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9+ Best Plus Size Leggings To Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Collection This Season

Can you think of your wardrobe without the most comfortable and stylish leggings? With the rise and popularity of athleisure fashion, these leggings have become our best companion for workout sessions, lounging hours, or casual outings. The best plus size leggings this season come with a lot of variety. 

Tailored to perfection, these leggings allow you to indulge in sheer comfort, offer the best functionality, and accentuate your appearance. 

Are you ready to explore the best varieties this season? Let’s explore!

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Leggings?

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Leggings?

You will come across a lot of options while looking for the best plus size leggings. However, you need to consider a couple of factors before you make your choice. Here is a brief guide for you.


Comfort is the most important factor when you are about to choose the best plus size leggings for you. Further, comfort refers to many aspects, including the feel against your skin, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties

Materials like cotton and jersey offer a soft touch against your skin. So, they are ideal for wearing for long hours. However, these materials are prone to chafing. So, when you choose mixed fabrics with spandex, you experience complete breathability.

Some of the best plus size leggings are engineered with moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.


Comfort does not mean that you have to compromise on style while choosing the best leggings. From simple and solid patterns to ones with all-over prints, stripes, and checks, these leggings come in a lot of patterns.

Further, you will notice a lot of variations in the length of these leggings. You can pick the full-length leggings, Capris, or ankle-length ones according to your preferences.


It does not matter whether we wear the best leggings for workout sessions or casual outings. You have to always take care of the fit. Slouchy fittings or anything very tight will restrict your movements and make you look shabby.

It is always a smart practice to check the fit and size of the leggings before purchasing.


The best plus size leggings will have some additional functionalities. Look for features like tummy control or compression to enhance your comfort level and get a flattering silhouette.


You need to consider two aspects when covering the leggings. First of all, you have to decide what effect you want. If you want full coverage, cotton blended leggings will be the best. However, for a see-through effect, you will need mesh or nylon leggings.

Further, coverage also means how the leggings cover your tummy and back. For example, leggings in mid-rise style sit on your waist. However, the high-waisted style is ideal to cover your tummy and hip properly. So, you can be free to wear these leggings even during the most intensive workout sessions.

Different Types Of Plus Size Leggings For Women This Season

Leggings are the go-to bottom-wear for women who seek comfort without letting the style quotient go down. However, you have to choose the right variety based on the occasion you need to attend, or the kind of look you want.

Here, I have curated some of the best plus size leggings varieties so that you can make your choice.

Best Plus Size High Waisted Leggings

Best Plus Size High Waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings are always preferred by plus-size women or women who have some extra bulges around the belly. Now, why so? If you explore the benefits of high-waist leggings, you will understand how they cover the entire abdomen, creating the feeling of a snug fit.

Further, these leggings make the bulges look less heavy by giving definition to the abdomen area. In addition, many of the high-waist leggings offer extra support to your back and hips.

Thanks to better coverage and support, these leggings will also ensure ease of movement when you work out or do some outdoor activities. So you will not have to worry about your body parts getting revealed unintentionally.

These high-waisted leggings come in a lot of varieties in terms of materials, designs, and style. Some of these are even ideal to wear throughout your pregnancy. 

To cut a long story short, when you need proper support and coverage, choose high-waisted plus-size leggings.

Best Plus Size Capri Leggings

Best Plus Size Capri Leggings

Are you looking for the best leggings to wear in summer or on days when the weather outside is quite hot? Capri leggings will be the most ideal pick for you. Shorter in length, these leggings will also ensure ease of movement.

Capris come in a lot of designs, and along with standalone pieces, you will also find them in many coordinated sets. 

Further, being ¾ length, capris are perfect to give your legs an elongated appearance. So, you will look slimmer and taller in these leggings.

Best Plus Size Compression Leggings

Best Plus Size Compression Leggings

Do you know why people prefer compression leggings? It’s hard to believe that a simple pair of leggings can perform so many beneficial activities for our bodies.

These leggings constrict the muscles when we work out, or our muscles get fatigued. As a result, muscles can avoid the accumulation of fluids and white blood cells. This is important to avoid muscle pain and swelling

Further, compression leggings boost blood flow to your muscles. Thus, your muscles get an increased flow of oxygen, bringing a positive impact on your performance.

In addition, compression leggings give your hips and waist a sexy appearance. So, with these leggings, you get style, functionality, and comfort in one place.

Best Plus Size Yoga Leggings

Best Plus Size Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings are comfortable and breathable as Yoga involves high-intensity and low-intensity workouts. Further, these leggings ensure free body movements so that there is an improvement in your performance. 

Some Yoga leggings also come in a set with tank tops or crop tops. Find one to look sexy and feel confident as you hit the gym.

Best Plus Size Seamless Leggings

Best Plus Size Seamless Leggings

Do you want to keep your fashion statement simple and stylish this season? The best plus size seamless leggings will be the best pick for you. 

These seamless leggings come in various patterns and fabrics. So, from the basic ones in a solid pattern to the ones adorned with glitter prints, you have a lot of options to explore.

The seamless design of these leggings offers you the ease of movement. 

Best Plus Size Maternity Leggings

Best Plus Size Maternity Leggings

The best plus size maternity leggings can surely make your pregnancy journey more enjoyable. These leggings offer complete coverage to your growing belly.

These are also excellent for offering proper support to the changes in your body throughout the first, second, and third trimesters.

Best Plus Size Tummy Control Leggings

Best Plus Size Tummy Control Leggings

Are you looking for a temporary solution that will make your tummy look less bulky? You can opt for plus size tummy control leggings. These leggings offer proper coverage and make the tummy appear defined.

At the same time, many of these leggings offer micro-massaging that uses the natural movements of our body to promote inch-loss.

So, these leggings are the most functional ones you can find while looking for the best leggings.

Best Plus Size Printed Leggings

Best Plus Size Printed Leggings

You can be as creative as you want with your choice of leggings this season. Along with the regular solid and slub pattern leggings, you can also explore the ones replete with prints.

There will be a lot of variations in the print patterns of these leggings. From the vintage and quaint tartan prints to the most vivacious floral ones, you will surely get a lot of variety. 

Best Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings

Best Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings have already been popular as fashion staples. It does not matter whether you have a penchant for the opulent fashion of the 1980s or the grungy and punk style of the 90s and early 2000s. 

Thanks to the presence of faux leather, these leggings have a nice finish. Further, these accentuate your curves to give you a sexier and leaner appearance.

Faux leather leggings look excellent with mesh tops, tank tops, and tube tops. You can even flaunt a perfect cowgirl look by teaming these faux leather leggings with cowgirl boots or combat boots.

Best Plus Size Mesh Leggings

Best Plus Size Mesh Leggings

Do you follow risque fashion? Why don’t you choose mesh leggings that feature a sheer effect? These leggings are perfect to bring out the femme fatale in you. 

If you are not someone who will completely go for sheer coverage, you can surely choose leggings that have mesh and other fabrics like cotton or polyester. Some sports leggings also have mesh panels that serve the purpose of extra breathability with augmented airflow.

So, explore the various designs of plus-size mesh leggings and pick one that fits your choice of T-shirts, tops, or shirts.

Final Words 

Adding the best plus size leggings to your collection can be a smart move to make styling easy and comfortable for you. As these leggings go well with almost all types of shirts and tops, you can create different looks by wearing them.

Further, the best leggings promote adequate airflow, and some of them even aid in muscle relaxation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best options I have discussed here and make your choice. Also, if you have some important insights about these leggings and how to wear them, don’t forget to share them with us.

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