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25 Coolest Hand Tattoos For Men | Must Know Before Try Them

Are you looking for an interesting men’s tattoo idea for your hand? While most men have tattoos all over their arms, few have them on their hands as well. 

Therefore, get your hands inked after seeing this list of the coolest hand tattoos for men. Start reading below to check them out. 

Coolest Hand Tattoos For Men Ideas

Some of the best hand tattoos for men that you should check out in 2022 are:

1. Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull Hand Tattoo
Image Source

If you want to expose your darker and grittier side to the world, then get a skull hand tattoo. These tattoos for men look cool and also give a more edgy appearance to your hand.

2. Side Hand Tattoo

Side Hand Tattoo

Sometimes, it’s best to keep everything to the side and just chill your life. Here, a small side tattoo near covering the outer edge of your palms can look great. You can do so in both hands to make a unique tattoo design when you fist your hands together.

3. Small Hand Tattoos For Men

Small Hand Tattoos For Men

Small hand tattoos for men of miscellaneous and innovative designs can make the biggest impact on viewers. Just choose a minimalist design and rock it with confidence.

4. Lion Hand Tattoo

Lion Hand Tattoo
Image Source

If you think you are the alpha male, get a lion hand tattoo to prove your might as the king. A firm handshake from a tattoo like this will definitely make betas cower in fear and respect.

5. Wolf Hand Tattoo

Wolf Hand Tattoo
Image Source

If you have always preferred solitary pleasure as a lone wolf, then a wolf hand tattoo best represents you. One look at this, and your colleagues will realize it’s best not to get in your way.

6. Tiger Hand Tattoo

Tiger Hand Tattoo
Image Source

If you want to become a sigma male, then you need to be ferocious to command respect from others. If that is your wish, then tiger hand tattoos for men might be perfect for you.

7. Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Hand Tattoo

If you want to evoke your romantic side with its flowers and thorns, then get rose hand tattoos for men. This tattoo works wonders when you finally get yourself a girl and hold her hands tight.

8. Jesus Hand Tattoos

Jesus Hand Tattoos
Image Source

Sometimes, it’s good to be pious to rid your life of all your sins. Therefore, why not get yourself a Jesus hand tattoo and be in touch with god?

9. Buddha Hand Tattoo

Buddha Hand Tattoo
Image Source

While our hands can hold weapons of mass destruction, it’s best to use them for peace and ahimsa. A cool buddha hand tattoo might help you keep a cool head at all times during such tough times.

10. Name Hand Tattoo

Name Hand Tattoo

Sometimes, having your significant other’s name etched on your hands might be a great way to immortalize your love. Therefore, a name hand tattoo might be just the one you need to do so (just don’t regret it later).

11. Quote Hand Tattoos

Quote Hand Tattoos

There are various benefits of having quoted hand tattoos for men. One of the key benefits comes in the form of inspirational quotes. If you think your day is going south, just have a look at your hand, and an inspiring line might just become your saving grace.

12. Just A Letter (Or Two) Hand Tattoos

Just A Letter (Or Two) Hand Tattoos
Image Source

Sometimes, just having a letter (or two) in your hand can do the trick. Here, it’s best to go for simple concepts like your initials or the first letters of your name and that of your lady love. 

13. Tribal Hand Tattoos For Men

Tribal Hand Tattoos For Men
Image Source

Going back to your tribal roots (if any) can be a great way to understand your individuality and your cultural roots. Therefore, tribal tattoos for men can make you look cooler than the urban folk 

14. Star Hand Tattoo

Star Hand Tattoo
Image Source

Don’t you often see falling stars in the sky and immediately close your eyes to make a wish? How about you aim for the stars and capture them in your hands with a star hand tattoo?

15. Dragon Hand Tattoo

Dragon Hand Tattoo
Image Source

According to Chinese mythology, all men have a slumbering dragon inside them, waiting to be awakened. Therefore, speed up your process with cool dragon hand tattoos for men to unleash your inner beast.

16. Yakuza Hand Tattoo

Yakuza Hand Tattoo
Image Source

Here’s a fun fact – the Yakuza is by far one of the most organized and loyal crime syndicates in the world. While they might be criminals, their hand tattoos for men fascinate me the most due to their intricate designs. Give it a try if you are interested.

17. Ganesha Hand Tattoo

Ganesha Hand Tattoo
Image Source

If you feel religious and do not want to anger the God of Destruction, Shiva, then having his son Ganesha as a hand tattoo might please him.

18. Finger Words Hand Tattoos

Finger Words Hand Tattoos
Image Source

You must have seen much hard rock and heavy metal artists have the word “DEATH” written in all caps on their five fingers. You can rock this hand tattoo for men with skull hand tattoos for the best Halloween combo. 

19. Gothic Hand Tattoos

Gothic Hand Tattoos
Image Source

If you want a dark, gothic design to make you look uncommon and more mysterious than the commoners, gothic hand tattoos will be your best bet. These mens tattoos will look great if you wear an all-black outfit. 

20. Hippie Hand Tattoos

Hippie Hand Tattoos
Image Source

While Bob Marley and many others might have started the hippie movement, psychedelic hand tattoos for men look great. Pair them with loose, trippy clothing, and you are good to go.

21. Butterfly Hand Tattoos

Butterfly Hand Tattoos
Image Source

I once saw my friend having two halves of a butterfly inked on the side of his hands. When he clenched them together, they formed a complete butterfly. It looked perfect. 

22. Superhero Hand Tattoo

Superhero Hand Tattoo
Image Source

I know that you love watching superhero movies by Marvel and DC. Therefore, why not get their faces engraved on your hands?

23. Henna Hand Tattoo

Henna Hand Tattoo
Image Source

While this is a popular hand tattoos for women idea, men can rock it too if the right design is used. 

24. Trippy Hand Tattoo

Trippy Hand Tattoo
Image Source

Have you ever been to a Tool concert? Did you see their drummer Danny Carey using Mandala pads instead of drums? Such mandala designs make for great men’s tattoo ideas.

25. Eye Hand Tattoo

Eye Hand Tattoo
Image Source

While most people say that their third eye opens on their forehead, you can prove them wrong by opening yours in your hand.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many hand tattoos for men enthusiasts have asked several questions on the internet, some of which are:

Q1. Are Hand Tattoos A Bad Idea?

Ans: Hand tattoos for men can be a bad idea if there are restrictions at your workplace. Many professional workspaces and corporate offices have strict decorum regarding hand tattoos or any tattoo being visible.

Q2. How Much Does A Hand Tattoo Cost?

Ans: In the USA, the cost of hand tattoos for men depends on the charges of the tattoo artist. Most artists will typically charge you for every hour taken to ink. Typically, they will charge anywhere between $80 to $220 per hour, depending on their experience and reputation.

Q3. How Long Do Hand Tattoos Last?

Ans: Hand tattoos typically last forever. However, due to aging, its sharpness will start blurring out after a year or two. However, the colors will stay for many more years, probably even a lifetime. 

Q4. How Painful Is A Hand Tattoo?

Ans: Getting a hand tattoo is more painful compared to tattoos anywhere else on the body (sans the head). This is because various nerve endings, soft ligaments, and bone cartilages in our hands are highly susceptible to pain.


Now that you have seen 25 cool hand tattoos for men that you can try out, it’s time to pay your tattoo artist a visit. Get these tattoos inked on your hands and flex them off whenever you go for a handshake. However, before you get inked, consult your artist for some of the best designs.

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