necktie knots
necktie knots

7+ Ways To Tie Necktie Knots: What Should You Know In 2023?

It’s hard yet easy to assume how simple necktie knots can make or break the appearance of a gentleman. Apologies for starting with a bit of oxymoron, but when it’s about neckties and their knots, versatility or the difference in styles reign supreme. 

Do you know different necktie knots talk a volume about the wearer’s personality? Some knots suit the perfect gentleman, some styles present you as an adventurous dresser, and a few give a quirky touch to your appearance.

So, what’s your style in tying necktie knots? Let’s explore and find some other tips you must know this season. 

What Do You Need To Know Before You Tie Necktie Knots?

What Do You Need To Know Before You Tie Necktie Knots

Why are different tie knots so important? It’s because these knots enhance the look of a necktie and, most importantly, add an extra dose of suaveness to your look.

So, what are the perfect necktie knot styles? 

The perfect knot style for your necktie will depend on the following factors.

  • The width of your necktie
  • How consistent the interior of your necktie is
  • The fabric of your necktie

Let’s make things simpler for you. Suppose your necktie has a heavy interior. A complex knot will be problematic to tie for that necktie, and the same holds for a tie made of woolen or tweed fabric.

Similarly, if your necktie is made of fine silk or knit jersey fabric and has no interlining, you can try the most complex or fancy necktie knots. 

What Can I Do To Tie The Cool Necktie Knots Perfectly?

Have you just got the perfect necktie for you? Hold on, as you must follow some simple tricks to perfect the knots.

  • Make sure that you have closed the topmost button on the placket of your shirt.
  • The collars should face upward.
  • Make a small dimple using your finger to the center of your tie knot. 

That’s it! You are all set to tie the perfect necktie knots. 

Did You Know About These Smart Tricks After Tying Necktie Knots?

Are you done with tying the necktie knot? Follow these little tricks to enhance the appearance of the knot further. 

  • Help the tie knot to rise up so that the first shirt button is no longer visible.
  • Ensure that the tie’s wide and front part just reaches above your belt buckle.
  • Set the necktie knot in the center.

Don’t forget to lower the collars of your shirt before you get going. 

What Are The Different Types Of Necktie Knots To Try In 2023?

Today, you can get endless ideas to tie the necktie knots perfectly. I am nothing against those ideas. But some ideas are being promoted in the name of “fancy knots,” and most of them will inevitably fail usual occasions and standard fabrics used in ties. 

So, when it comes to tying necktie knots, sticking to the classics is the smartest thing you can do. 

However, that does not stop you from being creative. I am here with the most exciting ideas!

1. Windsor Necktie Knots 

Windsor Necktie Knots

Windsor or double Windsor necktie knots are named after the Duke of Windsor. The Duke always sported knot a style similar to this, and it was broad and triangular.  

The Windsor necktie knot is symmetrical, wide, and has a triangular shape. It is great for ties made of silk fabric and will look great with your classy shirts featuring French collars.

This knot is also suitable for open-spread collar shirts. Make sure you use a long necktie to make a Windsor knot, as otherwise, it may be difficult for the tie to reach the belt buckle. 

Do you want to know how to tie a double Windsor necktie knot? Watch this video.

2. Half Windsor Necktie Knots 

Half Windsor Necktie Knots

You can perceive half Windsor necktie knots as the simplified versions of double Windsor knots. This style works well with ties made of fine silk or other fabrics that lend the tie’s upper part a slippery texture.

Despite being triangular, this knot is a little asymmetrical, and it goes well with shirts with open-spread or wide collars.

Do you want to know how to tie a half-Windsor necktie knot? Click on the video below.

3. Prince Albert Necktie Knots

Prince Albert Necktie Knots

If you want classy and easy-to-make necktie knots to make a statement, try Prince Albert necktie knots.

This knot style is great for thin ties and works with neckties made with different fabrics. However, this knot is hard to achieve in fabrics with a thick texture.

Prince Albert necktie knots complement all types of shirt collars, and men with various physique types can wear this style. 

4. Ventaglio Or Atlantic Necktie Knots

Ventaglio Or Atlantic Necktie Knots

Do you want to infuse some retro charm into the style of tying necktie knots? You must try Ventaglio or Atlantic necktie knots. These knots are also known as Café knots.

This tie knot is ideal for casual occasions and looks great with shirts that have wide collars or sporty jackets.

Want to know how to tie an Atlantic necktie knot? Here’s your video guide. 

5. Four In Hand Necktie Knots

Four In Hand Necktie Knots

Did you know that the four in hand necktie knots got their name from a London club called “Four in Hand?”  Some also say that the name came from the knots coachmen used to fix horses’ reins. 

The tie knot is usually not worn on formal occasions. It complements almost every type of shirt collar. 

Have you tried the necktie knots yet?

6. Trinity Necktie Knots

Trinity Necktie Knots

Trinity necktie knots are a more contemporary or adventurous style of tying a necktie. The knot itself is quite opulent. So, guys, choose simple ties if you have plans to make this knot. Also, the tie should be thin to avoid extra bulk around your neck.

This knot goes well with different shirts with open-spread collars.

Want to try your hand at making this knot? Have a look.

7. Kelvin Necktie Knots

Kelvin Necktie Knots

Here is another necktie knot that has a historical anecdote associated with it. Do you want to know how this knot came?

According to popular belief, this necktie knot got its name from Wiliam Thompson. Also known as Lord Kelvin, he was a scientist with a remarkable contribution to the field of mathematics.

Kelvin knots are made well on thick ties, and they look good with shirts with narrow collars. You can wear this tie knot with casual and formal pinstripe suits and shirts.

8. Onassis Necktie Knots

Onassis Necktie Knots

Aristotle Onassis, a Greek ship owner and magnate, introduced the Onassis necktie knots to the world. 

This style of knot goes well with waistcoats, jackets, suits, and vests. If you want to pair it with a shirt, choose one that has an open-spread or semi-open-spread collar. 

It’s suitable for wide ties and very easy to make.  

The Takeaway

The right pocket square folds and necktie knots can refine a gentleman’s appearance much. These are like finer details that you cannot ignore.

Consider the shirt you wear and the fabric, structure, or pattern of your tie before you pick a specific style of necktie knot. Also, keep the occasion in mind to ace your fashion game. 

How did you like the necktie knot ideas I have shared? Do you want to have more ideas? Please let me know. 

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