how to fold a pocket square
how to fold a pocket square

How To Fold A Pocket Square? 10+ Ideas To Try In 2023

If you know high-end fashion, you will understand how a simple pocket square with proper fold can make a gentleman stand out. Not many men know how to fold a pocket square and transform this tiny piece of cloth peeping through the breast pocket into a statement piece.

I have seen many men carrying a pocket square that does not hold shape. Their breast pockets look bulky and ruin the overall crispness of the appearance. 

But if you want to learn, you can easily master the art of folding a pocket square. Here are some cool ideas for you to explore.

How To Fold A Pocket Square In 10+ Different Ways

Can you think of Robert Downy Jr. or Jon Hamm gracing a red-carpet event without flaunting a pocket square? This tiny piece of cloth has become a part of timeless fashion, and it goes back into history with multiple beliefs about its origin.

Popular versions associate pocket squares with the history of ancient Egypt and Greece and rituals of Catholic Churches to express devotion to the Supreme Lord and his body, that is, the church.

Nevertheless, more recent studies suggest that King Richard II of England made this accessory well-known during his reign between 1377 and 1399. 

So, the history of pocket square is at least 600 years old, and since then, multiple styles of pocket square folds have evolved. Let’s have a look at them. 

Folding Pocket Square Into A Presidential Or Square Fold

Presidential pocket fold is the classiest style if you want to know how to fold a pocket square. The technique to create this fold is also very easy.

  • Take a crisp pocket square and fold it into two halves horizontally. Keep the width of your pocket in mind at this stage. The pocket square needs to go inside the pocket comfortably without ruining the crispness of the fold. 
  • As you get a perfect rectangle, press the edges of the fold neatly.
  • Now, fold the rectangle upward to create a perfect square.
  • Again, press the edges of the fold for crispness.
  • Press the bottom side inside your pocket so that the smooth strip of the fold is visible from the outside.
  • The size of the final fold needs to be slightly bigger than the height of your breast pocket. The strip has to run parallelly with the edge of your breast pocket.

The presidential fold is ideal for pocket squares made of stiff linen or cotton. Further, this fold suits pocket squares with solid patterns or subtle stripes along the edges.

The Dunaway Fold Pocket Square Styles 

Creating Dunaway folds for your pocket square needs some expertise.  

  • Pinch the center of the pocket square so that the corners of the pocket square are drawn downward. The shape will be exactly like the cloaks you have seen the ghosts in comic books wearing.
  • Now, you have to twist the edges of the pocket square.
  • Then, fold the bottom of the pocket square upward.
  • Make sure that the tips at the top are neat and they are spaced out evenly. 
  • Tuck the bottom part into your pocket to get going.

If you want to be creative, you can stylize the tips of the Dunaway folds differently. However, the crispness should not be interfered with. Dunaway folds always look better on pocket squares, which have some detailing across the borders. 

3 Point Fold Suit Pocket Square

Do you want to know how to fold a 3-point pocket square? It’s very easy. 

  • Take a crisp and classy pocket square that complements a business suit.
  • Now, lay it flat and fold it diagonally. When folded up, the folding should be a little off the center so that the bottom corner remains at the left of the enter pocket square.
  • Then, take the bottom left corner of the fold and again fold it diagonally so that you have three points or peaks at the top.
  • Fold the right corner of the pocket square to put it inside your breast pocket.
  • Only the three peaks of the pocket square will remain visible when kept inside the pocket. 

Make sure that the three tips or peaks at the top are placed neatly and at an equal distance. 

Three-point folds are great for pocket squares made of wool, silk, wool and silk blend, and stiff linen. Pockets squares with borders or contrasting edges look great with this fold style. 

Rose Pocket Square

Rose Pocket Square

If you want to know how to fold a pocket square rose, here is your step-by-step guide. The process is a little tricky but surely the pocket square fold you get at the end of the process is completely worth it.

  • Form a circle in your left hand by making the thumb and index finger touch.
  • Place the pocket square on the circle and it should be facing upward.
  • Now, use your right hand’s index and middle fingers to press the pocket square inside the hold.
  • Use your right palm to twist the pocket square slowly so that the folds overlap. The twisting should be done in a circular motion to form the rose shape.
  • Keep twisting the fabric until there is no untwisted tail left.
  • There will be a rose shape at the top, and you need to hold that carefully.
  • Push the trail inside your breast pocket to make the rose shape visible.

Even if you know how to fold a pocket square rose, you will never get the same results in two attempts. The design will keep varying as you cannot use the same amount of pressure to fold the pocket square every time. 

Rose pocket squares are versatile when it comes to the right choice of material. It works on any blended material, as well as cotton and linen. The ones with medallion patterns or contrasting edges are ideal for this style of folding. 

How To Fold A Pocket Square Into A 2 Petals Fold

How To Fold A Pocket Square Into A 2 Petals Fold

A 2-petals-shaped pocket square fold looks subtle, and the peaks popping out of the pocket complement the classy look of a formal suit.

