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Rainbow Nails- 10 Famous Rainbow Nails Ideas To Follow In 2022

As the summer season has arrived, you can plan for being colorful for a few months now. You should ensure that the bright colors of the rainbow show up in your fashion. Well, apart from the outfits, you can turn your nails to a rainbow canvas. 

As modern nail polishes and glosses are ruling the cosmetics market, you can easily put the rainbow effect on your nails. Otherwise, you can even reach an expert for getting your rainbow nails done.

Here, you can get some unique ideas related to the rainbow effect that you can put on your nails. Read the entries thoroughly as you might be able to do it yourself on having some expertise. 

Top Ten Rainbow Nail Ideas To Apply In 2022 You Must Know

Changing the fashion statement on a yearly basis is always a good idea. Well, you can check out the following rainbow nail ideas to put on this year. Remember, it would depend on your fashion preferences and the places where you need to visit daily. For now, check out the entries.

1. Rainbow Nails With Pastel Effect

Rainbow Nails With Pastel Effect

Pastel rainbow nails are always in trend because of their gorgeous outlook. Moreover, it gives your nails a dreamy effect and you can wear the polish easily. 

If you desire rainbow nails but are concerned about the formal outlook, the pastel effect can always be your pick. You can expect light and muted hues of every color and make a rainbow effect on your nails. 

2. The Watercolor Effect 

The Watercolor Effect 

The watercolor effect of rainbow nails can be your next fashion statement if you are going for a manicure. It can anyway look unique as there is no distinct pattern in this design. Your nail art can look like the brushstrokes that dry up on a canvas. 

In case you are putting on the watercolor effect as the summer rainbow nails, do not forget to add white polish for that extra gloss. In case you are an expert, try using tin foil as a paintbrush. Also, keep some acetone to clean up the tin foil and apply the next shade.  

3. Cloud And Rainbow Design On Nails

Cloud And Rainbow Design On Nails

When the matter comes to rainbow acrylic nails, you can apply the cloud and rainbow pattern. It is trendy and you can expect every other person to notice your nails. 

All you have to do in this case is choose a thin nail brush and paint the clouds on your nails randomly. Afterward, you can paint a distinct rainbow design with the VIBGYOR.

No matter how randomly you recreate this design, do not forget to apply the nail gloss. Yet another thing you need to keep in mind is that your nail remains in the perfect shape. 

4. Rainbow Ombre Nails

Rainbow Ombre Nails

If you are good at blending nail polish colors, the ombre rainbow nails are something you can put on. In this case, you can apply the ombre polish in random patterns. 

When it comes to blending, you can pick up matte nail polishes or pastel ones. The ombre style can any way give you a chicky appearance. 

5. Funny Rainbow Design

Funny Rainbow Design

If you know how to do rainbow nails on your own, there is no problem in experimenting a bit. Well, for the funny rainbow nails, you need to play with the patterns only. 

Either, you can stick to the same pattern for all the nails or just play randomly. Remember, random patterns can always give your nails a unique outlook.  

6. Black And Rainbow Effect

Black And Rainbow Effect

Are you having a party anytime soon? Do you have a plan to wear your favorite black dress and carry a goth outlook there? Well, the black-rainbow combination can be the best nail fashion for you

To get this rainbow nail design, you need to put on jet black nail polish initially. Afterward, you can paint the rainbow pattern on each of your nails. You can finish the process by putting a coat of nail gloss at last. 

7. The Rainbow Tips

The Rainbow Tips

If you desire to have rainbow French tip nails, you can easily get them at home. In this case, you have to put on different types of shades on the tips of your nails. 

Now, to make the French nail tips have enough room, you can attach artificial nails to your finger. So, remember to learn it from the internet or an expert you know personally. 

8. Polka Dot Rainbow Nails

Polka Dot Rainbow Nails

If you have a question in your mind- “How to paint your nails rainbow? you can take the reference of the polka dot rainbow nails. For your information, it is not always the rainbow pattern but the rainbow colors that do the magic. 

In the case of the polka dot rainbow, you can either put the patterns on your nails directly or apply a white base coat initially. This pattern can be the best for you if you are an early teenager and want to carry that chicky outlook. 

9. The Rainbow Star Effect

The Rainbow Star Effect

The star effect is something that you can apply with rainbow acrylic nails. Here, you need to paint colorful stars on the nails. This can be a simple nail style that you can carry easily with both formal and casual outfits

10. The Rainbow Lightning Art

The Rainbow Lightning Art

The lightning symbol can turn into a nail art easily as you paint it on your nails. To turn it into rainbow nails, you just need the right colors. The best you can do is take the matte or pastel shades and put them as a base or secondary coat.

Moreover, you can add nail gloss to keep the design intact and add an alluring outlook to your nails. 

How To Take Care Of Your Rainbow Nails?  

So, you have the most beautiful rainbow nails. Now, it’s time to take care of your nails so that the designs created on them last longer. You don’t need to visit a salon or get help from experts if you want to take care of your nails on a regular basis if you follow a simple care regime. Here is a guide on how to take care of your rainbow nails at home.

Use Cuticle Creams  

You can keep your nails and cuticles healthy by using cuticle oils twice a day. Application of the cuticle oil in the morning and at night makes the nails stronger. This practice also stops flakiness. So, with the use of cuticle creams, the rainbow nail design you have got will last longer.

Always remember that your regular lotion or Sunscreen cannot be a replacement for your cuticle cream. Those may, in fact, contain harsh products. Also, be careful while using insect repellents or any harsh chemicals. It is always important to wear gloves while using those elements. However, if you cannot wear gloves, you need to wash your hands immediately after using these products.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Fingers And Nails After Every Wash  

We tend to forget about the application of hand creams after washing our hands. However, every time we wash our hands, our fingers become dry thanks to the presence of various chemicals in the solutions. To bring your fingers and nails back to the supple and moisturized state, you will need to apply the right hand cream.

Be Careful About The Manicure  

Be careful when you are choosing a manicure treatment for your hands with rainbow nails. You should not go for random treatments as they can damage the natural texture of your nails as well as make the artificial extensions flaky.

Do Not Push Your Nail Extensions Back With Glues When They Are Chipping Out  

Sometimes, the artificial nail extensions tend to come off. Do not push the nails back using the glue for applying nail extensions. This way, you will invite bacterial and fungal infections. So, if you find that your nail extensions are coming off, consult the nail salon where you got the nails done for proper removal and further application.

Do Not Be Harsh With Your Nails  

You cannot use your nails as tools or weapons. To explain further, your nails are not for opening soft drink cans. Also, if your nails are coming off, they can get stuck to door knobs, curtains, and bed sheets. So, be quick in getting the nail repair treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What Do Rainbow Nails Mean? 

Ans: Apart from the LGBTQ+ approach to thought, rainbow nails mean unity, hope, and fabulousness.

Q2. What Is The Most Popular Nail Trend? 

Ans: Marble nails and velvet nails are now the most popular nail trends in the market.

Q3. How Do You Do Rainbow Nails? 

Ans: The ultimate process of doing rainbow nails is by painting. You can incorporate it easily if you know how to paint.

Q4. How Do You Do Pastel Rainbow Nails?

Ans: For pastel rainbow nails, you would need some tin foil for the proper layering of color.

Final Words

The rainbow nails can be one of the easiest and the toughest styles you can carry as your nail art. It would all depend on your ability to incorporate the idea. Now, when  it comes to fashion you can also put on  your creativity to make something new. 

All you should keep in mind is using quality materials for your nails. It can not only make the style durable but also ensure proper hygiene for you.

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