Best Holi Dress Ideas To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors In 2023!

What is the best holi dress idea that I can wear this year?

Are you searching for something like that? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place.

Apart from all the fun that we can have, apart from all the colorful mess that we can create during Holi, if there is one more thing that we are truly excited about, it is the fashion and style statement that we can pull off. If you have been searching all over the internet for the best ways to dress up for this holi, then you do not have to look any further.

Keep reading this style blog till the end to learn more about the best holi outfit ideas that you can try in 2023…

Best Holi Dress Ideas To Try In 2023!

We all have those times when we meet our friends and family and want to look our best and set a benchmark. Well, believe it or not, this is also true in the case of holi parties. That is the reason why often people search for the best holi dress that they can wear in these get-togethers.

Are you searching for the best holi dress that you can wear to rock this holi season? If yes, then you have reached the right place.

Here are the top eight holi dress ideas that you can try in 2023:

1. Wear It White

The first one on this list of the best holi outfits or dresses is anything that is white. Yes, literally anything that is white. The white color of the dress will make the colors of the gulaal or pigmented powders pop as they make your entire outfit colorful as the time goes.

2. Colorful Shrug For A Chilled Party

Colorful Shrug For A Chilled Party

Whether you are thinking about wearing a colorful shrug or plain white one with colors here and there, you will look trendy as you hit the streets or your holi party. And yes, it is very comfortable!

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3. Pants And Crop Tops For Comfort!

Is there anything that we can feel more comfortable in than our crop tops and pants? I don’t think so. Considering the fact that it gets a bit tiring and hot with the holi festivities and parties, do yourself a favor and wear something comfortable like this.

4. White Kurti With Colorful Dupatta

The next one on this list is the way to style your white kurti with a colorful dupatta. The white kurti will make the colorful fabric stand out and the entire outfit will resonate with the occasion of colors. So, if that is something that you want to wear, then go for it!

5. Become A Gulaabo

Is there any other color that is as good as pink during holi? NO! The pink color of the gulaal or the holi powder is the essence of the festival of colors. So, why not try to blend in with the same? Turn into a gulaabo for a day and let your outfit be as colorful as the holi colors.

6. Red Tops And Denim Shorts

Red Tops And Denim Shorts

Deepika Padukone made it popular in her film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and we could not help but swoon over the looks. While you can copy her completely, it is never wrong to have your own take on it. Just put on your bright red top and your comfy denim shorts. And you’re good to go!

7. Tie And Dye T’s

Tie And Dye T’s

The next one on this list is the popular tie and dye t-shirts. They are not only great for the occasion of holi, but also extremely comfortable to wear and carry out the entire day as you play with the colors.

8. Saree For Holi

Saree For Holi

Last but not the least on the list of the best holi look that you can try this year is a saree. Yes, a saree. When it comes to a traditional holi dress for girl, the next thing that comes after a kurti is a saree. Take a look at these two images right here. You can either wear a plain white saree or a colorful one like here.

9. Wear Lohri Dresses For Holi This Year  

Have you got the most beautiful Lohri dress this year? Why not restyle it for Holi, who is just two months apart?

For the winter festival of Lohri, many women opt for a combination of a short kurta and salwars. They also elevate the appeal of this ensemble with colorful dupattas and statement accessories.

Resonating the rich culture of Punjab, Lohri outfits for women also flaunt a lot of colors. These ethnic outfits are further adorned with beautiful embroidery and zari work. You will also find mirror and sequin embellishments on the kurta.

Holi is a vibrant festival and it’s celebrated by smearing colors on others. So, why not make the festival of color all the more vibrant by wearing a gorgeous Lohri outfit comprising a short kurta and salwars?

10. Wear A Cape Dress In White   

Do you want to keep your Holi look minimalistic and classy? You can wear a white cape dress for the Holi party. Further, this outfit is a great choice if you want a chic outfit for a daytime Holi party.

As your outfit is white, you can complement it with colorful accessories like earrings, bangles, and a scarf. Don’t forget to wear a pair of sunglasses for the much-needed protection from the harmful rays of the Sun.

Wear A Printed Tunic With Leggings   

Do you want to emulate the vibe of spring in your outfit? You can wear a floral printed tunic with a pair of leggings for this Holi. The floral prints will also create a camouflaging effect for your tunic. So, even after the colors are smeared (some of the colors are stubborn and do not get washed off easily) and the tunics are washed, you don’t need to throw the tunic away.

Team your floral tunic with a pair of leggings in a complementary shade. For example, if your tunic has red floral prints, go for a pair of leggings in white or black.

Choose silver jewelry pieces to complete your Holi look for this season. You can also be creative with your hairstyle. From simple braids to buns, you can try a lot of hairstyles.

If you are attending a Holi party in the evening, you can experiment with your makeup with defined eyes and a vibrant color to paint your lips. However, if it’s a daytime party and you will know that a lot of crazy things will happen, including smearing colors, you can just wear your sunscreen and get ready.

Wrapping It Up!

In case you were searching for some of the best holi dress ideas that could make you look ready for all the Holi parties this year, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, please do not hesitate to let me know. All you need to do is leave a comment on the box below at the bottom of the page. And I will be there to answer them all for you.

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