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Does Active Pigeon Pose Help Introverts To Release Deep Emotions? (Understanding How The Pose Helps)

Are you an introvert? Do you struggle to vent out your thoughts and emotions? Things can be really overwhelming for introverts as they try to keep their pain and anger cooped. The pigeon pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, is a popular Yogic pose to release deep emotions.

Through the release of emotions, the active pigeon pose also helps different muscles in our body to attain a relaxing stage. So, you get to regulate your emotions and achieve the desired physical flexibility or fitness at the same time.

Here is a guide discussing how pigeon pose yoga helps in venting out old emotions. I will also discuss some other benefits of this Yoga pose.

How Pigeon Yoga Helps Introverts To Get Rid Of Old Emotions  

How Pigeon Yoga Helps Introverts To Get Rid Of Old Emotions  

How do you feel when you stretch your body a little? Does holding your body well offer you some relief?

One of the many benefits of pigeon pose is that it allows you to stretch out your glutes. It also opens up your hip flexors. Many of us don’t know that this glute area is the reservoir of suppressed emotions and unconscious tension. Especially as introverts, we always look inward and keep things within ourselves. So, we end up storing a lot of unpleasant emotions in our glutes.

You can practice beginner or advanced pigeon pose to release the stored tension or emotion in the muscles and from your mind. Further, you will find many people crying or being overwhelmed at the end of a session. It is because they have been able to let their emotions out.

How Does Our Hip Area Store Old Emotions?  

How Does Our Hip Area Store Old Emotions?  

Let me explain how our body stores unconscious or old emotions in the hip.

  • You listen to unpleasant news, or something comes up that makes you stressed.
  • Now, as you feel stressed, you close your jaws. The same reaction happens in the muscles of our hips.
  • As you hear the bad news, the primary response of your body will be protecting the core. In the process, your body will lean forward a little, and the knees will rise to a certain position.
  • All these natural responses of our body to cope up with stress further cause muscle tension.
  • Even if you feel relieved after a while, the tension of the muscles is never released completely.
  • So, the emotional and physical stress stays in our body, especially in the hips.

Now, if you practice pigeon pose, the hip flexor opens up and frees the caged energy and emotions. So, as introverts, when we cannot share our emotions with others, we find a beautiful way of deep emotional release.

With this emotional release, you feel lighter in your mind and body. Thus, it helps you to be more productive and have better cognitive clarity.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Pigeon Pose?  

Along with enabling the release of deep emotions, the pigeon pose can be beneficial for you in many other ways. Let’s have a look at how it helps.

Pigeon Pose Opens Up The Hip Joint  

Pigeon Pose Opens Up The Hip Joint  

This Yoga pose is a great workout for your hip joint, including a ball and socket structure. It opens up the hip joint so that you enjoy better flexibility while moving. Also, it promotes good flexion and extension of your hip and knees.

Further, by opening up the hip joint, this pose helps the muscles in the hip joint to release tension. So, your hip and lower body parts ease out and become more mobile when you try this Yoga pose.

This Pose Reduces Back Pain  

Pigeon Pose Reduces Back Pain  

When your hip flexors are very tight, there is extra pressure on your lower back. As a result, you can experience lower back pain. However, as the pigeon pose opens and eases the hip flexors, it will offer you some relief from chronic back pain.

This pose is also beneficial to get rid of stiffness in your lower back. You can even practice this exercise to get rid of sciatica pain.

It Offers Relief From Stress  

Pigeon pose Offers Relief From Stress  

As I have already mentioned, when we feel stressed, our hip muscles get closed and tight. It is the natural coping mechanism of our bodies. So, with stress, we are not just affected mentally and emotionally. We feel the impact of stress in our bodies in the form of pain and stiffness in the hips.

Further, when the hips are tight and we are stressed, our body tends to lean forward. This puts massive pressure on our lower back and deteriorates our posture. The pigeon pose can solve all these problems by opening the hip flexors and releasing the tension from the muscles.

Other Benefits Of Pigeon Pose  

Along with opening the hip flexors and offering relief from back pain and stress, the pigeon pose can be beneficial for you in many ways. Let’s have a look at how it works for you.

  • This pose helps you get rid of urinary incontinence or disorder.
  • It boosts the functionalities of body organs, especially the ones present in our lower body parts.
  • It improves posture.

Is There Any Alternative To Pigeon Pose?  

Yes, there are a few alternatives to pigeon pose to open up your hips and release tension from the muscles in that area. So, if the pigeon pose is very intense for you, you can try the following poses.

  • The Yin Yoga or Deer Posture
  • Easy or Sukhasana
  • Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose
  • Gomukhasana or Cow-Face Pose
  • Reclining Figure 4

Final Words  

The pigeon pose can help us get rid of physical and mental stress by opening the hips. Further, it works as a brilliant exercise to alleviate pain and stiffness in the lower back. However, for introverts, this pose comes with a different set of benefits. It makes our inner dialogues more positive, and that’s very important because introverts are always engaged in inward conversations.

Again, with positive inner dialogues, we become less judgmental and more confident about our presence in a social space. Thus, we become able to free ourselves from the emotional baggage. So, start practicing this Yogic posture from today!

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