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Hematite Ring: The Complete Guide In 2021

Do you want to give your bride the most amazing and unique engagement ring? Well, we have the best suggestion for you. Have you ever heard of a hematite ring? If your answer is no, then you have come to the right place. It is one elegant, affordable, and classy ring that any woman would be lucky to put on in their fingers. 

Hematite ring meaning is no different than other engagement rings. Instead, it denotes balance and firmness in one’s life. So, if you want to sweep your lady love off her feet, proposing her with a hematite ring could be a way to do that. This shimmery, metallic black stone has the power of making the wearer feel edgy, spunky, classy, and chic at the same time. So, let’s know more about them.

What Is A Hematite Ring?

A hematite ring is a ring that is studded with a hematite stone. The hematite stone is deep red or brown in color. However, when you polish and carve it, it takes a deep gray or black hue, making it a popular choice for stone jewelry sets

Indeed a hematite ring is fragile, so the wearer has to be cautious while handling the ring. But, the metallic luster in the stone is something that makes it such a precious metal. So, if you want to know what is a hematite ring used for, we say you can use it for any occasion.

If you are a new bride, wearing a hematite ring will give you courage. A hematite ring that absorbs negative energy will also be a good fit for you if you are pessimistic. That’s because hematite rings are known to stabilize your mind and body with your root chakra and help you gain positive energy from the earth.

You may not believe the astrological gibberish, but one thing is true that real hematite rings look very attractive. So, if you want to look spunky and spirited for your next party, you can wear a hematite ring. Of course, the powdered rings retain the original red color. But, we mostly love the black hue on the stones, and that will look good with any outfit for any occasion.

From Then To Now-The History Of Hematite Rings

The history of hematite rings is indeed captivating because it was believed to have spiritual qualities. In fact, if you still google hematite ring properties, it will bring about many spiritual notions revolving around the stone that ancient people used to believe in. But, if you are interested in knowing hematite ring meaning, it loosely translates to ‘blood stone.’

Those of you familiar with the concept of feng shui must know hematite stone used to be a good asset there. Ancient Egyptians used hematite stones to decorate the tombs of their pharaohs. Ancient Babylonians used to carry the ring to the battlefield, for it was known to bring good luck and positive energy to the wearer. Ancient Romans also used it as jewelry and armor decors.

Since the advent of the Victorian era, this gemstone has been carved and polished into different forms of jewelry. It was quite a famous stone for men’s jewelry too in that era. However, during modern times, hematite rings give a feel of black diamond, so they are more popular as wedding ornaments and engagement rings.

What Are The Benefits, And Drawbacks Of Hematite Rings?

Drawbacks Of Hematite Rings

Since hematite stones are plentiful, one of the important hematite ring benefits is its budget-friendly nature. Yes, you can afford such a ring anytime you want because they don’t cost much. On the other hand, hematite rings are fragile, so they are challenging to take care of. If your life involves manual labor, it may not be a suitable stone for you.

A genuine hematite ring will instill courage and confidence in you, helping you discover better opportunities in life. It will also calm you, so if you are someone with hot blood, this stone will be good for you. However, as hematite rings are fragile, they can also break very easily. Now, a hematite ring that breaks means a lot of things. Some people believe that your time with the ring is done, and some believe it has absorbed all the negative energy it could, so that’s why it broke.

Apart from these not-so-concrete proofs, hematite rings have some other good properties too. For example, a real hematite ring will help you eliminate your doubts and worries. So putting it on a few hours before going to bed will give you better sleep. A genuine hematite ring will also increase your blood flow, so this gemstone will be good for you if you are suffering from iron deficiency.

How To Buy A Hematite Ring?

Are you wondering where to get hematite rings? Well, you can get it in any jewelry stores, or you can even go to any trusted astrologer. But, if you want to buy a hematite ring for yourself or your partner, make sure you check a  few things first.

Check The Metals

You have to find out which metal looks the best with your hematite stone. Some people prefer wearing it with a white metal because it highlights the black color of the stone even more. But, silver or gold metals will also amplify the stone’s luster, so choose it carefully. But, if you have a rainbow hematite ring with its iridescent multicolor properties, the gold surface will look the best.

Go To The Right Store

Indeed a hematite stone ring is available anywhere from Etsy to physical jewelry stones. But, you have to go to an authentic place to buy a magnetic hematite ring. Yes, real hematite rings have magnetic properties, so you must buy them from a well-known store. There are vintage hematite rings available in antique jewelry stores, too, so you can also check them out.

Check The Price

Always remember, a hematite ring does not cost very much because the stone is plentiful and very fragile. The Kivotos Jewelry Natural Hematite Ring costs $156, while the Kivotos Jewelry Natural Hematite Ring costs $201. We also have the option of Seafare Vintage Hematite Ring priced only $230, while the EFFY Collection Men’s Hematite Ring costs $105. Stay in this price range because the stone will break some time or the other.

 Spiritual Meaning Of Giving A Hematite Ring 

Hematite rings carry strong spiritual significance because of their grounding characteristic. A calm hematite, also called the “stone of the mind,” has a balancing and harmonizing energy that brings tranquility. A hematite ring is considered to act as a protective shield around the person and to help keep out negative forces and maintain peace within the inner self.

 Grounding Properties 

Hematite rings are intricately linked to their grounding power.

They are called the “stone of the mind.”

 Calming Energy 

Hematite emits a soothing energy.

This kind of balance-inducing energy produces calmness.

 Protective Shield 

The hematite ring forms a protective shield.

One believes it protects against negativity and creates internal tranquility.

 Root Chakra Association 

The root chakra is where hematite is spiritual.

The root chakra connects people to the earth and serves as a base for spiritual expansion.

 Enhanced Connection 

Such hematite rings enhance the connection to the present moment.

They provide a sense of stability as they are the foundation and center of the root chakra.

 Boosting Mental Clarity 

One usually associates Hematite with the sharpening of the mind and concentration.

It helps remove mental clutters in the mind, facilitating better meditation and prayer.

 Simple Yet Powerful 

Simple yet potent, it is the practice of wearing a hematite ring.

It invites harmony, safety, and mindfulness into one’s life.


1: Do Hematite Rings Actually Work?

Ans: Do you know what do hematite rings do? The hematite ring purpose is well-known in feng shui for giving grounding and soothing energy, and it’s also been used to create balance and protection. It provides a healing energy and strength to those who wear it. Hematite was utilised by the ancient Egyptians to decorate their monarchs’ graves, while the Babylonians used to wear it into battle.

2: What Finger Should You Wear A Hematite Ring On?

Ans: You should wear a hematite wedding ring on your left hand’s ring finger. Some people also prefer wearing it on their middle fingers, and some prefer wearing it in their index fingers as well. Since you know what does a hematite ring do, you can also wear it on any finger you want, and on which finger, you think it will work the best.

3: How Can You Tell If A Hematite Ring Is Real?

Ans: Are hematite rings real? Of course they are. If hematite rings are dark red in the surface, it means it is real. In the same way, a powdered hematite should also have a reddish touch like the gemstone. If you can scrape a piece of Hematite over black sandpaper, or unglazed porcelain, and a red or brown stripe appears, it means the hematite ring is real.

Final Thoughts

For those of you wondering about hematite ring which finger, let us tell you there is no thumb rule for that. However, most people wear it on their left hand and wedding fingers, so that’s a popular choice. But, you should wear it anywhere you feel like it because a black hematite ring is supposed to instill confidence in you. So, wear it with pride, and let us know in the comment box if you have more queries regarding it.

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