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The 10 Best Samsonite Luggage Items Of 2023

Is Samsonite luggage good? – Of course, they are. Not just luggage bags, Samsonite also manufactures some of the best travel bags and also travel accessories. You will get to see all the Samsonite luggage by visiting the Samsonite website. For more than a century, Samsonite has been creating top-grade luggage bags at affordable prices both in the United States and elsewhere.

In this article, you will learn about some of the best Samsonite luggage bags available online. Furthermore, you will also learn some of the essential details of the Samsonite bags in this article. No matter what type of luggage item you want to carry with them, you will always get an option that caters to your needs. Hence, to learn about the best Samsonite luggage bags, read on through to the end of the article.

A Few Details About Samsonite Luggage Bags

A Few Details About Samsonite Luggage Bags
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Samsonite was founded in 1910 in Denver, Colorado, in the United States. In earlier years, the company created suitcases for the wealthy to travel on airlines. However, with time, as airline travel became more affordable, Samsonite started to diversify its luggage bags to offer quality items for the masses as well.

Currently, they are one of the best and surely one of the most-loved luggage bag manufacturers in the world as well. The best thing about Samsonite is that the company does not compromise when it comes to the material of the bags and the build quality. Although the price can be a bit high than other luggage bag manufacturers in the market, the quality item that you will get after paying the price is worth it.

The Best Samsonite Luggage Bags That You Need To Look For In 2023

This section will consist of Samsonite luggage reviews based on various testing of all the bags mentioned above. Apart from that, the reviews will also consider the reviews of other customers as well, as well as various reviews from other articles related to Samsonite luggage bags. If you want to check out some Tumi backpack options, click on the link.

1. Samsonite Omni PC Spinner

Samsonite Omni PC Spinner

It comes in various sizes and has extremely well build-quality with micro-diamond polycarbonate on the sides. The bag is lightweight and scratch-resistant at the same time. The ultimate modern luggage bag, if you want to call it.

2. Samsonite Freeform

Samsonite Freeform
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As the name suggests, this bag is the best in terms of movement. Not only the wheels but the build quality of the bag also makes it lightweight to carry. However, the stylish aspect of the bag is still kept intact. It weighs only 6.5 lbs.

3. Samsonite Centric

Samsonite Centric
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Look-wise, this luggage bag has no competitors. Furthermore, the hard side case is made of polycarbonate, which saves the items on the bag, despite the tough environment. The wheels also make gliding easier. The color options are also many.

4. Samsonite S’Cure 30 Hardside Checked

Samsonite S’Cure 30 Hardside Checked
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Weighing slightly higher because of polycarbonate materials, the S’Cure is great for people with extra luggage. Furthermore, the 360-degree spinning wheels also make this luggage bag easy to move. Moreover, the luggage bag also looks sophisticated despite being big.

5. Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX
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The perfect size for airline travel, the Winfield is great for a single person with a bit more luggage. The zipped pockets are hard and function quite well. The hard Samsonite shell of the luggage bag makes the item scratch resistant. The color options available with this luggage bag are great.

6. Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider With Double Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider With Double Spinner Wheels
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Weighing 7.2 lbs., the Stryde has a classic design and is made for tough environments. The case also comes with corner protectors for better durability. There are wide handles for better-carrying comfort and various settings for people of different heights.

7. Samsonite Ascella X Softside Underseater

Samsonite Ascella X Softside Underseater

Although it looks a bit smaller, the Ascella X has a lot of space to carry almost everything you need. Weighing just 5.8 lbs., the bag looks small and compact and is great for people who do not like to move around with big luggage bags. There is also a laptop carrier inside the luggage bag, and the electric protection system is still great.

8. Samsonite Leverage LTE

Samsonite Leverage LTE

This is an expandable luggage bag, and that is why it is slightly heavier than the other options in this article. The material is top-class and comes with corner protectors and a weather-resistant coating. This bag is built to endure the wear and tear inside an airplane. Furthermore, you will also get four wheels, which have multidirectional capability. There is also a zippered suit carrier inside the bag, which is removable. This one is perfect for a few long business trips.

9. Samsonite Solyte DLX

Samsonite Solyte DLX

Weighing just 7.1 lbs., the Samsonite Solyte DLX is a great travel companion because of its tough and hardwearing material. It also comes with a built-in charger with it, which can help you to keep your electronics fully charged. With spinner wheels, the bag is extremely free to move. In terms of room, the luggage bag is quite spacious. There are three different colors available.

10. Samsonite Aspire Xlite DLX Softside

Samsonite Aspire Xlite DLX Softside
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This luggage bag from Samsonite comes in two different sizes in a set – a small and a medium-sized case. The best part is that there are many packing compartments on the bags, and the cases are not very heavy too, the small case weighing only 7.5 lbs. and the medium case weighing only 9.5 lbs. With multi-direction spinner wheels, these luggage bags are also great to freely move around with.

Summing Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of the best Samsonite luggage bags available in the market. If you are looking to buy a luggage bag for your upcoming travel, consider choosing any one of the aforementioned options in the article. With respect to purchasing, although you can purchase a Samsonite bag from many eCommerce websites, we still recommend purchasing from the official website to get the best services and avoid hassles. Do you know of any good-quality Samsonite bags that deserve a place on the luggage bag rankings in this article? Share your reviews about that bag in the comments section below.

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