5 Best TikTok Pasta Recipes

Have You Tried These Viral TikTok Pasta Recipes Yet? (Top 5 Ideas For You)

Is there anything that TikTok does not have a trend on? This time, it’s TikTok pasta recipes going viral on social media. 

So, TikTok now also has the solutions for your pasta cravings. From delicious baked feta recipes to making pasta chips in the air fryer, TikTok will really hone your cooking skills.

Are you ready to find the five best TikTok pasta recipes curated in one place? Let’s start!

Best TikTok Pasta Recipes To Try At Home 

Did you know that #pasta has crossed 128M views on TikTok? Pasta is the go-to meal for many in today’s world as it’s easy to make, and the delicacy with a gooey finish is a delight for the palette.

Further, TikTok has taken the pasta trend on Instagram, which started in 2020, to a new height. Gigi Hadid came up with a pasta recipe on Instagram in 2020, and it became a trend everywhere.

The pasta recipes on TikTok are entertaining and easy to follow. So, are you ready to ace the trend? Let’s get started with the recipes. 

1. TikTok Baked Feta Pasta Recipe

TikTok Baked Feta Pasta Recipe

If you love bold flavors perfectly balanced with a smooth and creamy texture, you can try this baked feta TikTok pasta recipe. You can also call this dish TikTok pasta with cream cheese.  

Further, it can be the perfect comfort food you want to have from your mom’s or granny’s kitchen. Want to give this recipe a try?

  • First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Now, take cherry tomatoes and mix them with olive oil. If you have taken 200 grams of cherry tomatoes, you will need around 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Next, get some garlic cloves and mince them.
  • Mix the cherry tomatoes and minced garlic and put it in the oven with generous feta cheese and oregano. Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the mix to get the seasoning right. 
  • Prepare your pasta until the tomatoes, minced garlic, and cheese have become a gooey sauce. 
  • Stain the boiled pasta, mix it with the sauce, and again put it in the oven for a while. 
  • Serve the pasta with chopped cilantro and basil leaves.

That’s it! 

2. TikTok Pasta Chips 

If you are looking for some crunch and want a flavor blast in your mouth, you can try these pasta chips. Have these chips with the hottest sauces or some mayo dip!

You can easily make TikTok pasta chips at home with an air fryer. Follow this recipe video or try the way I do it.

  • Get the pasta ready in water with a lot of salt.
  • Then, drain the boiled pasta properly and keep it in a pot. 
  • Next, add olive oil, some peri peri, salt, and pepper for seasoning the pasta. Add a lot of parmesan cheese at this stage. 
  • Further, toss all the ingredients well so that the pasta is coated properly with spice, olive oil, and cheese.
  • Fry pasta in the air fryer until you get crispies in a golden brown color.

Take out the chips from the air fryer and enjoy!

3. French Onion Pasta TikTok

French Onion Pasta TikTok

I keep caramelized onion slices ready to make the pasta cooking process faster. However, if you want, you can caramelize thinly sliced onions in butter until they have turned dark brown. You can also check out this simple video to learn how to make caramelized onion.

  • Once you have caramelized onion in butter, you can add sherry and wine to it.
  • I use chopped fresh thyme at this stage for flavor. For seasoning, I keep it basic with salt and pepper.
  • Next, I pour some beef broth into the pan (recipe here) with Worcestershire sauce for the much-needed tanginess in the sauce. Bring the broth and sauce mix to a boil, it will take around 20 minutes. I also add uncooked rigatoni to the broth.
  • Before you turn the oven off, make sure that the pasta is cooked perfectly and there is a proper bite. Also, make sure to take out the thyme strings. 
  • Finally, grate parmesan cheese in a generous amount on the pasta bowl when the pasta is still hot. Let the cheese melt and make the pasta all gooey.
  • Serve the pasta with shredded parmesan cheese.

4. TikTok Pasta Salad

TikTok Pasta Salad

There are many ways to make a vegan pasta salad, which went viral on TikTok. However, I make this recipe with dairy-free yogurt. The other important ingredients of this recipe are chickpeas, rotini pasta, black olives, celery, cucumber, red onions, and red pepper.

Want a full recipe video and multiple ideas to make TikTok pasta salad? Watch out for this recipe video.

If you want to know about another viral pasta trend of the fall season, you can try honeynut squash pasta salad. 

5. TikTok Vodka Pasta

TikTok Vodka Pasta

Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta began this pasta fever, which went viral on Instagram and then took over TikTok. 

Amidst all the recipe videos, social posts, and thousands of blogs, I want to share my version of this delicacy with you. I used shell pasta for the recipe, as Gigi did. This pasta shape is great as you can savor the test of the sauce better with shell pasta.

One more thing before getting the process started. You need shallot for this recipe. This is a star ingredient of the recipe. So, onions will unfortunately not do.

Here is how I make it.

  • Boil the pasta and drain out the water when ready.
  • Next, you need to make the signature sauce; for that, take a large skillet. Add olive oil to the skillet and keep adding garlic, tomato paste, shallot, and red pepper flakes.
  • After 2-3 minutes of cooking, mix the sauce with heavy cream, vodka and seasoning.
  • Then, add butter to the sauce for extra smoothness. Your sauce will be ready once everything has transformed into a thick and gooey sauce.
  • It’s time to mix the pasta and the sauce and cook the mix in a skillet until the sauce becomes thicker. Don’t forget to add parmesan cheese at this stage. 
  • Finally, take the skillet off the oven and serve the pasta with red pepper flakes, basil, and shredded parmesan cheese. 

Expert Tip:

  • While mixing the pasta with the sauce, use some reserved pasta water to make the dish moister and more congruent.
  • Keep the heat low to medium as you add heavy cream to the sauce.
  • You can skip the vodka part completely, as Gigi Hadid did. She did not have vodka at home.

Need some more assistance with the recipe? Watch this video.

Final Words 

TikTok has been a smorgasbord of many tantalizing things for the last few years. From recipe videos, fashion trends, and zillions of creative ideas, this has been the ultimate platform. Along with the TikTok pasta recipes I have shared, there are also variations like “creamy lemon pasta,” “one pot Tuscan pasta, etc.

I have shared the ones that I have tried at home. For more ideas, you can explore TikTok and dig out the best of the best.

Are you having pasta for your dinner today? Don’t forget to try one of these recipes and share your feedback. 

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