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20+ Different Types Of Perms Hairstyle In 2023

Curly hairstyles are now trending among girls, from ringlets to waves. Most women are now trying to embrace different styles that provide their locks more texture, movement, bounce, volume, etc. On the other hand, women with straight hair are looking for a change and considering different types of perms. If you want to make your dream of having curly hair accurate, then perms are the best option. 

What Is A Perm Hairstyle?

What Is A Perm Hairstyle_

Before we get into any technical detail, a “perm” is the abbreviation of a permanent wave. This hairstyle has captivated minds for a long time. Moreover, the permanent curls might last only a few months, even though the name bears a different meaning. 

Perm application is possible either through chemical or thermal means. However, the latter process makes the application of chemicals into the hair difficult. It is further wrapped in forms to produce curls and waves. 

When it comes to chemical straightening, more or less the same process is used. In this case, the hair is flattened more than it is curled owing to the chemical reaction.

Top 20 Types Of Perms Hairstyles In 2021

20 Types Of Perms Hairstyles In 2021

You can make your dream come true and flaunt your curly hair in events without heating them and styling them daily. Not only straight hair women but a lot of women with curly hair also use perms to enhance the curl and smoothening the hair. Here are some of the different types of perms that you can try in 2021. 

1. Wavy Hair Perm

Wavy Hair Perm

Just like curly and straight perm hair, wavy hair also responds very well to perming. Based on the material type that your stylist used to set curls, you can choose different types of curly perms such as finger waves, spiral coils, and ringlets from mermaid waves. It will give you a fresh look and refresh your hairstyle. For girls with perms looks exclusive. 

2. Curly Hair Perm 

Curly Hair Perm

If you want to enhance your curl pattern, then perm is the best choice. It will make the pattern more defined and consistent. Similarly, the women with natural curls can transform their hairstyle to beachy waves, looser style, and others with types of perms. It depends a lot on the technique that your stylist used for hair texture. 

3. Long Hair Perm 

Long Hair Perm

Perms are not only for short hair; they are as effective for long hair. If you want to cascade the curls and flaunt your hair, then a long hair perm is one of the best choices for you. You can choose among both looser waves and tighter curls with lengthy locks to rock your look. However, using different types of perms in long or thick hair can take a lot of time. 

4. Shoulder Length Hair Perm

Girls with short hair can go for this hairstyle. Girls with perms looks good, so you try it. This is one of the types of perms that goes perfectly well with almost all styles, including curls. If you are planning to check the texture and length of your hair, then perm is the best way. Without any cut, your hair looks shorter with this perm. In addition, curly hair has more volume and looks thicker compared to straight hair. 

5. Short Hair Perm

Perms look a lot better when they are done in short hair. However, as there is less hair, your stylist will use small rods to set all the curls. So, your look will be similar to ringlets or others. This retro-style look is the favorite of many women, and this youthful look is trendy among different types of Perms

6. Medium Hair Perm 

Medium Hair Perm

If you are someone who loves the fashion choice of the ’70s, then medium hair perm is the perfect choice for you among all the different types of perms. It makes the hair look very refreshed and provides you a very elegant look. You will end up having a free, relaxed, and wild look with the medium hair perm

7. Black Hair Perm 

Black Hair Perm

Black hair is one of the most attractive types that can be permed to loosen the curls or just change the curl patterns. If you have afro-textured natural hair, you can also choose the straight hair perm among many types of perms. However, the perm can cause some damage to the hair; make sure to have deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy. 

8. Fine Hair Perm

If you have fine hair, then some of the best choices of perms for you are beach waves and spiral perms. It is an example of spiral perm. Both of them can add volume almost instantly, but choose one base on what look you want. While a curly curl will make your hair look much shorter, beach waves are effortless and casual. 

9. Permed Bleached Hair 

Curly blonde locks are one of the best and stunning looks. But, no matter which types of curly perms you are using, the transformation will take a lot of time. Both bleaching and perming is a chemical process; it won’t be transformed overnight. It will also damage your hair; make sure to use different treatments. 

10. Long Hair Spiral Perm 

If you are looking for a corkscrew with a defined and retro look, then spiral perm can help you get a perfect curl. It can instantly add volume to make the hair look fine and thicker. Using this one of the most popular types of perms, you will get back the 80’s looks. 

11. Asian Hair Perm 

As the Asian hair type generally tends to be thicker, straighter, and stronger compared to Caucasian hair, all the different types of perms are not very effective for it. Therefore, many new perms were developed to provide effective outcomes, such as the hot perm or digital perm. Girls with perms is amazing idea. So, you try it. 

12. Long Hair Loose Waves Perm 

Most women love to have the loose waves hairstyle. It is the perfect choice for them as they are feminine and flattering. In addition, it is a low-maintenance and soft hairstyle that makes the hair look much thicker. 

13. Medium Hair Beach Wave Perm 

Want to have an ocean-ready look with the help of different types of perms? You can choose a beach wave perm for medium hair to get an easy hairstyle without any heat styling. 

14. Short Hair Beach Wave Perm 

If you are looking for a chic hairstyle, then the beachy waves perm on short hair is the ideal look for you. Short and curly hair looks much thicker compared to long and medium hair. 

