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Have You Ever Tried The Tropical Island Green Smoothie? Let’s Enjoy The Best Of Health And Taste

What should I have today? As a teenager, I hoped to find a solution to this problem when I grew up. But in my thirties, I still struggle to find what should be on my plate and my cup.????The concern is now more as I have to find something healthy that does not make the foodie in me sad. Look what I found! It’s the tropical island green smoothie I love these days.

Not just me! Now, the little ones at my home also ask for this smoothie often.

The best thing about this smoothie is that it’s very refreshing. So, excited and rejuvenated, I could not help sharing the recipe and essential details about it.

Do you want to enjoy the vibe of tropical paradise sitting at home? You must try the recipe.

What Is Tropical Island Green Smoothie?  

What Is Tropical Island Green Smoothie?  

Tropical island green smoothie is a healthy concoction of several fruits and spinach. It also has coconut milk for the much-needed tropical vibe in your drink. Further, the citrusy touch of limes makes this drink very refreshing.

So, this smoothie has all-natural ingredients. In addition, it gets a beautiful and refreshing green color from the use of spinach.

Feels tempting, right? So, are you planning to pay a visit to a tropical island restaurant serving this specialty? Well, you don’t need to leave the cozy corner of your home as you can easily make this smoothie.

Let’s learn how to make it.

How To Make Tropical Island Green Smoothie?   

How To Make Tropical Island Green Smoothie?   

Are you looking for the “island green smoothie tropical smoothie” recipe? It’s very easy, trust me! Also, once you have the ingredients ready, it will take less than 5 minutes to get ready.

Here, I will share the ingredients you will need, the health benefits the ingredients offer, the instructions to make the smoothie, and some expert tips.

Ingredients For The Tropical Island Green Smoothie: Is The Drink Healthy?  

Tropical island green smoothie is made using fruits and spinach, and these are easily available at the market. Have a look at the table below to know the ingredients you need and what health benefits they offer.  

Here, I have considered the quantity while making the beverage for two people.

Frozen banana (one)Fiber
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
110 calories
Frozen mango (½ cup)Potassium
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Beta carotene
Vitamin K 
54 calories
Pineapple (½ cup)Potassium
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Dietary fiber
41 calories
Frozen strawberries (1 cup)Magnesium
53 calories
Coconut milk (One and a half cup)Calcium
800 calories (approx)
Spinach (1 cup)Sodium
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Dietary Fiber
7 calories
Lime (1)Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
20 calories

When you are having a cup full of this smoothie, you are consuming around 542 calories. So, it can be a substitute for your lunch on some days.

It will make you feel full thanks to the high dietary fiber content of the ingredients, and after having it, you will feel like you are enjoying your vacation against a tropical island background.

Further, the total calorie count will go up if you use sweetened coconut milk. I have used the unsweetened one freshly made at home.

What Is The Tropical Smoothie Island Green Recipe?  

What Is The Tropical Smoothie Island Green Recipe?  

The recipe for this tropical island green smoothie is so easy that even a 5-year-old can make it.

You need to put all the ingredients inside the blender and make a smoothie with a thick consistency.

If the mix has not turned into a thick mix yet, add a little more coconut milk to get the consistency right.

If you want to go beyond the basics, you can serve the drink with whipped cream and ice.

Expert Tips On Getting The Tropical Island Green Smoothie Right  

Are you throwing a backyard party this festive season and have plans to serve this smoothie? You need to get everything on point. Here are a few tips that will help you get the consistency, taste, and texture right.

Yes, making the smoothie is super easy. Still, you can have certain issues with it. Here are the common problems I face and their solutions.

Is It Tasting Bland?  

Your smoothie can taste bland for two reasons. It can lack sweetness or may not have the citrusy punch coming from lime. In both cases, you will need to make some adjustments.

What To Do If My Tropical Island Green Smoothie Is Not Sweet?  

Unless you use very ripe fruits for the smoothie, it will not turn out very sweet. Also, ideally, you should be using unsweetened coconut milk for your smoothie. So it may taste a little bland.

Adding artificial sugar is not a solution to make the smoothie sweeter. This way, you will be compromising on the health part of the beverage a lot.

To make the smoothie a little sweeter, you can add some maple syrup, honey, or fruit juice to it.

Further, if you are making it for a kid, you can add some whipped cream to it.

What To Do If My Smoothie Lacks Acidity?   

Balancing the acidity of your smoothie will be very easy. Add some more lime juice or a few extra cubes of pineapple to the mix.

There you are! The tanginess of the fruits and balanced sweetness will give your tastebuds a kick.

Is The Texture Not Right?  

If your smoothie does not have the right texture, it means it has higher water content than needed. To stop the smoothie from becoming watery, you will need to follow a few simple tips.

  • Use frozen fruits so that you don’t need to add ice cubes separately. Ice cubes melting into water can ruin the texture of the smoothie.
  • Further, be careful about the quantity of the coconut milk. Only add the quantity needed to transform the fruit pulps into a smooth paste.
  • Also, make sure that your blender is powerful and you have a smooth paste in the end. Chunks of fruits in the smoothie will not give you the desired texture.

Final Words  

That’s it! You have the healthiest and yummiest tropical island green smoothie ready for you. However, if you want, you can customize it and make slight changes in the ingredients.

For example, along with spinach, you can also add avocados to it. The creaminess of avocado will make the texture of the smoothie richer and, at the same time, it will make the smoothie healthier.

So, do you want to add any other element to the smoothie? Share your ideas and experience of having it at home. Enjoy your moment of refreshment!

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