Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrow Makeup: Designs, Tips, Tutorials in 2024

Nowadays, people, irrespective of gender and age, crave unique makeup styles to look different. Against such a backdrop, thescarecrow makeupacts as a game-changer. Well, simply put, this makeup style is not for any formal events. However, people choose it during Halloween or any other informal event.

If you also desire to incorporate the makeup of a scarecrow, consider reading this article minutely. Here, you can go through some designs and tips related to a makeover like a scarecrow. Moreover, you can also get to read the stepwise tutorial. But, for now, look at the following points:

Scarecrow Makeup: What It Is?

When you look for easy scarecrow makeup, you need to know it. Scarecrow makeup is when a person makes it over to look like a scarecrow. In this case, costumes and face paints are necessary.

So, you should always collect appropriate clothes and face paints. Remember to take different shades of yellow, brown, and red to complete the scarecrow makeup in the best manner. On the other hand, when it comes to costumes, you can take dumped farmer’s clothes. For now, look at the designs and the tips and procedures for each.

Scarecrow Makeup: Leading Designs, Tutorials, And Tips

Here are some designs you can consider for scary scarecrow makeup. You can put effort into making smoky eyes in each case. Even eyebrow tinting can be the right way to change your face outlook while you turn yourself into a scarecrow. For now, have a look at the designs:

1. Cute And Friendly Scarecrow Makeup

Cute And Friendly Scarecrow makeup

The cute scarecrow makeup can be the best for children, irrespective of gender, who are about to attend the Halloween party. You can execute the makeup in some easy steps. Here you can go through all of them and also check out the tips. So, let’s start.


Step 1: Gather worn-out clothes of bright color

Step 2: Get the face paints (especially red and black)

Step 3: Draw the face, cheeks, and lips minutely

Step 4: Carefully give the black borders over the paints as a detailing

Step 5: Apply basic makeup powder over the scarecrow makeup

So, you can see how easy putting on the basic scarecrow makeup can be. Now, go through the tips to remember when it comes to putting this makeup:


2. Horror Scarecrow Makeup

Horror Scarecrow Makeup

The scarecrow face makeup in the horror style can be appropriate for adults. So, you can get it done if you are up for some insane party. In this case, you would need a lot of face colors, but the costumes might be different. The horror scarecrow makeup can fit best with the casual clothes that you wear every day. For now, look at the tutorials and the tips.


Step 1: Select a design that you want to make on the face

Step 2: Outline the entire design with the grey color

Step 3: Apply tinges of yellow and brown as per the need

Step 4: Apply the secondary borders with black and red

Step 5: Put on the costume after the facepaint dries up

Now, you can go through the tips for getting the perfect horror scarecrow makeup.


  • As horror scarecrow makeup needs you to put multiple layers of colors, make sure one layer dries up before you put another.
  • Always carry out a color test before you put a scarecrow on makeup.
  • Take the worn-out costumes for the best outcomes.

3. Scarecrow Face And Nose Painting

Scarecrow Face And Nose Painting

You can take the route of glam scarecrow makeup for face and nose paint. It is one of the unique ways how you can look like a scarecrow. The best you can do is add on a clown dress with makeup. So, you can always carry a unique look at the party.

The design tutorials and the tips related to makeup are here, respectively. Have a look at them.


Step 1: Take the bright yellow and red paints and provide a base layer to your face

Step 2: Add details with the help of black paint.

Step 3: Add straw-made accessories to the body wherever applicable.

Step 4: Use a clown hat and clown outfit to look more realistic as a scarecrow.

Step 5: Use a contact lens on your eyes to look more alluring


  • Make sure about the colors to use before you start the makeup.
  • Always paint the nose at the last after all the other layers dry up.
  • You can use the straw jewelry for a long time, even if you wash up the makeup after returning from the party. 

4. Bright, Yellow Scarecrow Makeup

Bright, Yellow Scarecrow Makeup

The bright yellow scarecrow makeup can be for city dwellers who are planning to organize an insane party or a Halloween soon. You can get the best outcome if you keep it in the approach of scarecrow makeup easy.

Well, you can now go through the tutorials and tips related to this scarecrow makeup design.


