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Try Lotus Sex Position To Have The Most Intense Sex Of Your Life: Know The Art

Have you ever tried the lotus sex position? How does it feel? Isn’t it the most intense and passionate experience ever?

For the uninitiated, the lotus flower sex position can open up a new avenue for steamy romance with slow movements of your hips and thighs.

This sex position is also called “Yab Yum,” and it’s one of the many Tantric practices to have a mindful approach to sex. As you try this pose for sex, it allows you to connect with your inner self and bolsters the connection with your partner.

Being a woman, it’s easy for me to explain how it helps a woman, especially an introvert, to feel the ultimate intimacy and passion and open up during sex.

You know, many things are written about the benefits and features of this sex position. However, it’s difficult to weave into words how it can give you the best orgasm ever.   

Why Is Lotus Sex Position The Best For Love Making?  

Why Is Lotus Sex Position The Best For Love Making?  

Do you want to know why many people prefer the lotus sex position? This position allows you to exude your own energy while tapping into a composite energy along with your partner.

Does it sound a little complicated? Let me make things easier for you.

The Lotus Position Allows Maximum Access To Erogenous Zones During Sex   

The Lotus Position Allows Maximum Access To Erogenous Zones During Sex   

The best part about the lotus position in sex is that both of you have maximum access to the erogenous zones of your partner’s body. When you are sitting on your partner’s lap, your hands are free.

So, both of you can now use your hands to touch and stimulate the penis, clitoris and nipples. In other words, your hands can roam around your lover’s body, and this way, you get to beautifully infuse the element of foreplay into this sex position.

Excellent To Express Love And Passion Through Gaze And Syncing Breath   

Excellent To Express Love And Passion Through Gaze And Syncing Breath   

In the lotus position, the woman sits on the man’s lap. Now, your lips are closer, and your eyes are almost at the same level (unless there is a major gap in height between the partners). So, both of you will be gazing at each other, and your breath will be synced until your lips reach out to other parts of your lover’s body, and you both close your eyes in pleasure.

Then, both of you will be tapped into the most beautiful and composite energy. From passionate kissing to the orgasm, the process will chart its own course.

In Lotus Sex Position, It’s More About Grinding Than Thrusting  

In the lotus position for sex, you will be sitting on your partner’s lap. So, while having vaginal or anal sex, the penis will get inserted from the bottom, and with the slow movement of your hips and leg, you will be moving up and down.

In Lotus Sex Position, It’s More About Grinding Than Thrusting  

Further, the process is more about grinding and does not involve thrusting. As a result, there will be a lot of clitoris stimulation, making your passion soar higher and higher. You will also have the best orgasm ever in this position.

The Experience Is Passionate Yet Relaxing   

The Experience Is Passionate Yet Relaxing   

Another great thing about the lotus position is that the build-up of passion happens over a slow and steady process. You get enough time to exchange glances and release and feel the connection through the release of the love hormone, oxytocin.

Being an intense and mindful process, the overall experience imparts a relaxing feeling. Also, as the penetration process starts, you will explore more sensations, including taste, touch, and sight.

These different dimensions of the feeling are great for experiencing a deeper connection with your partner.

Now that you know how the lotus position can make your sex magical, let’s discuss the postures you can try.

Lotus Sex Position You Can Try For Steamy Moments   

Lotus Sex Position You Can Try For Steamy Moments   

Trying the lotus position for sex demands physical endurance. Further, the postures put a lot of pressure on the hips and thighs. The man sitting at the bottom also needs proper support for his back.

So, to try this posture, you need to place pillows beneath your and your partner’s back. Also, let your partner sit against the headrest so that you get some extra support and your partner feels less pressure on his back.

Here, I will discuss some simple variations of the wrapped lotus sex position. Of course, there are many other fancy variations, like the flying lotus sex position, but those need high levels of physical fitness.

The Original Or Sitting Lotus Sex Position  

In this position, you will sit on your partner’s lap. Your legs will embrace his torso, and his legs will remain under you.

As you are comfortable in the position, try moving closer to your partner so that you can embrace his neck with your arms. The chests will also melt as you slowly get started with the penetration process.

The Face Time Lotus Position   

In this position, the pleasure is not about penetration. The beauty of this pose lies in the proximity you share with your partner.

Further, in this posture, your partner can sit cross-legged, and you sit on his lap with your legs wrapping his torso.

Also, sitting in this posture, both of you can touch each other’s erogenous zones, like cheeks and nipples, for some stimulation.

The Double Yum Position For Extra Pleasure   

In the double yum position, you will sit on your partner’s lap like the original sex position. However, both of you will lean backward for some extra support and deeper penetration.

Also, as your partner’s hands are not engaged in this posture, ask him to use his fingers to stimulate your clitoris. You can even use a vibrator for some extra pleasure.

Can Lotus Position Meditation Improve My Sex Life?   

Can Lotus Position Meditation Improve My Sex Life?   

Yes, the lotus position meditation can improve your sex life. You don’t need to try something as exotic as a hanging lotus sex position when sitting cross-legged on a plain surface can yield so many benefits.

In this pose, you will need to bring your feet closer to the thighs of your opposite legs. As a result, there will be a major stretch in the muscles of your hip and thighs. Further, with this stretching exercise, the muscles in your hip and thighs will become more flexible.

So, you can practice this meditation pose every day to experience improvements in your sex life.

Summing Up   

The lotus sex position is the best if you want to experience the ultimate stimulation and intimacy. Further, the posture opens up more access to your partner’s body and the erogenous zones. So, the pleasure quotient becomes higher with tactile and other sensations growing with the progress of the penetration process.

If you haven’t tried this pose yet, give it a shot tonight!

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