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Creative Ideas For Customizing Your Fashion Style Using Planner Journal

As much as its unestimated fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, allowing us to showcase our personalities and creativity through clothing and accessories. An individual to have his or her own style reflects a lot about your likes, interests, and confidence. 

One innovative way to elevate your fashion game and explore your unique style is by incorporating planner journals into your fashion journey. There are versatile tools, typically associated with organization and scheduling, that can be repurposed to become your personal fashion diary and style guide. 

In this article, we’ll explore creative ideas for customizing your fashion style using planner journals, turning them into valuable assets for your sartorial endeavors.

1. Create a Style Mood Board

Creating a style mood board in your planner journal is an easy and go to way to cultivate and refine your personal fashion sense. By dedicating a section for outfit ideas, color schemes, and various textures in Erin Condren’s custom weekly planner, you’re able to visualize and craft your unique style. 

Incorporating elements such as magazine clippings, online image prints, and personal sketches will not only inspire creativity but also serve as a handy reference when you’re looking to experiment with new looks or combinations. This tactile and visual method is excellent for stimulating fashion inspiration and organizing your sartorial goals.

2. Plan Weekly Outfits

Turn the weekly or monthly calendar pages of your planner into outfit planners. For each day, sketch or list your planned outfits, including clothing, accessories, and shoes. This practice not only saves you time in the morning but also allows you to experiment with different combinations and identify wardrobe gaps.

Planning weekly outfits can be both a practical time-saver and a creative outlet.

Here’s a brief guide to help you get started:

  • Check the Weather: Start by looking at the week’s forecast to select appropriate clothing.
  • Consider Your Schedule: Align your outfit choices with your weekly agenda—work, social events, or casual days.
  • Choose a Variety: Mix and match different pieces to create unique looks for each day.
  • Accessories and Shoes: Don’t forget to pair accessories and shoes with each outfit.
  • Take Notes: Write down or sketch your outfit plan in your planner to keep track.

This method will not only ease your morning routine but also help you utilize your wardrobe effectively.

3. Track Wardrobe Inventory

Tracking your wardrobe inventory is a smart way to keep tabs on your personal collection of clothing. By maintaining a list with details like color, style, and unique features, wardrobe basic essentials, you can better organize your outfits, prevent duplicate purchases, and identify what’s missing for future shopping decisions. It’s an effective strategy for maximizing your wardrobe’s potential and ensuring a diverse and functional style selection.

4. Record Fashion Goals and Challenges

Recording fashion goals and challenges in your journal can act as a motivational tool and a roadmap for personal style development. Set clear objectives like incorporating more color, trying new trends, or redefining your work attire. 

Challenges, such as a month without repeating outfits or a capsule wardrobe experiment, theme based styling, can push the boundaries of your creativity. This practice encourages you to actively work towards a more confident and intentional approach to your personal style.

5. Document Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Consider adding a daily section for “Outfit of the Day” in your planner journal or post it on your social media. Snap a photo of your daily ensemble and jot down any details about the outfit, such as where you wore it and how you felt in it, branded, thrifted, or influenced. 

This not only serves as a personal style archive but also provides insights into your fashion preferences that you can look back on to see your transition.

Outfit of the Day

6. Collect Fashion Quotes and Tips

Jotting down fashion quotes and tips in your planner can serve as inspiration and guidance for your style journey. 

Quotes from fashion icons can provide daily motivation, while tips can be practical advice for building a versatile wardrobe, styling outfits in trends for the given year, or shopping smartly. This curated collection can influence your fashion decisions, boost creativity, and enhance your understanding of style.

7. Plan Shopping Lists

Before embarking on a shopping trip, use your planner journal to create shopping lists based on your wardrobe inventory and style goals. Because by referring to your wardrobe inventory and style objectives, you can shop with intention. 

This focused method prevents impulsive buys and guarantees that your new purchases are not only stylish but also a complement to your existing wardrobe, moving you closer to your fashion aspirations.

8. Experiment with Color Palettes

Experimenting with color palettes is another exciting way to refresh your wardrobe and enhance your style. In your planner, you can create color schemes that you’d like to try out and plan your outfits accordingly. 

This can help you step out of your comfort zone, discover new favorite hues, and learn about color theory and its impact on fashion. By playing with different combinations, you can find what best compliments your skin tone and personal taste, adding a vibrant dimension to your dressing routine.

9. Reflect on Fashion Evolution

By documenting your outfit choices, you can observe patterns, shifts in preferences, and how your lifestyle influences your fashion sense. This reflection can be empowering, providing insight into how your identity and self-expression have developed through your sartorial choices.

 Have your fashion tastes changed over time? What have you learned about yourself through fashion? Documenting these reflections can be a valuable exercise in self-discovery.

10. Create a Personal Fashion Journal

Consider dedicating an entire journal or notebook exclusively to your fashion endeavors. Customize it with fabric swatches, fashion sketches, and personal anecdotes. This fashion journal can become a cherished keepsake that captures your style evolution over the years.

Incorporating planner journals into your fashion exploration is not only a creative endeavor but also a practical one. It helps you organize your fashion thoughts, track your progress, and refine your style. So, grab a stylish planner journal and start customizing your fashion journey today. Your personal style will thank you for it.

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