Is Body Positivity A New Concept?

A big no-no! Body positivity goes back to 1969 when Bill Fabrey discovered that his fat wife had been facing a lot of body shame.

What Challenges Is The Industry Facing?

– Lack of diversity in body representation – Mainstream media having an impact on young minds – Unrealistic beauty standards make things complicated

What Do Influencers Have To Say?

Jessamyn Stanley, who promotes yoga for plus-sized people, says the art of yoga is not only for a particular type of people. It is for every one existing!

What Do Influencers Have To Say?

Rocio Cervantes, on face acne issues, has already expressed dissatisfaction when she had to “photoshop” her images to make them look “perfect.”

How To Bring The Change?

It must be the job of each one of us to impart awareness of acceptance to every individual and stop the chain of trauma!