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Top 10 Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Looking for the best new puma casual shoes? Among the vast list of puma shoes, it might be difficult to pick the right one. This is why your fashion police is here, helping you pick through the best pumas of all time!

When it comes to branded shoes, most people keep Puma at the top 5 list. Puma was founded back in 1924 by Rudolf Dassler. Now, it is one of the trending and popular companies that manufacture shoes, jackets, t-shirts, sling bags, and many other products. Among all the other products, they are known well for manufacturing shoes. In addition, they are famous for manufacturing street-style sneakers and other shoes. 

They have repeatedly made marketing stunts such as featuring Pele in the World Cup, relationships with famous athletes, ads featuring famous artists like Rohanna, J.Cole, and others. It helped them earn their place and became very popular in the sneaker market. So, if you are looking for PUMA casual shoes, then here is the list of some best Puma casual shoes that you can try.  

10 Best Puma Casual Shoes For Men 

In this list, you will be able to get the 10 best PUMA shoes that come with great comfort and attractive style. If you are planning to get your hand on some popular PUMA shoes, then here are the top 10 Puma casual shoes for men that you can take a look at. 

1. PUMA Suede Classic XXI 

PUMA Suede Classic XXI 

When talking about Puma casual shoes, the first name that comes to mind is the PUMA Suede Classic XXI. This is one of the best-selling shoes of PUMA that comes with a great look and high popularity. Moreover, it is one of the few models of Puma that managed to reflect both taste and trends. This shoe comes with a long 50 years of history of appearing on the feet of many famous basketball players, style icons, cultural heroes, and others. 

Some of the features that are worth mentioning include low cut, aesthetic, buttery soft base, and others. You can pair mens puma suede classic casual shoes with a tailored suit or a tracksuit. There are plenty of variations available, but the gray color is the cleanest and most chosen version. 

2. PUMA PWRFrame OP-1 “Cyber” 

PUMA PWRFrame OP-1 “Cyber”

This is another very popular shoe from Puma that comes with a sleek body and black color that makes it look exceptional. In addition, it comes with the PWRFrame technology that makes it more desirable. With the help of this technology, you will get a better support system and new cushioning in sneakers. 

It is very comfortable to wear in any condition and gives a futuristic vibe. You can wear it anywhere in any situation to look good. You can pair the Puma PWRFranme with any outfit without a doubt. This is one of the Puma casual shoes that you definitely should give a try. 

3. PUMA Ralph Sampson 70 

PUMA Ralph Sampson

As the name suggests, this casual shoe was originally designed for the great NBA legend. However, it is now one of the best series of Puma. It will give you a good look with a classy feel. 

The shoe is well available and suits well with different outfits. Puma Ralph Sampson is one of the best-selling Puma casual shoes that you can choose for yourself. You can get this shoe for around $110 in different colors. 

4. PUMA Street Rider Ind Sneakers 

PUMA Street Rider Ind Sneakers

Carry the style everywhere you go with the Puma Street Rider Ind sneakers. If you are looking for puma casual shoes for everyday wear, this is one of the best ones you can choose. It comes with a wonderful look and different features that make it perfect to wear in different situations. 

This lightweight shoe comes with synthetic mesh and upper lining, rubber outsole, and other features that help to provide maximum comfort while wearing it for a long time. In addition, you will get plenty of color options available, including Limoges- orange-white, Black-high risk red-white, Turbulence-fluo flash orange white, Blue print-lime punch white, Turbulence-lime punch-white, and others. 

5. Puma Easy Rider Sneakers 

Puma Easy Rider Sneakers

If you are looking for a sneaker with out-of-the-world comfort, then Puma Easy Rider is one of the best casual puma shoes for men. You can wear the shoe for a long time without feeling any discomfort as it comes with mesh lining and synthetic material. 

You can have different color options available such as insignia-skydiver-white, black forest-fern green-white, and black red-grey. The weight of this shoe is around 284 grams that makes it very comfortable to watch around. This is one of the puma casual shoes that look good with almost all outfits and looks. 

6. Rebound Mid Lite Sneakers

Rebound Mid Lite Sneakers

If you are someone who likes to stay trendy with different fashions, then these puma casual shoes are the perfect pick for you. The synthetic upper of this makes it futuristic. Apart from that, the rubber sole and mesh lining provides great comfort. 

These sneakers look best when paired with a casual outfit or style. You will be able to flaunt your style and look attractive in the crowd. It comes with Blue-white, Black-red, Grey-yellow, Grey-green, Black-white, others. The weight of this shoe is around 440GM that makes it very lightweight to carry around. 

