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How To Make A Pearl Choker Necklace In Your Home

When it comes to choosing jewelry, pearls are one of the most common choices. Whether it is earrings or necklaces, pearls have been on the top of the list for a long time. Among all the other pearl accessories, the pearl choker necklace is one of the most popular ones. There are plenty of pearl choker necklaces available from famous brands. 

However, most of them seem to come off or get in bad shape at some point. Either the pearls get loose, or the pearls start to scatter. However, that does not mean you need to throw them away; you can repair them at home easily. Apart from that, you can make a pearl choker necklace in your home easily if you know the steps. 

How To Make A Pearl Choker Necklace – Complete Guide 

As mentioned above, you can easily create a pearl necklace or repair the old damaged ones if you are familiar with the techniques, materials, and steps. If you are here, you are looking for a guide to create a pearl choker necklace as well. We got your back; here are the steps and guide that will help you know how to do it easily. So, make sure to follow every step very carefully to make a pearl necklace choker with ease. 

Step 1: First, you will need to choose a thin line for the pearls. Most pearls are of different sizes and shapes. So, you will need to choose the line accordingly. Silk line is known to be the traditional choice for creating pearl choker necklaces, and it comes in different widths from thin to thick. You can also use some other lines like nylon instead of silk. 

If you are stringing pearls into a string, then be very gentle to pull the thread as it stretches a lot. Based on the collar length, you will need to choose the length of the pearl choker necklace. 

Although silk is a very resilient fiber, it will be weakened with time due to soap residue, skin oil, and many other factors. However, there is a way to prevent that by using beeswax. First, rub a little beeswax on the entire silk thread, then stretch it to apply it very well. 

Step 2: Now, you will need to fold the thread of silk in half. Tie the loose ends and knot them to enhance the strength of the string. You can also choose a brad clamp if you want to fasten the loose ends. It will help to make the pearl choker necklace much stronger and protected. 

Step 3: When the string is ready, you will need to move on to pearls. Before using them, make sure to be very careful with them as they tend to get lost easily in your home if not kept securely. Losing pearls can be a lot of trouble and make your pearl choker with pendant look bad. 

To prevent any spill, take the help of a towel. It will prevent the pearls from rolling away. Other than towels, you can also use trays and mats to keep your pearls. They will boost your pearl choker necklace-making experience. 

Step 4: Finally, it is time to string the pearls into line using a needle. You will need to choose a thin wire needle that can fit without any issues through the pearl holes for this process. If you are planning to put a special pearl in the middle of the necklace that is very common in pearl choker necklace Indian, then you need to remember that the pearls are strung in a reverse fashion. 

It means the first pearl that you are stringing will be the last one of the line. So, you will need to keep the pattern in your head and string the pearls accordingly. Also, make sure that the thickness of the string is smooth enough to pass the pearls. If you cannot pass the needle through, then you need to choose a smaller thread size. 

Step 5: Before putting the pearls, you will need to thread the clamshell using a needle to string it. You will need to string it to the end knot to connect the loose ends. Use glue to close the clamshell once the knot is inside the clamshell tip. 

Before proceeding further with the white pearl choker necklace making process, you need to tie an overhand knot. It will make sure that the pearls are separated from the clamshell. Also, this knot helps to increase the longevity of the necklace. 

Step 6: Now, take the threaded needle and string all the pearls one by one on the silk line. You can add a knot that will help to separate the pearls and keep them in place. Also, it prevents your pearls from wear and tear due to rubbing against one another. 

A small space between your pearls will look great as well. You can take the help of tweezers to make the knot much more precise and accurate. Overhead knots are more than enough to make your black choker with pearl stand out. 

Step 7: When making the pearl choker necklace, keep in mind that it might look different when worn on the neck. Checking the length is one of the most important parts. You have to check it while stringing pearls by holding the loose end with one hand to prevent the pearls from falling off, and a clamshell already protects the other side. 

You can also hold it against your neck to check the length and proceed accordingly. Try to give extra attention when measuring the length, as slight mistakes can make it look bad on your neck. Take the help of tools if needed to measure the right length. 

Step 8: When you are done stringing the pearls, make sure to pull the line and leave enough space for another clamshell. Just like the first one, you will need to make a knot to fit the other clamshell perfectly at the end of the white pearl necklace choker. Tuck the knot securely inside the small hollow part of the clamshell and use glue to close the clamshell tip. No matter if you are making a mens pearl necklace choker or a single pearl choker set, this is one of the steps you must perform. 

Step 9: This is the final step of the process where you will need to add a jump ring with the clamshell. You can do it by bending one side of the ring and creating an open position on the tip of the clasps. 

Once the ring is inside, close the tip of the clamshell. To make sure it does not come out while wearing, you need to use glue. Let the glue completely dry, and your pearl choker necklace is ready to wear. Pair it with a great outfit to look special among the crowd. 

If you are thinking of creating or repairing choker pearl necklaces, follow these steps to do it easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does A Choker Necklace Mean? 

A choker necklace is something that stays fitted closely to your neck. Unlike normal necklaces, this one stays fitted around the neck without hanging. Most choker necklaces come with a 15-inch average length and are made using different materials. Some of the most common materials that are used for choker necklaces include latex, plastic, velvet, beads, leather, etc. 

Q2. How Do You Make A Pearl Necklace? 

You will need to follow some easy steps to make a pearl necklace. These steps include threading, tying knots, inserting the pearls, tightening the knot, and your pearl necklace will be ready. However, it is not as easy as it sounds; there are plenty of small steps in every step that you will need to follow carefully.  

Q3. What Can I Use As A Choker? 

There are some common options available such as embroidery floss, string, and others. You will need to choose one based on the color of the ribbon and the pearl color. The color does not matter much as it will not be visible from the front. Just sew it after threading through the loops and tie the ends together. 

Q4. What Is The Best String For Necklaces? 

You have multiple options available to use as a string for a necklace. Here are some of the best options that you can choose for a pearl choker necklace, including nylon, silk, nymo, monofilament, waxed linen cord, tiger tail, leather cord, and others. You will need to choose one among them based on the necklace type, pearl color, and other things. 


Pearl choker necklace is one of the most common choices of women when it comes to choosing necklaces. However, if you want to create a unique pearl choker necklace or repair the previous one that got loosened with time, you need to know how to do it at home. Yes, you do not have to throw away the old ones and be satisfied with whatever design you get.

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