Step 1: Take one bright yellow shade and spread it all over your face

Step 2: Let the base dry up completely.

Step 3: Make the hair of the scarecrow with hay and check that the size is even.

Step 4: Paint the nose with red or purple at last when all other layers

Step 5: Drape the worn-out costumes to look like a real scarecrow


  • You can apply this design of scarecrow makeup to children.
  • Make sure you apply disinfectants to all the hay and clothes before using them as accessories.
  • Go for a color test on your skin in this case too.

5. Scarecrow Makeup With Black Lips

You can have minimalistic scarecrow makeup by allowing black to be the dominant color of your look. The eye makeup is simple in this style, and all the focus is on your lips, which are painted in a dark black shade. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get this scarecrow look.

  • Sculpt your eyebrows properly with grey and black brow pencils.
  • Then, create a smokey eye look by defining the upper and lower lash lines with a black eye pencil. 
  • To add a touch of glam to your eyes, you can apply a touch of golden or bronze eyeshadow to your lids.
  • Now, make a design for your nose resembling the nose of a joker or a cat’s nose.
  • Finally, paint your lips black with crisscross lines extending from your lips to the ears.

Makeup Tips For This Scarecrow Look

You can match the color of your eyeshadow with the blush on your cheeks. You can even wear grey or green contact lenses if you want to change the color of your eyes. 

6. All-Black Scarecrow Makeup

Black is no doubt the most sought-after color when you want to wear the perfect scarecrow makeup. Also, this all-black scarecrow look is easy to create for everyone. You just need a black eye pencil and lipstick to nail this makeup. 

How To Create All-Black Scarecrow Makeup

  • Keep your eyebrows neat and sculpted. You can use an eyebrow pencil of gray or black shade. Softly apply the brow pencil. 
  • Now, take your black eye pencil and create a smudged effect around your eyes. If you want, you can draw thin black lines on your upper and lower lashlines.
  • Then, paint the tip of your nose with black paint, or you can even use your black lipstick.
  • For your cheeks, use a shade of black or gray.
  • Finally, draw vertical lines on your lips, giving the impression of stitched lines to your ears.

Makeup Tips

  • Before drawing a stitched line on your lips, make sure that you have added a neutral shade or a soft touch of pink to your lips. The soft color of your lips will add prominence to the black lines drawn on your lips and cheeks.
  • If you want, you can choose a black outfit to match this makeup. 

7. Pumpkin Face Scarecrow Makeup

What is your favorite thing about Halloween decor? If you like those pumpkin face lights or wall-hanging decor items, you can try them for your face. However, this is not a beginner-level makeup option, and you will need professional help to ace it.

How To Create Pumpkin Face Scarecrow Look?

  • Take brown and beige face paints and apply them thoroughly on your face. Make sure that the paints are well blended to create a seamless effect. 
  • Now, use a dark black eye pencil and go for raccoon-eye makeup.
  • Further, use black lipstick for your nose, tip, and lips.
  • Create a zig-zag pattern on your lips and let the pattern stretch to your ears on both sides.
  • Define the black zigzag paint on your lips with a white eyeliner pencil.
  • Once you are done with the base, use some red face paint to create a bloody effect, making the makeup suitable for Halloween.

Makeup Tips

If you want the makeup to be scarier, you can wear black contact lenses. You can also pick a straw hat to complement your look.

Final Take Away

As the scarecrow makeup is quite wired, you might not be doing it most often. However, you can follow the tutorial and tips while applying makeup. Remember that you might not make it perfect on the first go, but with repeated sessions, you can enhance your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Do Scarecrow Makeup? 

Ans: You can do scarecrow makeup with the help of the right colors and outfits. However, the right makeup skills would always be necessary.

Q2. How Do You Do Creepy Scarecrow Makeup?

Ans: The simplest way to make creepy scarecrow makeup is by applying deep colors like purple, brown, and red.

Q3. How Do You Face Paint A Scarecrow?

Ans: You can face paint a scarecrow with any tinge of yellow or brown color and use different types of makeup and paintbrushes.

Q4. How Do You Make A Scarecrow Costume?

Ans: You can make a scarecrow costume with the help of some worn-out farmer’s clothes.

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