15. Short Black Hair Permed 

If you want to change your curl pattern for short black hair, then there are plenty of types of perms available. Among all the other options, you can choose a soft curly bob for Afro-textured hair. 

16. Long Hair Black Permed 

Long black hair can be chosen among many different styling options but wearing them loose and showing them off is the best among them. While this is cool and displays the full length, you can part the hair differently as well. 

17. Medium Permed Black Hair 

As perm can loosen your kinky and natural curls, your medium hair will look much longer. In addition, it will provide you many different options for styling. One of the best options that you can choose among all the different types of perms is the messy bun. 

18. Straight Hair Perm 

Perms not only work by making the straight hair curly, but they can also work the other way. The chemicals of different types of perms change the hair structure, making it straight. 

19. Textured Perm Hair 

Many celebrities are often seen with these hairstyle choices of textured perm. Different types of perms hairstyles like this can add a lot of volume to the hair. Also, it makes you look modern and much edgier. 

20. Short Hair Perm With Bangs 

Among all the different types of perms charts, this one is the best option for people with short hair. It is one of the trendy hairstyles that provide you with many styling options. Add bangs with the short hair perm to make the hair look simple and smooth. 

21. Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm

“Traditional perms from the 80s were tight and looked like spirals of curls that were instantly recognizable. If you actually want to take the plunge and go for big, obviously-permed hair, this is the one to pick.”

22. Pin-Curl Perm

Pin-Curl Perm

“This technique involved giant hairpins to add statement waves to a length of hair. The result of a bouncy mane with a whole lot of volume is equally distributed through your mane.

Also, pin-curl perms are created after the solution is applied to your hair – which means it is a much more controlled process to get classy waves.”

23. Root Perm

Root Perm

“As the name suggests, root perms are only focused on the roots and not the entire hair. After a perming solution is applied in the first inch of the roots, silicone rollers are put in place to give the hair a lift. This type of perm is ideal for girls with fine and thin hair who are craving more volume near their roots.”

24. Stack Perm

Stack Perm

“Stack perms are done by creating curls from the middle of your hair to the ends. The result is the loss of natural texture near the roots and a whole lot of curly body from mid-length to the ends. This perming style is perfect for layered haircuts in need of some volume.”

25. Spot Perm

Spot Perm

“This one is not for the faint-hearted! Spot perms are created on one particular section of hair – it could be the ends, near your temples or even curl up bangs!”

26. Body wave perm

Body wave perm

“Inspired by beachy haired divas from the 90s, body wave perms use bigger curlers, instead of slim ounces, to create wavy patterns down the length of your hair. The result is luscious and loose curls that look like you live at the beach!”

27. Multi-textured

Multi- textured

“f you are not happy with getting just one wave or curl pattern, try the multi-textured perm. This technique involves mixing different kinds of curl patterns on the same hair for a striking look that nobody can miss.”

Perm Hairstyle and After Care Tips

Perm Hairstyle and After Care Tips

This goes beyond saying that you have to wait for at least 48 hours before you wash your hair. Generally, washing shouldn’t create trouble, but doing things in an organized fashion will help your hair look bouncy. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind right after you receive perms:

Moisturize Well

Any sort of heating, even perm, can make your hair essentially dry. After all, it goes through a lot of styling tools and heightened temperature. As such, it is important that you keep your hair perfectly moisturized and nourished by using good hair care products. This goes for both before and after you heat your hair. 

Use A Good Shampoo

Your stylist is very likely to provide you with the first washing session, but after that, things are in your hands. Use a good shampoo whenever you want to wash your perms because they can get disrupted easily. All that dirt or oil stuck on your scalp must be removed gently, which is why you must choose a gentle hair cleanser. 

Protecting Your Perms

We all love our curls and want them to last forever. Hence, it is important to be mindful of heat styling and stand the test of time. So, make sure you embrace a newfound texture and keep your hair away from any more heat. Another thing you might want to watch out for is the sun, salt water, and chlorine. 

Styling Them Well

You’ve done it for a reason, right? Getting perms just to tie up your hair does not make sense. So, make sure you style them well. Apply the right styling product and refrain from scrunching your hair too much. If any frizz appears on your hair, the whole effort will be in vain. 

Maintaining The Perm’s Health

Maintaining The Perm’s Health

This is where we need to get serious. Maintaining the health of perms is important since they are an important part of it. Not everyone is a big fan of trims, and they don’t have to. 

Growing curly hair is no piece of cake. Regular trims are crucial if you want to steer clear of dreaded split ends and dry hair. 

Last but not least, give it a break and allow your hair to breathe. Too much perming might cause damage. The key to long, healthy, permed hair is to take good care of it.


Perm hairstyles are very trendy among women as they provide them with many more options. It also helps to get rid of the everyday heating of the hair or styling it often before getting out.

While different types of perms are much more convenient, they are also very efficient. You can try a lot of perm types with your hair to look beautiful. 

Here are some of the best and trendy hair perms of 2021 that are given in detail. You can choose any of them to get a cool and wild look with your hair.

While some of them help you to add volume, others help your hair look much thicker. If you do not want to get a cut or daily heating, then perms are the best option for you.

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