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How To Get Wavy Hair & How To Do Beach Loose Waves?

The summer sky, a solitary island, a glass of pina colada, yellow sarong, and perfect wavy golden locks- doesn’t it sound like the best idea for your next photoshoot? Well, it does to us. That’s why wavy hair is back at the game again because it looks like people ultimately got tired of those flat, ironed hair strands. That’s why we have found many people asking us how to get wavy hair.

While we do have the answer to this question, we feel you must know how sexy and stylish would you look if you had this hairstyle. Trust me, from celebrities to influencers, the trend of wavy hair is swarming the internet. If you have ever played the ark game, and fancy the ark hairstyles, you will see unlocking the romantic wavy hairstyle is quite difficult, and popular there too.  So, let’s find out how to get wavy hair, especially those loose beach waves.

How To Get Wavy Hair?

How to make hair wavy? It is a typical question of millennials because they want to look carelessly beautiful. While a messy bun was more fashionable as a go-to hairstyle for an office or party, natural beachy waves in your hair also serve the same purpose. You may think it will be a daunting task to get those perfect waves, but we have more than one solution for you. So, you can choose the one that deems the best for you. Let’s check out the wavy hair tips now;

Solution 1: Use A Curling Wand

A curling wand is the best for creating those naturally beachy waves in your hair that you have always dreamt of. But don’t forget that we are talking about a curling wand here and not a curling iron. That’s because a curling iron will give your hair waves, but it will not last long. At the same time, a curling wand will retain the original texture of your hair so that the waves last longer.

Step 1: Use a hair protectant spray all over your hair.

Step 2: Use a brush to spread the spray throughout your hair.

Step 3: Take a barrel of 1 inch, and grab vertical sections of your hair to wrap them around.

Step 4: Leave at least 2 inches of those ends out so that it does not look over the top.

Step 5: Finish the styling with a light sea-salt hairspray.

Solution 2: Get Waves Overnight

Most of you may want to know how to get wavy hair overnight, right? So, we have a quick solution for you. You simply need a fabric belt to tie your hair, and it will work wonders for you. You can grab the belt from your bathrobe, too, if you are not finding anything else. This is the perfect hack for how to make your hair wavy without heat. 

Step 1: Use a fine cutting or parting comb to separate your hair into two sections.

Step 2: Now, twist your hair, piece by piece, around the bathrobe strap.

Step 3: Make sure to secure the end of your hair with a rubber band.

Step 4: Once done, make a bun of the whole section.

Step 5: Repeat the same process for the other half.

Step 6: When you wake up from your sleep, just give your hair a touch of hairspray.

Solution 3: A Simple Ponytail Will Work Just Fine

If you want to know how to get wavy hair without heat, we have a straightforward solution. Did you know that the waves begin around halfway through your hair? Yes, if you look at your hair below the ear level, you can see the waves starting from there. 

Step 1: Pull your hair in a ponytail, and tie it with a rubber band.

Step 2: Apply a heat protectant spray on the loose strands.

Step 3: Now, use a curling wand, or iron to just curl the tied section of your ponytail.

Step 4: Open your hair, and apply a texturizing spray to complete the look.

Solution 4: Good, Old Air-Drying

Do you know how to make your hair wavy without any heat? Remember when we used to air dry our wet hair without any heater? Well, the good old air-drying system works perfectly in this process too. But, you do have to make a bun on your hair while it is wet, so that may be a tricky part here.

Step 1: Twist your hair with two knots.

Step 2: Apply a styling product to add volume to your wet strands.

Step 3: Make two buns at the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Secure the buns with hairpins.

Step 5: Wait till they dry, and let them loose to get the perfect natural waves hair.

Solution 5: Use A Straightener

I know what you are thinking. But, if you want to know how to get wavy hair, why do we suggest you use a straightener, right? Well, that’s because it’s an excellent way to get loose beach waves in your hair. On top of that, using a straightener makes your waves look shinier, so that’s a plus.

Step 1: Make sure your flat iron faces the ground when you are holding it rather than the usual horizontal position.

Step 2: Now, take a strand, and apply the iron on top of the strand.

Step 3: Instead of flowing the straightener down the strand at one stroke, break the process. Apply the iron on top of the strand, lift it, and apply it again to the middle of the strand.

Step 4: Repeat the process for all the strands.

Step 5: Add a shine-enhancing finishing spray to mist dry your hair in the end.