  • Take a pocket square and place it diagonally.
  •  Now, fold the bottom tip upward and create a triangular shape. The top and bottom tips of the pocket square should match.
  • Fold the left and right corners of the triangle inward.
  • Next, roll both corners of the triangle inside to create a slightly rounded formation.
  • Press the bottom part inside your pocket and let the top part remain visible.
  • Organize the tips of the fold for a neat appearance.

Two-petal folds are very common in pocket squares, napkins, and paper tissue arrangements

If you want this fold for your pocket square, choose something in stiff cotton and linen. Pocket squares in bold colors and a solid pattern are ideal for this style. However, you can also go for variations that have contrasting borders. 

Scallop Pocket Square Fold

Scallop Pocket Square Fold

To go for a scalloped fold for your pocket square, pick one with classy prints or contrasting edges. In this fold, the edge of the pocket square gets the maximum attention. 

Nevertheless, here is a step-by-step guide to creating a scallop fold.

  • Place the pocket square properly, and it should be facing upside down.
  • Now, fold the pocket square in a diagonal direction, and the edges should be slightly obliqued.
  • You will get a triangle and fold that again diagonally to get a new triangle. The edges being a little askew will help you get multiple tips.
  • Keep the exposed edges upward and fold the right and left corners toward the center.
  • Fold the left and side corners of the formation again toward the center.
  • Finally, fold the pocket square horizontally so that it fits inside your breast pocket. 

Scallop folds can be created easily with silk, cotton, woolen, linen, and blended fabric.  

The Four Stair Fold

A pocket square crafted with a silk wool blend can be easily transformed into a four-star fold. The technique is a little tricky but can be managed.

  • Take two pocket squares of contrasting shades. 
  • Place them flat and keep them on each other.
  • Now, fold both of them into a rectangle vertically.
  • Fold them again vertically to form a square
  • Once you have a square with open edges, keep turning the edges upward. 
  • In this way, you will get a layered formation on one side.
  • Finally, fold the pocket square into two halves.
  • Make the upper tips neat.
  • Now, roll both sides at the bottom inward to place the pocket square inside the pocket.

Remember that you need pocket squares in a lightweight fabric for this form. Otherwise, your breast pocket will look bulky. 

Folding Pocket Square With 2 Points

Folding Pocket Square With 2 Points
  • Take the pocket square and press it with your hands to begin with. Ensure that there is no crease.
  • Fold the pocket square upward so that the tips of both sections do not meet and are a little askew.
  • Now, fold both sides of the triangle base formed with the pocket square inward. Make sure that the sizes of both the folds are equal.
  • Tuck the bottom side of the pocket square into your pocket. At the top, two tip points of the pocket square will remain visible.

Along with president folds, this two-point fold is also quite popular for formal occasions. 

Pocket Square Fold With One Point

Pocket Square Fold With One Point

This one is easy to make, and you must take a pocket square made of stiff fabric to create this formation.

  • Take a pocket square and fold it into a triangle upward.
  • Make sure that the tips of the triangles are matching.
  • Now, fold the right and left sides of the formation inward to get a uniform tip at the front.
  • Press the folds neatly so that you have a crisp formation.
  • Push the bottom side of the formation inside your pocket.

Pocket squares with a single-tip formation are ideal for business meetings or formal occasions. But you can even go for this style to ace your fashion game for casual hangouts. 

Shell Pocket Square Fold

Shell Pocket Square Fold

For a modern man with a love for fashion and impressive origami skills, a shell pocket square fold will be worth trying.

  • Take a pocket square and fold it upward to form a triangle.
  • Now, fold both edges of the triangle upward in opposite directions.
  • The folded sides should overlap each other.
  • Now, fold both sides again so that two triangles facing downward are formed.
  • The bottom of this formation should look like an arrow or the paper airplanes we loved making during childhood.
  • Finally, place the formation inside your breast pocket and straighten.

The multiple edges or tips formed at the top of this fold must remain neat and be evenly spaced out. A starched cotton pocket square will be the ideal choice for this pocket square formation. The starch will help the folds to remain in their place.

If you want to make the pocket square stand out, choose one with contrasting shades.

Puff Pocket Square Fold

Puff Pocket Square Fold

Puff pocket square fold is most suitable for casual occasions. However, you cannot undermine the appeal of this fold. Taking about this style, it’s Winston Churchill who made the style famous. 

Do you want to create this fold? Here is your step-by-step guide.

  • Take a pocket square and pinch it at the center.
  • You will now get a cloak-like formation with the edges facing downward.
  • Now, tug on both sides of the edges to create a tube-like formation.
  • Still, you will have two dangling edges.
  • Finally, turn the bottom of the tubular formation of the pocket upward. The dangling edges will also remain folded behind the tubular form.

In this style, the pocket square will have multiple folds. So, make sure that your pocket square does not end up having creases.

Final Words

Knowing the tricks or skills or having the folding ideas is not enough if you want to learn how to fold a pocket square. The type of fold you choose will depend on the occasion you are to attend, how skilled you are, the design of the pocket square, and most importantly, its material.

Wool, silk, and blended materials are great for scallops or square folds. Similarly, stiff cotton or linen is excellent for more formal styles like president or one-point folds.

So, pick your style and wear your pocket square to get complimented for your fashion aesthetics.

And if you love any other pocket square folding style, don’t forget to share! 

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