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What Are The Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs In 2024? Make Your Choice Now

With the fashion scenario being more inclusive, plus size women are now coming out of their closets to celebrate their fashion choices to the fullest. The plus size fashion blogs have been like the chef’s kiss to instill more confidence and vivacity in the everyday fashion of curvy women.  

These bloggers are also breaking stereotypes without superficial glorification of beauty. Beyond the bandwagon of body positivity, things today have become more about body acceptance. You accept your body type, respect it as a functional tool, and do things that are great for your physical and mental well-being. 

The same mindset is reflected in these fashion blogs for plus size women. Fashion is about expressing yourself without compromising comfort. 

Are you ready to know about these blogs? Read on.  

Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs For You

Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs For You

Aren’t your jaws dropped when Ashley Graham takes the runway by storm? There are also names like Precious Lee and Yumi Nu, who are ruling the fashion world with their curvy and beautiful bodies. 

Did You Know? 

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal 2023, took part in the Miss Universe 2023 contest as the first plus-size contestant.  

So, the overall scenario is impressive, and it’s the right time to check out the best plus size fashion blogs in 2024. I have curated the best names based on how inspiring and effective their posts are. Of course, I have taken the number of Instagram followers into consideration. 

However, the list I share here follows no particular order.  

Isabelle Cohen

Number of Instagram Followers: 48.5k 

You cannot help stopping and having a look at the fashion blogger who has done modeling for H&M. She has also been associated with Ellos.  

Why We Love Her

Her fashion aesthetic exudes a cool-girl vibe. She also shares a lot of shopping ideas and shopping lists that every plus-size woman can follow. 

Along with her looks in different outfits, the beautiful blogger also gives a sneak peek into her daily life. So, you can’t just miss following her on Instagram.  

Lauren Nicole

Number of Instagram Followers: 100k 

Badass and cool! This is what I find apt for Lauren Nicole’s fashion blog. The moment you read or check out Lauren Nicole’s blogs, you will fall in love with her unmatched confidence.  

This UK-based fashion blogger started her journey back in 2016. At that time, her primary focus was personal styling.  

Why We Love Her

Even in her recent posts, you will get to see a distinct character in the way she dresses up and celebrates her fashion choices. Her fashion blog is known as “Fashion Killer.” 

Alysse Dalessandro

Number of Instagram Followers: 148k 

The profile of Alysse Dalessandro is as vibrant as it can get. If you especially check out her Instagram profile, the bio will instantly catch your attention. Her profile is a “ Plus Size Styling Inspo,” and being a “Queer Femme,” she remains true to her fashion choices. 

You will get to see rainbow colors in many of the outfits she wears. She also shares travel tips and her personal moments drenched in happiness and romance.  

Further, she is the owner of a fashion brand called Ready to Stare. The brand promotes body positivity. 

Why We Love Her

I find her accessorizing skills oh-so-amazing! She can make even the most basic T-shirt shine the brightest.  

Jessica Torres

Number of Instagram Followers: 143k 

Jessica Torres’s Instagram profile is all about her love for good food, great fashion, and a happy lifestyle.  

Why We Love Her

This beauty is the brain behind the It’s Jessica Torres blog. She also has a popular podcast called “Fat Girls Club.”  

She is so confident in her skin that you will also find her posing in lingerie and bikini. Further, she loves to experiment with her style, and you will notice a good mix of vintage and the trendiest fashions

Kellie Brown

Number of Instagram Followers: 153k 

Kellie Brown’s Instagram profile beams with confidence and vivacity. The posts she shares on Instagram are about “Fashion, Beauty, and Life.”  

Why We Love Her

Her choice of fashion is retro. You will see her wearing polka dots and crochet outfits a lot. However, she is incredible in the way she styles her interiors and gets her home decked up.  

There is also a lot of humor and something very inspirational about her posts. If you are not in your best mood today, you can surely visit her profile to boost your mood instantly.  

Catherine Li

Number Of Instagram Followers: 373k 

She is hot! I must say! Have you seen her bare-body photoshoot for Women’s Health? It’s aesthetic and sultry. This girl is surely setting the fashion world ablaze with her charm.  

Why We Love Her

Her Instagram profile is a place where she celebrates her body and fashion choices. The sneak peeks into her personal life are also adorable.  

The queen of Instagram reels is famous for her “Ways to Style…” and “This Look in a Size 14” videos. In addition, she inspires many curvy women with her fashion choices. So, she is someone you must follow if you are looking for the best plus size fashion blogs. 

Abisola Omole

Number of Instagram Followers: 68.1k  

Aesthetic is the word that defines the fashion choices of Abisola Omole. Along with fashion, she also talks a lot about how she does her interior and skincare.  

Why We Love Her

Her choice of clothes is very feminine and graceful. I love the way she has sported a shimmery accordion pleated skirt with a crop top in a muted shade. She has also layered the top with a denim jacket. 

Her picture in a white maxi dress with a cardigan layering has also grabbed my attention. She walks in style, indeed! 

