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10 Things All Hairy Girls Know To Be True

Growing up, if you had a bit (okay, a lot more) more body hair than others, you are well accustomed to struggles. Chances are you faced many cases of bullying, internalized guilt, and even unnecessary self-consciousness. And then there was that dreaded ‘h-word’. You know what I am talking about, right?

For those who do not know, the dreaded h-word refers to hairy girls. Yes, well, if you book that annoying waxing session more than once every month, chances are you fall among the group of hairy women. I grew up with a lot of body hair, and the last few years have taught me to be more confident about my body and all the hair on it. 

However, the hair struggles are real…

10 Things All Hairy Girls Know To Be True:

Before all the self-confidence, there was a time when I struggled every day. So this one’s for all the hairy girls out there struggling with their bodies every single day. Scroll down to find out the top 10 struggles that women with excessive body hair face every single day. 

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Struggle #1: Catcalling And Bullying

Catcalling and Bullying 

When kids are growing up, and suddenly adolescence hits them, they can be pretty brutal. When I think back to the kind of jokes we made in class, I am traumatized. Well, it was an everyday reality for all hairy girls. Other kids would call me a gorilla for having excess hair on my hands. 

Moreover, things haven’t really changed much. Even now, at 25, there are days I miss my usual waxing appointments, and the next day I feel like I am 15 again. In addition, someone would inevitably come up with a few hair puns, slipping them casually into regular conversations. Thus, getting catcalled and bullied for excess body hair is a real struggle, and it’s time we stop it!

Struggle #2: Judgment Judgment Judgment 

Another big reality of being hairy is the amount of judgment that you receive from otherwise conscious people. If body shaming is a real problem, so is getting shamed for having excessive body hair. In fact, when I go to a salon for a manicure, the entire experience is scary – who needs all that anxiety? I am assuming all girls with hairy arms. 

And the exact same thing happens when I visit for a pedicure. In fact, so much so that every waxing appointment is an anxiety-ridden, nerve-shattering experience. It might seem like a comical event, but that’s on the surface. After getting all the judgment and hate for all these years, it’s all about your comedy-induced defense mechanism. 

Struggle #3: So Many Methods And No Solutions

So Many Methods And No Solutions

In the checklist for hairy girls, I am going to confess something. To date, I have not only searched for so many easy hair removal methods, and every time, the so-called solution failed to make me happy. I would spend hours literally getting rid of all that hair, but to what avail? Because there they were staring at me by the end of the week!

Any working woman would not care enough about getting rid of all that body hair every week. I mean, where’s the time. Thus, the only solution left was to own my body hair and shine with confidence. I also developed a defense mechanism where I would laugh like a fool every time someone joked about my body hair. We even created a drinking game called hairy college girls, but that’s a different story!

Struggle #4: Am I Making A Statement? 

The other day at work, this colleague of mine walked up to me and asked, ‘I like the statement you are making.’ And boy, was I confused? It took me a while to figure out that my colleague was talking about my very hairy arms. Ah, well, cheers to hairy girls, or so I thought and swallowed my inner urge to drown in my own embarrassment. 

Well, there’s nothing embarrassing about having body hair. But why is it so that someone or the other always thinks I am making a body-positive statement every time I forget to shave? I would just like to apologize – sorry, world, I am just lazy and simply stopped shaving because I am exhausted from all those razor bumps!

Struggle #5: That Itchy Feeling

That Itchy Feeling

Anyone who has ever shaved would be familiar with that itchy feeling that sets in soon after shaving. But for hairy girls, that feeling is normal, and it happens every other day because we do have that often! I am glad every time its winter, and I can opt for a ‘no-shave winter’ and live under the cover of warm clothes peacefully. 

What I face every day is pretty relatable. You quickly shave your underarms before work and don a new shirt to the office. 30 minutes out under the sun, and you are ready to go back home because of that annoying itchy feeling. Am I right, or am I right? 

Struggle #6: Clogged Drains

Yes, bathroom drains are clogged! And that is something I live with because it’s my bathroom, and I don’t care. But every time I go to wash my hair, there’s going to be a whole ‘wig’ of hair clogging the drains. And like normal people, I don’t worry. I thank God that now I will be a little less hairy. 

And that’s not all. When I go for the occasional shave in the morning, I can guarantee you that I leave the washroom with clogged drains and smooth skin. 

Struggle #7: Excess Shaving Is Equal To Excess Body Hair

Excess Shaving Is Equal To Excess Body Hair

This is one of the oldest myths that have almost turned into believable reality, courtesy of word-of-the-mouth marketing. From skinny hairy girls to hairy fatty girls, the struggle is the same for all. Every time I have shared with my closest friends about my insecurity regarding all the extra hair, I have been told the same thing. 

They would tell me that since I shave so frequently, the hair grows back four times thicker. How is that even logical? Of course, then every woman in the world would have a lot of problems dealing with where their hair is concerned. But, trust me, there’s no other way!

Struggle #8: Your Esthetician Is Your Best Friend

This one’s so true! Listen girrrllll, it’s not just you. This one’s true for all hairy girls out there, including me. At 25, my best friend is my esthetician and I have no embarrassment in admitting that. What’s the point of being embarrassed about it when she has seen everything there is to see. Right girls? 

My esthetician, for one, does not judge me and makes fun of my body hair. So that’s my checklist when it comes to how much I like you! Are you judging my excess hair, or are you a nice person? 

Struggle #9: Hairless People Are Annoying (oops!)

Hairless People Are Annoying (oops!)

I am not trying to offend anyone, but every time some friend of mine talks about being thoroughly hairless, I try so hard to not roll my eyes. Yes, girl, I get it you are so hairless that you have never shaved. But all those years of bullying have given me a whole lot of internalized trauma, and now the eye roll just escapes. 

From hairy skinny girls to fat women, it’s all the same for everyone. I mean, we all can’t help but roll those eyes. It’s not offensive – it just reminds me of my daily struggles as one of the hairy girls of the world! 

Struggle #10: Shaving Creams Are Necessities

Well, they are! Skincare is more of a luxury than my shaving box. And that’s the reality of all solo hairy girls living alone. I go through multiple bottles of shaving creams every few months, and that’s so normal for me. So much so I have shaving cream on my monthly grocery list. That’s pretty weird for many women but not for me!

Have you ever run out of shaving creams faster than your shampoo? Well, I have! I have run out of shaving creams faster than every essential thing like conditioners. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What To Do With Hairy White Girls?

Ans: In a world where body positivity is trending, hairy girls should be accepted just like anyone else. Also, please, what’s the point of even categorizing hairy girls according to color? Hairy white girls are no different than brown-skinned hairy women. So live and let live!

Q2. What Does It Mean When A Woman Is Hairy?

Ans: It just means that the woman has relatively more hair than the rest. There’s nothing wrong with being natural about your body, hair, and skin!

Q3. Do Girls Like Body Hair? 

Ans: This is pretty subjective. You may or may like hair, and that’s totally on you. The point is to feel optimistic about your body #bodypositivity.

To Shave Or Not To Shave: A Dilemna Or A Choice? 

Can you imagine living in a hairless world? That’s ridiculous, and anyway, I will be kicked out of that utopic world. Jokes apart, the whole point is to live in a liberating world where women are treated with the same respect. Skin color, body hair, weight are all subjective issues and doesn’t matter in the long run. 
Shaving is a choice and if you love living as one of the hairy girls, then do it! Like I always say, live and let live…

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