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10+ Types Of Head Wraps For Men | Must Know In 2022

Protecting your head and hair during harsher climates is a must if you want to keep your hair safe and strong. This is why many people in desert areas and snowy areas all prefer wearing head wraps when they are outside. 

Therefore, if you want to wear head wraps for men in 2022 as a starting point for protecting yourself from the pandemic (along with a mask), then you must continue reading this article. Here, I have stated the 10 best head wraps for men that will up your fashion game in 2022.

Best Head Wraps For Men In 2022

The best head wraps for men in 2022 that you should definitely try out to keep up with the fashion style of head wraps for men are:

1. The Village Hidden In The Leaf

The Village Hidden In The Leaf

If you have seen the popular anime Naruto or even know about it, then you should start watching it now. This popular Japanese animated by Masashi Kishimoto soon became one of the most famous anime of all time.

Here, the headband worn by the ninjas of Konoha (Village Hidden in the Leaf) became an iconic statement for otakus. Therefore, if you identify yourself as one, you can wear this headwear and manifest your inner wall of fire.

2. The Bar Uto

The Bar Uto

While the story of naruto might have concluded, a new hero emerges in the form of Boruto, his son. While he might wear the same head wraps for men, many new design ideas can be created out of it.

Here, instead of the symbol of Konoha on the middle of the headband, it has been replaced with the symbol of a weight lift.

Therefore, this head wrap for men is best suited for gym freaks who also are fans of the Naruto series. Just tie it around your head and hit the gym to max out your reps and muscles!

3. Jungle Ops

Jungle Ops

If you fancy African head wraps for men, then this head wrap with jungle camo will be perfect for you. If you ever feel like a sneaky soldier on the battlefield with a more masculine appearance, then get this head wrap for men asap. Many even consider these as rasta head wraps for men and motorcycle head wraps for men. 

4. Hot Rod Bandana

Hot Rod Bandana

Do you like to play with fire or even fight fire with fire? Then you can display your fiery attitude by wearing this fiery hot rod bandana on top.

This bandana has one of the best head wrap styles for men. It is a must-buy if you like to wear headwear with brighter colors. Yellow, orange, and red colors will really go well together to make a bold style statement during summer. 

These will look even better as great head wraps for men with dreads and as biker head wraps for men.

5. Black Balaclava

Black Balaclava

If you thought balaclavas went out of style, you are wrong. While you might look mysterious and threatening in a balaclava, it will still forever remain stylish. 

While many might say that a balaclava is not exactly considered head wraps for men, they do the same job. These are excellent winter head wraps for men that 

6. Punjabi Turban

Punjabi Turban

When you see a Punjabi man wearing big turbans for men around their head, does it not look cool? Turbans are religiously worn by Punjabi men to accommodate their practice of never cutting their hair. 

These turbans for men for Punjabi, in my opinion, look pretty cool, especially when combined with a well-built physique and a well-groomed beard and mustache.

7. The Ankara

The Ankara

If you didn’t know it already, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Therefore, head wraps for men like these really make the Turkish art style become very prominent.

Such head wraps for black men will look really cool if the right color combination is used. I mean, just look at the picture above. Idris Elba looks dazzling in this heard wrap!

8. The Namekian / Piccolo

The Namekian  Piccolo

If you are a DragonBall Z fan, then you must have seen this one coming on this list of best head wraps for men. Piccolo, our favorite green Namekian, dons this white and purple head wrap throughout the series. 

Therefore, before you go in front of the mirror and shout out “Destructive Wave” at the top of your voice, just wear your headgear once. 

9. Rajasthani Royals

Rajasthani Royals

If you like Ankara head wraps for men, then you will definitely find the Rajasthani turbans fascinating as well. Made from linen cloth, these colorful turbans are worn mostly by the Rajasthani people of North India. However, you can pair them with colorful clothes and different traditional Indian outfits to get the best look possible.

10. Get Your Sheik On

Get Your Sheik On

By now, you might have seen the head wrap for men worm by the rich Arabian sheiks. Then, you know exactly what I mean here. Nevertheless, these head scards for men are worn mostly in Arabic countries to protect their hair from the sand. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding head wraps for men on the internet are:

Q1. What Are Male Head Wraps Called?

Ans: There are many other names for head wraps. Some of the other terms used to describe male head wrap styles are:
⦿ Turbans
⦿ Skullcaps
⦿ The Fez
⦿ Taqiyah
⦿ Tarboosh

Q2. What Is The Best Material For Head Wraps?

Ans: Some of the best materials used to make head wraps are:
⦿ Cotton
⦿ Lightweight Wool
⦿ Nylon
⦿ Silk
⦿ Blends

Q3. Are Head Wraps Good For Hair? 

Ans: Many discussions regarding the topic of whether head wraps are good for our hair have taken place so far. Most of these discussions and research have all pointed to the fact that headwear is not that good for our hair. This is because wearing it causes it to protect our head from moisture, making it dry and brittle over time.

Q4. Are Head Wraps Unprofessional?

Ans: No, you can wear head wraps everywhere, even in professional places. All types of headwear, like turbans and skullcaps, are accepted everywhere without restrictions.

Final Takeaway: Wrap Your Head Around, Will You?

There are head wraps for men of many kinds. From normal caps to turbans and even balaclavas, they will all protect your head and hair in style. If you have read this article so far, you will learn of the various types of head wraps that you can buy and wear in 2022. These are all great headwear that will make you look smarter and more sophisticated than most.

Feel free to leave a comment down below to say what you think are the best head wraps to wear in 2022. If you want more such fashion and lifestyle guides, then read our other articles here at Pluslifestyle!

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