How To Treat Wavy Hair?

If you are asking us how to treat wavy hair, you must be really interested in maintaining your loose beach waves, right? The effortless look of a wavy hairstyle suits women of any age, face shape, body type, or hair type. So, let’s find out some tips on how to care for wavy hair. 

  1. Find a shampoo that is just suitable for those curly locks. Although over shampoo can strip the curly hair of its natural oil, so looking for a shampoo that is apt for curly hairstyle, will help you maintain those wavy locks.
  2. Find a curl-defining conditioner infused with moisturizing components, and oil will soften your wavy curly hair. So, conditioning your hair a lot is an essential part of wavy hair care. 
  3. Normal conditioning may answer your question on how to maintain wavy hair. But, frizz-fighting hair oil can deep condition your wavy hair and can maintain its bouncy texture. 
  4. While looking for hair products, make sure you strike a balance between strength and moisture. Make sure your hair products contain silk protein and vital nutrients as that’s the only way you’ll know how to care for wavy hair.
  5. Wavy curly hair is already dry in nature, so apply minimum heat on your loose waves to retain its usual texture. It is the most important tip to remember in your treatment for wavy hair routine.

What Are The Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair?  

Now, you know how to get wavy hair and how to take care of it. It’s time to explore some cool styling ideas to make a statement.

So, let’s explore the hairstyles.

Blunt Bob  

If you want a precise look with your wavy hair, you can go for a blunt bob hairstyle. You don’t have to keep the length of your tresses very strong while getting a blunt bob cut. Further, the signature straight lines of the blunt bob cut will add some definition to the natural wavy texture of your hair.

You may ask how a simple haircut can make your wavy hair look straight. Yes, it’s true that the haircut will not completely straighten your hair strands. Still, it will impart a uniform look to your hair.

In addition, if you have wavy hair but your hair does not have the volume, a blunt bob can definitely improve its appearance with a fuller look. At the same time, the beauty of this haircut lies in how it can frame your face.

So, if you have a round face, this haircut will be an excellent choice for you.

Shaggy Haircut With Layers   

If you ask a millennial or Gen-X about their favorite haircut, they will tell you about the shaggy haircut with layers. The free form of this hairstyle especially works for those who have naturally wavy hair.

But why does a shaggy cut work for wavy hair? It’s because this hair lends a polished look to a wavy hairstyle. Further, the layers in a shaggy cut remove all the bulk from the bottom of your hair and give your hair a definition.

Overall, a shaggy haircut will help you to keep your wavy hair better managed. Moreover, if you have thicker, wavy hair in long length, this haircut will be a great pick for you.

Pixie Cut And Wavy Hair: Complementing Each Other  

Pixie cut, being a versatile haircut, suits almost all types of hair. However, if you have straight hair and you are getting this cut, your hair may not have enough texture or volume. This is where wavy hair becomes more suitable for a pixie cut. In other words, if you have naturally wavy hair and you get a pixie cut, there will be a much-needed boost in the volume and texture of your hair.

So, if you have wavy hair and you are planning a haircut, go for the pixie style.


We have already shared several tips with you on how to get wavy hair naturally. However, once you get the loose beach waves, you must also learn to take care of the wavy hair. But, we have added some other questions here that can help you more if you want those waves. So, let’s take a look;

1: How To Get Wavy Hair On Short Length Hair?

Ans: You can use a small curling iron on a low heat setting and start curling your hair from the front. As you head towards the undermost layers, change your directions. Don’t forget to use a hairspray else; it will look deranged and frizzy.

2: How Do I Get Loose Waves In My Hair?

Ans: Separate your hair into two sections, and use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to add a bend at the middle section of your hair. Now, slowly smooth out the ends to get a perfectly undone wave. If you want to know how to get natural wavy hair, this is the trick to follow.

3: How Do I Get Wavy Hair Without Heat?

Ans: You can use a scrunchie to tie your damp hair into a messy bun. As you bind the bun, make sure it stays in place with hair clips and hair ties. Let your hair dry like that, and once it is dried, let the hair loose. 

Putting It All Together

Are you still with us? Then, you must have figured out how to get wavy hair, right? Well, we have provided some excellent solutions here, so you can choose any one of those hacks to get the naturally beachy waves. If you have any more questions regarding the hair routine for wavy hair, you can always reach us through the comment box. 

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