot of history that is unknown to mankind. Such Greek statues are like, Aphrodite of Milos, Nike of Samothraki, Ermis of Praxitelis, and The Sacred Gate Kouros.


1: What Are The Best Egyptian God Tattoos?

Ans: Some of the most famous Egyptian God tattoos are Anubis, Ra, Osiris, Hathor, Thoth, Horus, etc. Both men and women can do these tattoos in a big or small structure, looking equally good.

2: What Does Greek God Tattoo Mean?

Ans: Some of the most famous Egyptian God tattoos are Anubis, Ra, Osiris, Hathor, Thoth, Horus, etc. Both men and women can do these tattoos in a big or small structure, looking equally good.

3: Did The Greek Gods Have Tattoos?

Ans: Greek Gods were against body marking. They only used to tattoo on thieves and criminals to show them as outcasts. No self-respecting citizens had tattoos on their bodies as the Greek Gods forbade it.


A tattoo does not make anyone a thug or a delinquent. It’s just a way of expressing emotion through art. So, for those of you who are confused about what tattoo to get, make sure you consider this list once. Then, if you want to know more about god related tattoos, you can ask us in the comment box below.

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