7. Puma Unlimited Lo Dp Sneakers 

If you are familiar with Puma shoes, then you might have heard about the Puma Unlimited Lo Dp sneakers. This is one of the Puma casual shoes for men that you can choose to pull out a funky look. They are the ideal choice for people who are fashion-forward. You can pair this shoe with a polo t-shirt and lightly washed denim. 

It will help you to get a very good casual look and look attractive wherever you go. The best thing about this shoe is the color combinations, including grey-metallic gold, black-metallic gold, black-white, white-grey. Both metallic colors look very good and attractive. 

8. Puma Future Rider “Super Mario 64” 

Puma Future Rider

Puma has collaborated with many companies creating shoes that play an important role in reminding the cultural moments and nostalgia heartstrings. One of those Puma casual mens shoes that remind about childhood is the Future Rider “Super Mario 64.” 

Mario is one of the most popular video games. This shoe is designed based on the game. You will have a hard time turning it down. Although this is one of the special editions by Puma, it is very lightweight and trendy. You can choose this one if you are looking for the best puma casual shoes.  

9. Puma EL TEX MID Ind. Sneakers 

Puma EL TEX MID Ind. Sneakers

Flaunt a casual and cool style with the very popular Puma El Tex Mid Ind. sneakers. It is one of the best puma mens casual shoes among all the offerings. Some features like cushioned ankle and the padded footbed make the shoe very comfortable. Even after wearing the shoe for a day, you will not feel any discomfort. 

Pair this shoe with cargo pants or a pair of jeans along with a jacket or t-shirt. You will not get plenty of color choices, but you can choose among three different colors. They are Blue & White, Black & White, and Green & White. The weight of this shoe is a little higher than the other ones on the list, but it will not cause you any discomfort. If you are looking for white Puma casual shoes, then this is one of the best picks. 

10. Tez Hero DP Blue Sneakers 

This is another top-selling shoe from the Dp series that you can choose as one of the best Puma casual shoes. If you are looking for a shoe for heavy use, this one can help you provide great comfort and service. They are durable, flexible, and of high quality. Like most Puma shoes, this one also comes with a mesh lining, rubber sole, and others to stay comfortable while wearing the shoe for a long time. 

It provides an excellent grip to travel without any worries. Unfortunately, there are not many color options available; you will need to choose from white-insignia blue and black-high risk red. The weight of this shoe is very low, around 248 Gm, which makes it easy to carry. From casual to formal, you can pair everything with these Puma shoes casual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which PUMA series is best? 

There is plenty of series from PUMA casual shoes that comes in the best series category, including: 

  • PUMA Clyde 
  • PUMA Ralph 
  • PUMA Suede 
  • Rhuigi Villasenor
  • PUMA PWRFrame
  • PUMA Court Rider 

Q2. Is Puma a good shoe brand? 

Puma is a very good shoe brand that provides huge options for footwear. You will be able to get comfort and style from Puma casual shoes. They offer sports shoes, casual shoes, heavy-duty boots, basketball trainer shoes, and many other types of shoes.  

Q3. Are Pumas in Style 2021? 

PUMA is one of the best shoe brands and still rising with their top products. In addition, Puma offers some best streetwear sneakers to customers. So, it has a huge potential to grow. Some upcoming series of Puma will take the popularity of this brand sky high. The brand is also landing young talents like RJ Barrett, LaMelo Ball, DeAndre Ayton, etc. 

Q4. Are Pumas sneakers? 

Yes, PUMA has been known for manufacturing great sneakers since 1971. They offer the Basketball legend Walt “Clyde ” Frazier the signature show. It was a sneaker that is coveted both off and on the court. After a few generations, PUMA is still one of the best basketball shoe manufacturers among all the others.

Q5. International Footballers Who Wear Puma?

Whenever we plan to buy a good shoe, the brand value matters. Although, no one can fight Puma’s brand value, celebrity endorsement still plays a big role. If you want to know some celebrity footballers who are adorning Puma casual shoes then here is your list:


Gianluigi Buffon

Sergio Agüero

  • Antoine Griezmann
  • Marco Reus
  • Raphael Varane
  • Luis Suárez
  • David Silva
  • Vincent Kompany
  • Christian Pulisic
  • Yann Sommer
  • Jonas Hofmann

Now that your favorite footballers have a pair, it is time for you to get one as well.


Choosing a Puma shoe is not as easy as you think. They have plenty of offerings with different features and price ranges. You need to make your mind before taking a look at this list. Find out what type of shoe you want to choose for your daily wear and what features you want to have on it. 

Based on that, you can choose the best Puma shoes from the list. We have handpicked the best puma casual shoes to help you get the best one. You can find out more about them by taking a look at the list. If you like it, make sure to share it with others and comment.

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