How These Plus-Sized Actresses Are Shutting Down Trolls?

How These Plus-Sized Actresses Are Shutting Down Trolls?

One of the toughest parts of being a celebrity is to smile even when getting trolled. Sounds ridiculous, right? We can never get into their shoes and think positively of those who thrash our body image. 

But that’s what a celebrity faces every day!

Well, if you think that’s the worst part, here’s another addition. Plus-sized actresses, for a long time, have been targeted for their body size, shapes, and, sometimes, color. 

However, with the passing of years, the response to trolls has also changed. In this article, discover plus-sized celebrities who shut down their body shamers forever!

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Plus-Sized Actresses And Their Sassy Troll Responses

Plus-Sized Actresses And Their Sassy Troll Responses

Everyone has the Internet, and when people have nothing to do, they troll others. Plus-sized celebs are the epitome of hard work, and how negative comments have no impact on them. Here are a few classy examples:

Kelly Clarkson

The initial list begins with Kelly Clarkson and how trolls didn’t spare her on Twitter. Kelly was more than happy celebrating a 4th of July when some random follower commented, “fat.”

Surprisingly, the actress replied back by tweeting, “and still f**king awesome…”

What’s next? Fans were amazed by her bold moves, and her trolls had nothing to say later!

Selena Gomez

Very recently, Selena shared how she was diagnosed with Lupus at a very young age. Due to heavy medications, she recently gained significant weight and got trolled for it. 

Some linked it with her relationship with Benny Blanco, while others just made fun of her. 

Being a constant target of senseless trolls, Selena took a swimsuit picture to Instagram and shared it. She also captioned it: “I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove.” 

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen started becoming a target for body shamers when she attended the 2018 Emmys. It was just a few months after she gave birth to her son, Miles. 

A Twitter user commented on her picture,

“I’m asking this with the utmost [respect], but is @chrissyteigen pregnant again?”

Yes, he even dared to tag her. Fortunately, Chrissy replied to the Tweet with immense positivity- “I just had a baby, but thank you for being soooo respectful…”

Witty, right? 

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer, another one on the list of plus-sized actresses, received too much hate for her InStyle cover. Although her swimsuit looked exceptional, she received derogatory comments for it. 

In response to it, she posted a picture in a blue bikini when she looked healthy and fit. 

Her image had an exceptional caption, “No haters can f with my baseline.” And that’s the kind of confidence we all absolutely love. 

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe was no less appalled when she saw her offensive poster for Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs. The poster simply implied that those who are fat are ugly. 

After Tess Holliday’s body-shaming comments on the movie, Chloe took the next step. 

“I have now fully reviewed the marketing for Red Shoes; I am just as appalled and angry as everyone else; this wasn’t approved by me or my team…”- she tweets. 

She shares how the movie has a powerful story for young women, and the goal was not to offend anyone. 

JK Rowling

JW Rowling is the epitome of trolling trolls. After the Harry Porter author posted a pic alongside Serene Williams, an insensitive troll commented how this tennis champ’s figure was built more like a man. 

Rowling posted a picture of Serena donning a figure-hugging dress where she looked too hot. She later captioned it: 

She is built like a man. Yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. You’re an idiot.”

Sarah Hyland

We can never get over her remarkable performance in the Modern Family, but body shamers are inhuman. 

They have no regard for someone’s hard work, and a similar instance happened when Sarah uploaded a picture on her social media. She was regarded as “anorexic” in the picture. 

Sarah, who isn’t really on the list of plus-sized actresses, had a kidney transplant back in 2012. She was saddened by the comment and replied humbly- 

I’m not in control of what my body looks like..” 

When interviewed for Seventeen, Sarah also said that there were various health issues when she was born. Doctors also told her mother that she would never live a normal life. 

Lady Gaga

It was indeed sad when Lady Gaga gave a jaw-dropping performance at the Super Bowl and yet got trolled for her body. 

The “Bad Romance” singer posted a body-positive caption on her Instagram, which read- 

I heard my body is a topic of conversation, so I wanted to say I’m proud of my body, and you should be proud of yours too…”

She further asks fans to be relentless themselves, saying that there’s nothing that can cater to everyone. 

Gigi Hadid

Just when Gigi couldn’t have enough of defending her curves, there were trolls regarding her lean size. 

A commenter trolled her by saying that she looked excessively thin, to which she replied- “It’s called growing up.”

Gigi pointed out how she got rid of some baby fat, and her intense high school volleyball training made her body shape leaner. 

She further added that changing her body was never something she did on purpose, and it was a “natural” effect. 

Lena Dunham

Just like other plus-sized actresses, Lena Dunham has also been a target of major body-shaming. The girl’s celebrity is tired of sick magazines that keep digging into her weight. 

Continuous trolls have led her to slam back at trollers. She added how she struggles to keep her endometriosis under control. Lena has been following tremendous exercises and eating a healthy diet.

She adds,

So my weight-loss isn’t a triumph and it also isn’t some sign I’ve finally given in to the voices of trolls.” 

Kate Winslet

Yes, you heard that right! Even the Titanic star has been targeted for body shaming. She shares how bullying at a very young age left a traumatic mark on her future decisions. 

She adds, “I had been bullied at school.” Blubber and other names were very common for Kate and there were times when she was locked inside a cupboard. 

So, the prettiness doesn’t come overnight. Kate shares how her journey wasn’t easy, and she ignored all the negative comments in order to fight back. Currently, she is sharing a number of body-positive messages on social media. 

Why Do Plus-Sized Actresses Receive Constant Trolls?

Be it a journalist, a celeb, or a fitness enthusiast, plus-sized women have always received negative comments about their body shape and sizes. But have you ever wondered why it is a common affair in the lives of celebrities? 

Media Coverage Validating Their Public Image

When celebrities are body-shamed, it makes common people think better about themselves. There comes validation, which is quite a natural phenomenon. 

Media coverage plays a big role in shaping the public image of a particular celebrity. Hence, if ten articles featuring a particular celebrity call her/him fat, people will remember them in the same fashion. 

We enjoy the feeling of not being alone in this fight when celebrity gossip comes around. This could be a major reason why these speculations revolve around the entertainment industry so much. 

We Love The Push-Back Too

In a similar way, if celebrities comment back and share body-positive messages, it is also appreciated equally. 

Fans still can’t get over Kelly Clarkson’s Tweet on body positivity, as it affirms our rights to body diversity and appreciation. 

It is indeed satisfying to be on the same page with your favorite celebrity in terms of health and fitness. So yes, we are completely adorated by the pushbacks. 

They Have A Big Influence On Commoners

Another thing to remember is that celebs or influencers have a significant impact on the life of commoners. We try to adopt their personality, style and crazy enough, even the diet plan

In terms of body shaming, people have a lot to talk about. A multitude of opinions come along.

This could contribute more to plus-sized celebs getting trolled every now and then and is extremely common nowadays. 

The Final Verdict

Sadly, we live in a society where celebs have to come forward to share that nobody is “too small” or “too big” to be judged. It’s all in our minds and the perception we keep of actors and actresses. 

Our bodies are naturally beautiful, and nobody can take away our auras. It’s how confidently we carry ourselves and keep inspiring others to take part in body positivity as well. 

That was the true essence of this article. And with this, here comes an end to this guide. 

If you are someone who has been bullied for being fat, short, dark or anything in between, I hope this guide helped you out. We all can start making minute changes if we start changing our own mindsets!

Thank you for reading!

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