Callie Thorpe

Number of Instagram Followers: 259k 

Callie Thorpe’s Instagram profile is filled with photographs from the places she visits. Her profile exudes a very warm and authentic vibe. The phrase “Joyful Living” in her profile bio finds true expression through the posts she shares.  

Why We Love Her

You will be glad to know that this plus-size fashion influencer partners with brands like Anthropologie and Nike. She is also one of the key minds behind The Confidence Corner, which creates an inclusive space for women with similar views about lifestyle and life in general.  

Lauren Smeets is another contributor to this exciting initiative.  

Javiera Q. Del Pozo 

Number of Instagram Followers: 373k 

This plus-size sensation is taking almost every social media platform by storm. She enjoys massive popularity on Instagram and TikTok. You will also drool over her YouTube videos. 

Why We Love Her

She is boisterous and carefree about the way she styles herself. She is also a brilliant dancer, and she expresses her authentic self through every post she shares. 

Kristina Zias

Number of Instagram Followers: 258k 

The Instagram profile of Kristina Zias portrays an elevated lifestyle that many of us dream of having. If you are someone who believes that fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, you must find her profile very interesting.  

Why We Love Her

Her choice of fashion is very sincere. She keeps it feminine and graceful with her choice of clothes. Further, her bonhomie becomes prominent through the clothes she wears and lifestyle choices she makes. 

We love her more as the cofounder of The Confidence Collective community and podcast. She has got Raeann Langas as the most able partner in this excellent initiative. If you lack confidence in your day-to-day life, this podcast can be your go-to place for much-needed inspiration. 

Essie Golden

Number of Instagram Followers: 181k 

Are you a plus size girl from New York? You will instantly fall in love with Essie Golden. She is vibrant, and she is all about joie de vivre.  

Why We Love Her

She is super confident with the fashion and lifestyle choices she makes. Further, her way of dressing is versatile. It does not matter whether she is in streetwear or she is wearing the most elegant evening gown. 

She knows how to spice it up and grab all the limelight. In addition, everything she does is very effortless, and that makes her unique. 

Ali Tate Cutler

Number of Instagram Followers: 245k 

Have you heard the terms “effortlessly stylish” or “effortlessly chic?” These terms go well with Ali Tate Cutler. This plus-size sensation always inspires with her elegant style of dressing. Further, she is quite open about her fashion choices, and because of this directness, you can easily connect to her.  

Why We Love Her

Ali Tate Cutler is much beyond a plus-size fashion influencer. She is vocal about mental wellbeing. Also, she makes it a point to talk about stigmatized matters. She especially prioritizes talking about perils like cancel culture.  

Like everyone in her online community, we love her for her fashion choices and ability to kickstart conversations on important issues.  

Jamie Hamilton

Number of Instagram Followers: 60k 

Jamie Hamilton keeps it cool and effortless when it comes to her daily dose of fashion. You will get to see a lot of colors and patterns in the clothes she wears. 

So, if you are someone who appreciates vivacity, you will surely fall in love with the way Jamie Hamilton dresses up. 

Why We Love Her

Jamie Hamilton surely knows how to be creative and how to have fun with her fashion choices. In many of her avatars, she also exudes a retro vibe that is very much in trend this season.  

Some Other Plus Size Fashion Blogs That You Will Love

There is no dearth of options if you want to know about or check out the best plus size fashion blogs. Along with the names I have already shared, there are some other influencers that can impact your fashion choices on a regular basis. 

The first name that comes to my mind in this context is Makeda. I love her. If plus-size styling had a copybook, it should have been written by her. She leaves no stone unturned to present the variety we look for. 

She creates and shares hundreds of looks, keeping different occasions in mind.  

Mikayla Klewer is a plus-size model and a creative mind who makes everything look very stylish. She looks cool when she is in her athleisure outfits, and there is a complete transformation when she is in those body-hugging dresses.  

What We Can Learn From The Best Plus Size Fashion Blogs

Acceptance and Confidence! This is the word that comes to my mind when anyone asks me why they should follow these plus size fashion blogs. 

Your choice of clothes and the way you want to present yourself should not be interfered with because you weigh on the higher side of the scale. You know your body better than anyone else.  

Further, your education, culture, family, and thoughts are the factors that define your choices of clothes and accessories. You must be bold enough to celebrate your choices and be abashedly beautiful and confident every time you step out of your house. 

Also, your aesthetic choices should reflect in every aspect of your lifestyle, including how you present a delicacy or how you decorate your interior. It’s all about celebrating life, and that is the crux of these plus size fashion blogs.  

Final Words

The best plus size fashion blogs go far beyond the usual styling tips and what clothes you should wear. These blogs harp on the importance of body acceptance, a positive and growth mindset, and celebrating your personality. 

So, if you are a plus size woman and need some inspiration related to your daily dose of fashion and lifestyle, you can surely follow any of the influencers and bloggers I have mentioned here. Do you follow any other plus size fashion blog that you find very inspiring? Don’t forget to share the name! 

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