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Fitness Tips Every New Mom Should Know

Taking it easy and gaining weight is totally normal during pregnancy.

In fact, according to the pregnancy weight guide on MedlinePlus, most will gain between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.

Having said this, it’s also normal for moms to want to get back into shape after their baby arrives.

While this journey is not necessarily easy, it is perfectly doable with the right mindset and considerations.

Top 4 Fitness Tips For Every New Mom

If you’re a new mom looking to get into fitness, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Let’s dive in!

1. Choose a sustainable approach

Instead of opting for fad diets with quick fixes, WeightWatchers’ weight loss motivation tips note that a sustainable approach is more forgiving and effective.

This is because by choosing a sustainable approach, you can slowly but surely develop a personalized wellness routine that you can stick with.

For new moms, this means that you can better enjoy your journey to fitness since it will take your present circumstances into account. Otherwise, you’d only be forcing yourself to adapt to a demanding new diet or workout that may be hard to maintain and which will only cause fluctuating results.

sustainable approach

Even if it seems like a sustainable approach will take longer to show results, these are likely to be longer-lasting since the healthy habits they encourage fit in with your circumstances.

2. Take postpartum depression into account

The effects of postpartum depression are very real. In regard to a mother’s fitness, the mood swings, severe depression, and brain fog associated with postpartum depression can make it hard to embark on a demanding wellness journey.

That said, numerous studies, such as those on physical fitness on NCBI, state that regular exercise can stave off the symptoms of postpartum depression. Thus, it’s recommended that moms carefully choose workouts that can complement their personal needs.

postpartum depression

For instance, if you’re somebody who prefers quiet, you can try yoga. On the other hand, if you’re more engaged in loud and vibrant settings, try explosive group classes like spinning or boxing. By finding this middle ground, you’ll be able to actually exercise and feel its benefits without getting too bogged down by postpartum struggles.

3. Start with targeted exercises

That said, if you (or your doctor) don’t feel up to the task of full-length workouts yet, you can integrate easy-targeted exercises instead.

Unlike workouts that typically include a full range of different motions within a set time span, targeted workouts can be done anywhere with as few or as many reps as you’re comfortable with.

Some examples of targeted exercises by WebMD include Kegels, walking, deep belly breathing, and curl-up variations.

 targeted exercises

These are less strenuous but when done regularly can be just as helpful. Over time, you will notice significant benefits like better pelvic floor strength and better back spinal health. Plus, since these exercises can be done virtually anywhere at your leisure, they won’t take away from your time with your child.

4. Sleep when you can

It may seem counterproductive, but sleeping is a crucial part of getting back into shape.

As mentioned in Arnab Day’s list of parenting tips, sleep is important to get whenever possible since your baby requires a lot of energy.

Without the right amount of sleep, you’ll not only feel more sluggish, but you’re also more likely to retain weight. Additionally, lack of sleep will impair your body’s ability to recover. This means that it’ll take your body a lot longer to feel well and able enough to pursue crucial exercise.

If you find it too hard to sleep during the night, try to catch a few ZZZs whenever your baby is down. This way, you can at least allow your body to heal and regulate itself.

Note: Pregnancy-related changes like weight gain are part of the beauty of motherhood. That’s why, although it’s easier said than done, new moms shouldn’t feel bad about how different their bodies look. Once you are ready to move forward post-natal with your doctor’s blessing, you can safely dive back into your fitness and diet.


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